The ultimate guide on how to create a good B2B online

Digital Marketing 08 December 2021

B2B has changed a lot in recent years with digitalization.

What was once the typical job of supplier salespeople to show stores the catalog of their products and convince them to work with them, is now more like a sale. B2C in which the customer searches for the information, compares, and then decides to contact the supplier to finalize the purchase.

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What is a B2B business and what differentiates it from B2C?

A B2B business is that business that is focused on selling to other companies(Business to Business),while B2C are those businesses that the end customer is the consumer(Business to Consumer).

The ultimate guide on how to create a good B2B online
B2B is the business focused on other businesses

Formerly, the sales journey of each one was very different, but over time they have become more similar, although there are some points that are still different.

If you want to delve into the differences, we recommend that you know the meaning, differences and examples of B2B and B2C.

Tips for starting a B2B business online

Analysis of the market and ourselves

To start with our B2B business we must know in what position we are in the market and have a clear action and strategy.

If we analyze the market in which we want to move, it will help us to know from which starting point we start and to be able to establish a strategy and clearer objectives.

The ultimate guide on how to create a good B2B online
Setting our goals is crucial

Then, to do an analysis of ourselves, we can do a SWOT analysis.

We must know what our weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities are.

What weaknesses do we have? Price? Shipping costs? Delivery time?

We have to know what they are to try to improve them and be able to be equal with our competition.

What threats surround us? It could be that there is a lot of competition, that our sector is in decline or that they are products that do not have much demand.

Strengths? Do we have a catalog of very good value for money? Do we have a system that is very simple to place orders or is it easy to communicate with us? We must know what our strengths are in order to take advantage of them.

Opportunities? Could our market still have spaces to explore? Where can we have an advantage?

Once we have analyzed all this we can design a clearer strategy with more realistic and concrete objectives.

Strategies for online B2B

The ultimate guide on how to create a good B2B online
Designing a good B2B strategy is essential

Now we will look at some examples of strategies that work very well for B2Bbusinesses.

Now that you know what it is to create a B2B business, we can help you start it up.

Boost your B2B digital business in 2022

You have already seen the importance of strategies for B2B businesses today and the best tips for 2022.

Now it’s your turn.

Sit down, analyze all this knowledge and implement this digital strategy to grow your business in 2022.

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