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This is how a web development agency can help you

Currently, having a website or the online version of your store is a great success. If you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist.

And if you’re reading this article, it’s because you know it’s true.

Sales opportunities are endless in the online environment, and you should take advantage of them.

To do this, it is essential to get to work and build your home on the Internet. However, it is no simple task. You need to have good knowledge in the field to do a good job.

And if you are not a Juan Palomo (the one of “I cook it, I eat it”, with the consequences that can come with assembling your own website without technical knowledge), you will know that it is best to delegate the work to professionals in the field.

Specifically, we advise you to trust a web development agency.

“And why? What roles do they do in an agency like this?” you might be thinking.

Throughout this article we hope to resolve these doubts and have a better idea of how a web development agency can help you.

7 Advantages of hiring an expert agency in web development


For starters, and as you can already imagine, making a bespoke website is complicated and tedious.

And as new technologies and implementations are always emerging, it is constantly changing.

You need to have several profiles of professionals,each specialized in a different area (but always related to web development) so that your home on the Internet is well built, has a good finish, favors the user experience and is always kept updated.


And this brings us to the next point. In a web development agency there are not only computer scientists and programmers, as many people think.

An agency of this style has a multidisciplinary team that works together to create your website or online store, and takes into account all the details to make it work optimally.


Therefore, when it comes to delegating the construction of your website to a web development agency, you are hiring experts in fields such as web programming, web design, digital marketing, content creation, graphic design, SEO and SEM, Social Ads, Community Management…

And it is that, although it seems that just by creating a website enough, the truth is that if you really want to take advantage of that website, you need the teamwork of these digital professionals.

Everyone will be able to take people to your online site and have them convert (buy your products or services, subscribe to your mailing list, etc.).

In a web development agency there are many digital profiles to achieve the perfect finish of your website or online store


And you know, it’s always better to have the whole team while having to hire these specialists on a freelance basis.


In addition, another advantage of having a web development agency is that all these professionals will work for you for as long as you determine. They will be based on results and will always be focused on growing your business.


Another factor to consider (and often ignored) is after-sales

Imagine that when you have been with your website for a month, an unexpected problem arises and you need the help of a digital professional to solve it.

In many cases, freelancers will not give you the necessary help, as they will already be immersed in other projects.

However, web development agencies often have a clear ongoing support service, and if you have any problems they will give you the necessary help.


Finally, and this is a very important thing, agencies work with many different types of business every day.

They have a lot of experience in different sectors, and they’ve most likely seen a lot of businesses fail and others took off.

Therefore, they are up to date with good practices in the online world,and will have that necessary strategic vision when it comes to proposing you one type or another of web project.

Functions performed by web development agencies

Well, now that you’re clearer about why a web development agency is a great option to create your website, it’s time to be a little more specific.

It’s likely that when you think about web development, you think about building a website and programmers biting code.

But a web development agency does a lot more.

Here are the most common functions performed:

  • Change or set the color scheme: It is recommended that on a web page you have between 2-3 to make it visually attractive.

    Starting from the corporate colors of the company, they are combined in the different elements of the web (icons, menu, titles, texts, etc.) so that it has a good visual consistency.
Setting a color scheme is a basic step on a website
  • Resizing the size of the images: very heavy images on your website impair the loading time, and consequently SEO.

    All images, icons, creatives, etc., that will be in your website or online store must be completely optimized and with the appropriate size so that it does not imped the normal functioning of the website.
  • Website from scratch: One of the most common jobs in a web development agency is to carry out a project from scratch.

    In this case, the agency’s specialists receive the briefing (or information of what the client is looking for and wants), and based on this, it is established how to carry out that project.

    It is always done together with the customer, so that the customer sees the process that is taking place and can give their feedback.
  • Creation of custom hostings: not all websites need the same size of online hosting. A website with 4 simple pages is not the same as an online store with 1200 products.

    In a web development agency, this factor (and others) is taken into account and specific hostings or hostings are created for the client in question.
Hosting is your hosting on the Internet
  • Configuring CMS and plugins: Another option when it comes to setting up a website or online store is to use content managers that will make the workflow easier and faster.

    And when using plugins, with a few clicks you perform functions that save you hours of code.

    However, the fewer plugins you use, the better: whenever you can, replace them with code.

    A plugin offers you many functions that you may not use and removes memory from the hosting/ web, since it is loaded the same with these functions and is not really used.
  • Technical SEO: as we mentioned in this article, having a good SEO strategy on your website is essential for it to succeed.

    Therefore, in a web development agency it is also important to have specialists in this field to fully optimize it.
  • Choose the themes and templates to work with: in the case of working with a CMS, an analysis is done to know which topic and template to choose. This doesn’t mean you’re installed with a preset template and that’s it.

    These templates usually have the basic and standard elements, but then there is a lot of work to make it custom-made for the customer in question.

    When choosing it, you have to take into account, among other things, the upload speed you have and whether you can easily maintain it in the future (which is a sustainable website).

Do you need the support of a web development agency?

We hope that at this point you already have a clearer idea of how a web development agency can help you and some of the functions it does.

If you want your home on the Internet to have good foundations, good distribution, and attract visitors, it’s important to have a job well done.

At Kiwop we are specialists in web development, and we also have different professionals specialized in design and marketing to make the results complete.

We are a web development agency located in both Barcelona and Tarragona/Reus. If you have in mind to set up your own website or online store, or you think they need a redesign, we are your agency.

At Kiwop we are specialists in the online world

Contact us and have a coffee with us while we tell you how we can improve your online presence through a completely personalized budget.

See you!

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