Digital Marketing in Reus and Tarragona

We are Kiwop, a digital marketing agency based in Reus (Tarragona) and Barcelona. Since 2009, Kiwop has been developing websites with the clear goal of generating relevant traffic and increasing conversions. We’re results.

Digital marketing in Reus and Tarragona?

We design, develop and optimize corporate websites and online stores. We do digital marketing at the highest level and strategies customized to each type of business. We offer a comprehensive 360 degree service.

We focus our efforts on getting our customers’ websites to get the best positions on Google, the best conversion rates and the best web performance. As a Google-certified agency (we are Google Partners), at Kiwop we have the experience and the best tools to optimize your page in search engines and achieve maximum performance with the most advanced digital advertising.

We help you get results

If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

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Our team of experts at Kiwop offers the best web design service, SEO positioning, SEM, CRO,and many more services. Whether you are B2B or B2C, at Kiwop, Digital Marketing Agency in Tarragona and Reus, we help you achieve your goals.

We develop ecommerce and website strategies aimed at generating relevant traffic for your business and conversions.

From Reus and Tarragona we advise companies that want to grow in the digital field, both nationally and internationally.

Digital Marketing Strategy

At Kiwop, Digital Marketing agency in Reus and Tarragona, we are committed to innovation in the Digital Marketing sector. Our goal is to offer digital solutions at the highest level to our clients. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals is made up of experts in online marketing and advertising.

Only through good strategy and execution can success be achieved. At Kiwop we design bespoke Digital Marketing strategies, specific to each project and according to the objectives defined by each client.

We offer comprehensive online services.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in Web Design and Development, experts in Google Ads and in the best paid and programmatic advertising platforms.

Continuously at the forefront of Online Marketing, we are committed to the application of Inbound Marketing in all our strategies, which differentiates us from the competition.

Do you need an online strategy that integrates with your Marketing Team?

Digital marketing services we offer


We are experts in SEO – search engine optimization strategies (Google, Bing, among others). Investing in SEO is the smartest option to appear in the first search results. With a good content marketing and Inbound Marketing strategy, we can get your positions on Google to go up considerably.

SEM Advertising Campaigns

Our team of SEM professionals is made up of certified Google Adsad experts. At Kiwop we implement all kinds of SEM campaigns: for individual products, lead generation, company and product branding, among others.

Having a good online advertising strategy (SEM) will allow your business to reach many more people. In addition, it also serves us to validate a product or service quickly.

CRO Campaigns

Kiwop is a leading conversion rate optimization company in Reus (Tarragona), we offer a wide range of strategies aimed at increasing our customers’ conversions quickly.

Content Creation

At Kiwop we help companies from all sectors in the creation of content and its use as an asset of value within each marketing and communication strategy. The contents constitute an important source oftraffic, leads, and sales.

Lead Generation

At Kiwop we help our clients get the most qualified leads.

We implement strategies and actions aimed at obtaining contacts with which to nurture your company’s database.

We help you get results

If you want to have the website you want or increase the online visibility of your brand, we know how to do it.

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