Do you know live stream shopping?

News 08 March 2022

With the advances of the internet, e-commerce has developed exponentially, reaching the most innovative systems such as live stream shopping.

Doesn’t this concept ring a bell? We explain it to you.

The different forms of online shopping

As we have already said, the Internet serves a lot of different purposes, and advances at such a dizzying speed that it can often be a challenge to catch up.

Online shopping began with commercial companies, which did not sell products over the Internet (the concept did not exist as such in 1960) but exchanged information.

Electronic commerce began in 1991 when the National Science Foundation allowed the use of the Internet for commercial purposes.

Online shopping in e-commerce
The first online sale dates back to 1981!

That’s when the first e-commerce begins to open, large companies like Amazon and eBay are founded… Even the first online bank!

Until a few years ago, this continued to evolve thanks to new software and new technologies, such as Magento, which was a radical change, since it allowed anyone to have an e-commerce.

In this way, we reach the current stage where commerce through social networks and mobile begins to settle and become normal.

Even Instagram has its own in-app shopping platform.

This is the future!

What is live stream shopping?

Live stream shopping is a new trend in digital marketing that has been in force in China for a couple of years, but is taking time to reach the West.

The idea is simple: it’s about promoting products or services through live streams.

They are held as special events and even influencers are invited to attract as many viewers as possible.

Influencers in live stream shopping
The use of influencers is widespread in digital marketing.

But not only that.

The live stream shopping system allows you to buy the items that appear on the screen directly.

Doesn’t it remind you a bit of the teleshop?

It could be said that it is an evolution of the concept, applying current tools and that also encourage the purchase by the ease of acquiring the promoted product.

Tips to make a good live stream shopping

Do you dare to try it? We give you the keys to make it a success!

1. Write a script

Improvised things do not usually go well, and in this case it was not going to be different, and more taking into account the “live” factor of this activity.

We recommend that you establish a script with the topics that will be discussed, the order of appearance of the products …

It is not a question of not giving freedom when it comes to expressing oneself to the person in charge of the presentation, but of not forgetting anything.

2. Promote the event earlier

The periodicity or exceptionality of the event will depend on your preferences.

It is important that you notify your followers in advance through the channels you have, such as your social networks for example.

Social media icons, a tool for branded content
Social media is a good promotional tool.

If you set a periodicity for your live stream shopping, you will accustom your audience to be there those days to learn about new releases or promotions.

If, on the other hand, they are exceptional events, the efforts in promotion will have to be greater.

You decide!

3. Beware of influencers

These types of events resort to celebrities, as it is obvious.

For any promotion you do, not just live stream shopping, we always recommend that you choose an influencer who truly shares the same values as your company.

Numbers and fame aren’t everything, and making the mistake of choosing the wrong face to promote your product or service can hurt your brand’s image.

4. Get a quality team

It is very important that the video and audio quality is adequate for your live show, since success depends mostly on this.

Invest in a good computer, lighting and sound capture system to be able to squeeze the most out of this type of event.

You won’t regret it!

5. Interact with the audience

One of the peculiarities of the live shows is that they allow an interaction with the audience out of the ordinary.

It is the most bidirectional channel you can have to communicate with the viewer, which can be positive not only for sales but for the image of the brand.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this factor.

Try live stream shopping

Now you know what live stream shopping is.

Do you dare to try it?

If you have doubts, you can always consult us.

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Start using live stream shopping!


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