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The Truth About PageSpeed Insights

You may be wondering: What is that? ?

Human beings are impatient by nature, and it is scientifically proven.

This can hurt us as an online business, because if we have a slower-than-normal website loading speed they may get impatient and abandon us.

Users are impatient by nature

Therefore, the upload speed will affect the sales of your ecommerce.

Find out if it’s affecting positively or negatively. ?

What Google PageSpeed Insights is for and what it’s for

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool launched by Google, free and very easy to use.

Just go to the web, put the URL of your website and analyze!

It will provide you with a lot of information that you can take advantage of to improve your online site.

The PageSpeed Insights Home

Through PageSpeed analysis you will be able to implement the improvements that it recommends and these will serve to improve your SEO positioning.

This tool will not only analyze the loading speed, it will tell you good practices in general to improve said SEO.

It will give you a score for the two types of devices (mobile or tablets and also for the computer version) from 1 to 100 with their respective tips and suggestions.

You may be wondering why your website’s upload speed is so important. ?

Advantages of fast charging speed

Make your website faster than Usain Bolt is going to be very important to your online business.

The importance of your website’s speed

Here are some reasons:

  • ⬆️ conversion rate: we have commented on it before, but if your website is slow the user will leave without doing any desired action, so it will affect the conversions.
  • ⬆️ Best User Experience: Faster loading of the page will give them satisfaction. If the interaction of the web with the user is fast, it will give them a positive perception of the online business.
  • ⬆️ ROI: This is the indicator of return on investment, so if conversions increase, sales will increase, and therefore we will get more profit for every euro invested.
  • ⬇️ bounce rate : if they have to wait long, they will leave the page,and count as a bounced visit, so if we reduce the loading time, this ratio will decrease.
  • ⬆️ Indexing: Lower bounce rate will affect the Quality Score and make your ranking in search engines higher. A slow website harms positions.

Every second of your website’s upload delay is 7% less possible conversions.

Therefore, improving speed will affect directly and positively in the commented ratios and will be positive for your overall business.

Benefits and tips of using Google PageSpeed

G.P.S. it will provide you with techniques to improve SEO loading speed and positioning, and give you tips on how to do it.

When you do the analysis, PageSpeed will give you the information with 3 colors:

  • Red: these are things that you will have to solve for the note to improve.
  • Yellow: aspects that can be improved, but will not vary much in the note.
  • Green: elements that are fine and do not need to be touched.
Information provided by Google PageSpeed Insights

Note 1 through 100 will give it separately by “mobile” and “computer”.

Here are some things PageSpeed will describe to optimize your site:

Avoiding redirects

It’s an error that usually happens a few times, but if it happens, you’ll need to consider how your website works overall.

Optimize your images and other resources

That is, make your images weigh less so that the page has less weight to load.

We use a tool to make images less KB: Squoosh. It is very simple to use,just insert the image and download the optimized one:

Squoosh to optimize images

You can also compress website resources with GZIP.

Browser cache

Specify the browser cache. It’s an easy rule to follow. It will depend on the web server we use.

You’ll need to edit the .htaccess file.

But if you don’t know very well what we’re talking about, don’t worry because this element doesn’t usually fail. Since the TLLs demanded by PageSpeed are very low, and you will have no errors.

Lowers server response time

If you improve the server response time, you will reduce the loading times of the contents on the website.

According to PageSpeed, the ideal would be no more than 0’2 seconds.

To improve this time you could install some effective cache plugin.

The size of the top of the page

Normally, G.P.S. will ask you to reduce the load on that part of the website.

The first thing users see when they enter is the top of the page, so many web page designers do it is overload it.

If this data comes out in red, reduce that part, because this will directly affect the charging speed.

Watch out for Javascript

Javascript is likely blocking some of your content and cannot be viewed.

You’ll need to remove that Javascript that blocks or moves it to the end of the web.

There are many more aspects that Google’s tool will provide you with, we have given you a pill.

If you want to expand your information on this topic, in Kiwop we have another article.

What are you waiting for PageSpeed tips to implement?

Now you know everything that can give you a fast loading speed on your website and what tips the Google tool gives you.

We know it will be difficult, because there will be a clash of concepts:

Between making it minimalist to improve PageSpeed Insights scoring and making a design that catches the attention of your target audience. You’ll have to find the balance.

If you want more advice on all kinds of digital marketing issues, follow us on our Instagram.

To improve some aspects of PageSpeed, you will need expert help from web developers.

If you want specialized assistance, because we understand that the concepts of this article are complicated, do not hesitate to contact us.

Come on, you can get a very fast page if you set your mind to it! ?

We want to help you get results.

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We want to help you get results.