Content Creation

We are experts in content writing. We help companies from all sectors in the creation of content and its use as an asset of value within each marketing and communication strategy.

Why creating content?

Content creation is an important source of traffic, leads, and sales. Writing content that generates value for the client is a differentiating factor for companies that are successful from those that are not.

Websites that use content effectively generate up to 70% more leads per month.

As experts in content writing, we will define what messages to publish, how often and through which channels (from your website, blog, social networks, newsletter, etc.). We work to identify how your content should be to attract and retain your audience. We create interesting content and add value to it using content marketing.

Our objective is to write texts that sell, always oriented to content marketing.

At Kiwop we write copy for corporate websites; corporate newsletters, guides or ebooks; blog posts etc. We create content to attract your audience. We research the most searched keywords for each topic and look for interesting ideas for content writing.

Our content is easy to read, interesting to share through social channels, and optimized to be easily indexable by search engines.

We want to help you get results.

Why implement Content Marketing?

A good content marketing strategy involves knowing your target and responding to their expectations.

The main thing in any Content Marketing strategy is to define what stage of the buying process (Buyer’s Journey) your customers are in: awareness, interest, consideration or decision. To later, generate specific and optimised content based on your needs. Content at the correct purchase stage is vitally important to the prospect.

Content Marketing aims to nurture and educate the prospect before the sale. If your leads observe that you create valuable contentand provide them with interesting information, they will trust you, because they will see that your interest is not only to sell randomly, but you also want to help them.

When the stages of the purchasing cycle have been identified, you can plan content themes for each stage. Finally, you must create original quality content. Content must be creative and can be published dynamically (infographics, ebooks, webinars, videos, interviews, etc.).

Content Marketing helps you identify possible sales closings.

Once the most qualified prospects have been identified, you will be able to communicate with them with confidence and knowing that they are already interested in the products / services you offer.

Content marketing is the best tool to improve the position of a company in the digital world.

Benefits of content marketing and content writing

Sharing content

Social networks offer you the opportunity to share articles, images, videos, etc. If your company generates quality content, you will have more possibilities of being shared and thus increase your visibility and notoriety. In addition, you can get to have better rankings in search engines like Google.

High lead conversion

After capturing the attention of prospects with content, you can convert them to contacts. Creating content offers will allow you to create a landing page where you can ask for the user’s email in exchange for downloading the content. This strategy will help you increase your lead generation.

Your media needs content

The media and social networks need interesting content to share with their users and followers, to keep them interested. If you don’t provide content to your users, many might even stop following you.

Sales closings

Through your content you will be able to qualify your prospects and define the ones that are most qualified to close a sale.

We want to help you get results.