Core Web Vitals: What it is and how it affects SEO

SEO and SEM 14 July 2021

Every e-commerce website wants its users to be recurring, to have more time spent on the web… and that is achieved with a good user experience, because Core Web Vitals helps you improve it.

With Core Web Vitals you can improve the UX
Core Web Vitals will help you improve the user experience on your website

If you want to find out more about this tool, keep reading. ?

What is Core Web Vitals

It is an initiative (another) that has launched our Google to have controlled the user experience, and, consequently, the loading speed of the analyzed web.

The goal is always to improve the quality with which users browse the Internet.

Google already has experience in launching tools to boost the speed of websites, such as PageSpeed Insights, or LightHouse.

In conclusion, they are the Main Vitals that a website should have. Or another way of saying it, 3 more metrics to assess the good health of a page.

There are three, and we see them below:

First Input Delay


This first vital, that we are discussing, is related to the user’s interaction with the website.

It’s basically about the time it takes for the site to click a button and the page responds to them and performs the action.

Many times the cursor is left with a round thinking when we give it somewhere, and that frustrates us a lot as web surfers.

We will have a good FID if it is less than 0.1 seconds.

Largest Contentful Paint


This vital is what it takes for a content item to load. From the start until it is just loaded and can be fully displayed.

core web vital load time
We must ensure that the loading time of the elements is the minimum

This element that you must load can be text, or media element such as image or video, which are the ones that take the longest.

We will have a good LCP if it is less than 2 and a half seconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift


CLS deals with visual stability. And it’s not like the previous ones, it doesn’t measure time.

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that while you’re loading a website, things are changing places? And do you inadvertently hit a button that you didn’t want to hit, because it had moved?

This is the CLS.

And it is measured by analyzing the frequency with which changes occur. Every time an element changes places, you are given points, and a good CLS will be if it has less than 0.1 points.

As a summary, we leave you a table so that you can keep in mind how you should have the website, and how the user experience will be optimal:

FID>0.1 seconds
LCP>2.5 seconds
CLS>0.1 points
Core Web Vitals parameters for your website to have a good user experience

How Core Web Vitals affects SEO

For very little, 2 months, yes they affect these vital SEO.

And it is that these three vital will affect the PageRank of Google, that is, it will affect the position you have in the search engine.

These Core Web Vitals together more aspects, what they do is analyze the user experience of the client on the web, thus affecting the positioning.

You'll need to position yourself on Google with Core Web Vitals
Now we will have more criteria to be at the top of the Ranking of Google searches

So attentive, dear friends and colleagues of SEO, because now we have more criteria to be attentive to if we want to be in the highest positions.

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Web Speed

The first thing you should do is analyze the 3 vital, you can perform, for example, an audit and thus check the status of the web.

To check these Core Web Vitals metrics, you’ll need to use a tool. For more experienced programmers, there is Google Search Console or Pingdom Tools.

But if you don’t have as much knowledge, you have the famous PageSpeed Insights that we’ve talked about in other articles, and it’s easier to handle.

Just put the URL of the page, and it will tell you several metrics, the status of them and how to improve them, including vital FID, LCP and CLS.

pagespeed insights core web vitals
PageSpeed Insights. Place to add the URL and analyze the speed and UX of your website.

Once the analysis is done, you will be able to detect improvement points in each of the 3 metrics.

These 3 metrics affect aspects of the web such as:

So in all likelihood, to improve the aspects that may be influencing Google’s Vitals, one or more of these aspects will have to be refined.

Put into practice now the tips to improve Core Web Vitals

We’ve explained what’s new in Google with the Core Web Vitals initiative, and how it helps to check the user experience, so you can later make improvements.

Not only does it affect the UX, but having optimized those 3 metrics, will influence the ranking that your page will have in the Google search engine when a user performs a search.

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