What You’ve Never Been Told About PageSpeed Insights

News 17 November 2021

The loading speed of a website is one of the vital elements for any page.

How can Google’s Page Speed Insights help us?

PageSpeed helps you know the loading speed of a site

If you want to find out, keep reading this article.

What is PageSpeed?

It is a Google Insights tool that allows us to know the time it takes to load all the resources of a website.

If we enter the url of a site, it will give us a score out of 100 and at the same time also recommendations to improve performance.

It gives us absolutely all the details, and one of the most important things is that it allows us to know what makes slow loading.

This score is calculated through a larger platform called Lighthouse.

We will not go into detail but, this not only evaluates performance, but also factors such as accessibility.

The importance of speed

There are many things capable of influencing SEO: keywords used, titles, meta descriptions…

And speed is something that has to be taken into account as well.

PageSpeed is part of one of the most relevant search engines in the world, and obviously the score on this platform will influence the positioning.

Even though Google uses it in a certain way to determine how all websites rank, getting a 100/100 doesn’t guarantee anything.

Speed is also very important for visitors, not only for SEO.

A page that loads slowly will inevitably scare away users.

And we don’t want that, do we?

Using PageSpeed Insights

The use of the platform is very simple.

First we will go to the website of the platform. Don’t worry: it has a simple and intuitive design.

PageSpeed Page
Getting started on PageSpeed is easy

In the search field that is shown to us, we enter the url of our website, and we click the “Analyze” button.

Then it will do its calculations, and show us the progress with a percentage. When it gets to 100, we will have our report.

The score of our site will be located in one of the three sections:

From all the data that Page Speed Insights provides us, we can already start optimizing our website.

Tips to get the most out of it

1. Don’t obsess over scoring

As already mentioned, PageSpeed score does indeed influence positioning.

It is a tool of the search engine itself, we did not expect anything else.

But since getting a 100 doesn’t guarantee you appear higher, it also values the user experience.

Work on optimization, but also accessibility, visual appearance and that your website is easy to use.

You have to look for a good score without harming other aspects

2. Start big

This also translates into “how to approach the perfect score”.

The large blocks (because within each one it gets VERY concrete) that can be worked on are:

If you take all this into account, and once you have the biggest thing solved, you can get with the concrete recommendations of PageSpeed Insights.

3. Take your time

Improving the loading speed of a website is not an easy task depending on its status.

When you use PageSpeed Insights take your time to analyze and read all the information it gives you.

You have many fields and tabs to review, so go doing little by little and trying to understand what it explains to you.

And if it is very complicated or you do not understand something, do not hesitate to consult an expert.

4. Define your priorities

PageSpeed Insights gives you a lot of information at once, and sometimes it can happen that you don’t know where to start.

The platform itself will show you three categories of problems, from most critical to least critical.

The problems of the red triangle are considered critical, so if possible you should start with this list.

In the orange square you will find problems that are not so urgent, so it would have to be your second goal.

The green circle are things you already do well and don’t affect the load, but you could improve.

This may help you know where to start!

5. PageSpeed Tools

The platform itself gives you some tools to implement on your web server, so they take care of the optimisation themselves.

It even offers you its infrastructure as a web server!

It is an option that can be taken into account if you do not have professional help.

Get started with PageSpeed Insights

Now you know how important a website’s performance is, and how PageSpeed can help you.

If you liked the subject, and want to know more we recommend our article onhow to improve the grade and reach 100.

So, what are you waiting for?

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