10 web analytics tools to measure your marketing actions

Digital Marketing 01 November 2022

As you well know, web analytics is basic if you want to succeed in the world of marketing.

In Kiwop , we are experts in digital marketing and we want to advise you in the best way, that is why we encourage you to read this article and know the 10 best tools for web analytics to give you the best results.

Let’s go.

What is web analytics

First of all, you have to know exactly what web analytics consists of so that you understand what use you should give it.

Well, it is a set of actions that form an analysis so that you can measure everything you have worked on in the marketing sector of your company.

Basically, it consists of the execution of different techniques that study the traffic data of one or more websites.

Oh, and it does not have to be only web, you can also analyze social networks, since today they are basic and very complementary in your strategic process of digital marketing.

There are multiple ways to do different analyses, because each of them analyzes one thing or another and more exhaustively, depending on what you want to analyze rigorously.

What is web analytics for?

Thanks to web analytics you can make more concrete strategies within the marketing competition. And why? Well, because you can collect a lot of information from those users who are interested in you.

So what exactly is it for? So you can interact with your audience in a much closer way.

In addition, it also serves to improve and optimize your website in a more professional way so that you can improve your campaigns and identify that audience that will make you succeed.

It is important that you know that web analytics is a tool that over time has been updated as new strategies and deeper studies have been incorporated about marketing.

Well, today it focuses much more on metrics such as average conversion time and much more user data. Obviously, it is still working with issues that were previously more important, such as technical aspects, loading time or its operation in general.

You have already seen that this tool will help you a lot, so we want you to know the importance of web analytics and how you can implement it .

Why web analytics is important for marketing actions

Now you know what web analytics is and what it is for. Now, we want to tell you a little further. We want to explain why it is so important for your marketing actions.

Well, first of all it is something basic so that you can study if your strategies are working, as they should. That is, you make a strategy that has previously been worked and studied and then you implement it.

Once launched, you must analyze if it has worked and what audience it has reached and thanks to those results of your website, you can further track that star strategy that will personalize the web experience of your users much more.

Ah, if you want to know more, at Kiwop we encourage you to know a little more about the importance of user experience on your website.

Therefore, what we are trying to tell you is that web analytics is like a guide that warns you where you should throw or what works best and rigorously studies your audience.

So you have no excuse, today, if you do not follow this line, you will not be able to face your competition.

How you can make these measurements

Estas mediciones de analítica web tienen su trabajo detrás, es por ello que te recomendamos que te dejes asesorar por una buena agencia de marketing digital y desarrollo web como Kiwop.

These measurements require significant work for you to carry them out. First of all, you as a company autonomously, or an agency, must assess what possibilities there are to make a good follow-up, since there are many tools.

For example, you should use tools like Google Analytics, where we will then see exactly how it works. This is one of the most basic if you want to do a general study, either of visits, the type of target, the geographical area that visits you the most, the keywords that work the most …

Or if not also measures other options that help you position your website, such as notifying you if users make a direct search or come from other places, that is why we advise you to make yourself known, either through networks such as LinkedIn or advertising.

Discover tips on how to make these measurements

Then we want to show you 10 tools that will be great for you to succeed in your marketing campaigns. Before, but, we want to show you some tips that, if you take note, will help you much more.


Know your audience

As you have already seen, knowing the target that will make you grow as a company, is essential for you to know how to personalize your web experience to the maximum.

Public SEO

Knowing your audience is basic

Trust SEO

Mucha gente cree que el SEO es insignificante y lo que no saben es que es la base de todo lo que quieres conseguir. El SEO va posicionando tu web poco a poco en los primeros resultados de Google, por eso, te pedimos paciencia y que confíes, ya que con él podrás llegar a más público.

From Kiwop, we want to help you, so we encourage you to see 7 tricks to improve the SEO of your online business.

Update yourself at all times

If you want your company to be the most visited, it is important that you update yourself, since the digital world is in constant movement and changes. That is why you should review this analytical follow-up every week and improve.

Get organized

In the world of digital marketing if you do not know how to organize yourself you are lost. The organization is basic, since with it you can tag different groups, segments and campaigns and classify everything. That’s why we advise you to have a good team behind you.

