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The best tools to analyse statistics on your social networks

Statistics tools in social networks are essential to have a good digital marketing.

To analyze what impact our actions have had on social networks, it is necessary to use them.

In Kiwop we help you improve the digital marketing strategy in social networks.

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The importance of statistics in planning

It is important to take into account the statistics to be able to make a good planning and to finally be able to achieve all the proposed objectives.

To have good results, previously, you must have searched and selected the necessary information correctly.

Because if the first phase, which is the search for information, is poorly done, consequently, all the phases that come next will also be done.

The statistics in social networks are the base source of information to know what has been the feedback that the different publications of the entity have had in front of their audiences.

That is, how the information that has been published has arrived, in what way it has attracted attention, has turned out to have a positive or negative impact on the population, what media impact it has had, etc.

Analyze statistics to improve your strategy

What is statistics on social media?

Statistics is a discipline that helps analyze the business trajectory, and when we talk about social networks, it helps to improve the management of these by informing about how the public acts around them.

Statistics on social networks are very useful for different reasons:

  • They help us get to know our audience on social media.
  • They help measure the impact of our actions
  • They allow us to determine where we want to direct our communications operations
  • Achieve a more accurate analysis of the execution of the objectives

The 3 best tools to measure statistics

Do you want to know what they say about us in the networks? Next, we will show you the best tools to analyze this data and achieve maximum business intelligence.

With this information you can get to know your customers better and perfect your marketing strategy.


Hootsuite is considered a very useful and, in addition, free tool to manage our social networks.

Together with it we can work on the Platforms WordPress, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Foursquare.

It helps in the subordination of tasks and to dispatch the different messages that we need to send.

In short, it is the best way to manage the workflow in the networks.


The Metricool tool manages to analyze and plan social networks. Along with the analysis of content and, also, of digital campaigns.

This material will provide us with data on the evolution of our website, together with the growth of our social networks, and above all, will help us manage the reach and results of the Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms.

It is a very useful tool with easy operation, in addition to being able to be used for free according to the results you want to know.


Another key tool to study SEO in our social networks can be achieved through SEMRush.

Especially, it is very advantageous to find and analyze the competition. Through keywords.

It helps us to know the positioning and to be able to work on it to improve our position and image in the market.

With these tools you will achieve your goals in social networks

What should you convey to your consumers on social media?

We from Kiwop as an agency recommend these tips for good communication in the networks and achieve maximum interaction with our audiences.

We manage to do this by enhancing the values necessary to take care of our customers:

  • We must be close with our users to help them feel identified with the company and the brand.
  • Be interactive and give them the feedback they need at all times, listening to them and giving them a voice.
  • Show transparency and be direct.
  • Be effective and at the same time fast in all aspects , so that they can feel all the previous values.
  • Publish interactive content, alternating text and photographs.

Improve your social media insights with our tools and tips

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