Don’t just focus on visits

Obviously, it’s important to see if the visits work or not, but who makes those visits? Exactly, the users interested in you. That’s why we advise you to focus more on them and not to look so much at the visits.

Meet 10 tools to do web analytics

Have you done well with the advice? Let’s hope so . Although there is still the best. Now you will know 10 of the best tools to do web analytics.

Before, we want to advise you to first try one by one and then, you can already specialize with those that suit you best, since there are different types and each of them analyzes and studies differently.

But now yes, we want you to know those tools you expected so much.

Let’s start with the famous Google Analytics

Before we have told you a little above what Google Analytics consists of. But now we will give you all the details so that you make good use.

Google Analytics is a web analytics that analyzes the sessions of your website or those you want to analyze. In addition, it makes very complete reports with all the information you need.

Through this, you can see the behavior of visitors and in this way, develop new strategies according to what they are looking for to retain them.

google analytics
Google Analytics is one of the best tools

In summary, Google Analytics shows you the following:

True Social Metrics te ayudará con las RRSS

Without social networks, right now we are nobody, the digital world grows and it seems that if you are not in the world, nobody knows you. Therefore, having social networks of your company is essential for your users to regularly visit your website.

That is why we advise you to use this meter that is specialized in social networks, it is True Social Metrics.

With this tool you can measure audience interactions and see what type of content works best so that they bet more on you.

Which networks are currently working the most?

Right now the networks that work the most are Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter. Therefore, it is important that you have a profile in any of them and make yourself known.

Those are the most important, but do not forget that everything is constantly changing and from one day to the next, one social network eats the other. Therefore, you must be aware of knowing how to manage them properly.

Do you want to know more tools for your social networks? Know the best tools to analyze statistics on your social networks.

¿Conocías Google Search Console?

En Kiwop somos muy fans de Google Search Console, ya que es una herramienta que funciona muy bien si necesitas ver y supervisar la presencia.

Basically, it is a Google service that helps solve problems with your website. In addition, anyone can also use it, since it is totally free and very simple.

You will be a crack with this tool!

Remember that with this you can optimize and make the positioning improve to give it more visibility.

Try SEMrush

You’re going to love SEMrush . It is one of the best web analytics. Why is it so good, you may be wondering. Well, because it analyzes the keywords that work best on your website.

In this way you will know which words you can optimize, since they are the ones that most users are looking for.

So what strategy could you follow with SEMrush? Use much more the keywords that interest so much. In this way you will position your page on the web.

Trust Woopra

Con Woopra se realiza una recopilación de información donde analizas páginas pequeñas o medianas. 

Basically, you can know in real time, yes, yes, as you read it, in real time, unlike other tools.

What are you waiting for? Specialize in Woopra and make your page optimized and give you the best results.

Have you used SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is an SEO tool that goes great, as it gives you It offers a lot of data. To Unlike others and although it is not free, for a small fee it offers you a lot of information.

With this information that we mentioned, you can make a complete follow-up to be able to meet your desired objectives. Bet on it!

You’ll love OWA

Love Google Analytics? OWA will too. Why? Easy! Because they are exactly the same, but with a small difference.

This difference is about color maps that are included in your own website and shows you the server data.

Do you have an online business? OWA is going to be very useful. ✌

AWStats is one of the simplest

If you don’t need overdeveloped web analytics, AWStats is all you need. We always advise that you have the best web analytics, but if you have enough, better for you.

This web analytics offers the basic data and shows super-easy to interpret graphs . With this, you can make fairly complete reports.

Stay with Linktrack

This is one of the best if your website is created with platforms like WordPress, since from there you can download this web analytics, Linktrack.

Basically, what this tool can do isfollow campaigns in full. Try it!

And finally, we have Moz

Moz , is a tool specialized in SEO. It is one of the most popular, since it goes far beyond analyzing Google, but also does other functions such as improving social networks and improving your marketing.

Now you know everything you needed for web analytics

Now it’s your turn to succeed in the world of marketing with these tools so useful for your strategies.

Oh, don’t forget to contact us and follow us on our Instagram profile for more information about digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Make your marketing the best!


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