What it is neuromarketing and how to apply it in your digital strategy

Digital Marketing 01 June 2021

Have you ever bought something online and at the end of the purchase process, have you said “f****, how did I end up passing my VISA??

Surely you have fallen into neuromarketing techniques, and you have not noticed.

online shopping with neuromarketing techniques
That the customer ends up buying almost without even realizing it

It’s normal, we all fall sometime. And there’s the magic.

Stay and we’ll tell you how to do that with your online business. ?

What is neuromarketing

Exactly and according to the economipedia, neuromarketing is “a discipline that analyzes brain processes relying on neuroscience, to know the motivations of people when making decisions and take advantage of that information to promote the purchase of a product”.

Well, we’ve been telling you in several articles for a while, how important it is to know customers, so we can focus our communication towards them.

Well, this article is already based on that.

To get into people’s minds and discover their neural process and how they make decisions, there are several techniques.

One of them is eye tracking which tracks where the user’s eye is fixed when they are viewing, for example, a web page.

eye tracking neuromarketing eye tracking
The path of the eye is tracked

In this way, some improvement can be applied later in that website in the areas where users are most fixed. Or implement CTAs in such places.

There are other techniques such as the measurement of heart rate, measurement of galvanic responses (skin responses) or the analysis of the expressions of our face.

Benefits of incorporating neuromarketing into digital strategy

We are not as rational as we think when we make an online purchase.

Our brain has mechanisms that are already automated and act unconsciously. Normally, these actions are defined by previous experience, they come from memory.

Decisions that users make unconsciously beat decisions that are made rationally and thoughtfully.

Therefore, it will be important to apply the knowledge of neuromarketing to your digital marketing strategies by appealing to the emotional part.

Then, thanks to the knowledge of neuromarketing and its techniques, we will be able to:

we can know the mental process thanks to neuromarketing
We can know the mental process of a user thanks to neuromarketing

Tips for applying neuromarketing in digital strategy

Our brain has some little “mistakes” when it reacts to something, we can call them that, but they are actually cognitive biases.

We can take advantage of these biases, and apply it to develop our digital marketing strategy in appealing to irrational consumer buying.

Lure effect

It consists of there going to be three options to choose from (a product, or the plan of a service, etc.) and one of the 3 is the one that will be most prepared for you not to choose.

Let’s see, recap, if one of the 3 options you see that it is worse, that it has worse characteristics or that it is much more expensive, it will make the other two more striking for the user than if the “bad” option did not exist.

Drag effect

This means that people usually do what the rest of the people do, it influences us a lot.

It’s like “the wave of people drags us.”

A clear example, ape, is that of confinement: that everyone buys toilet paper, because I too, it’s not going to end.

For this, the testimonials embedded in your online business work very well, so the client can see what “the rest of the people” think.

And another example is the challenges of tik tok, a person starts a challenge, and everyone starts to do it too. We could apply it, if our buyer persona allows us, tik tok challenges versioned in relation to our online business.

challenges of tik tok
You can follow the flow and create or continue challenges adapted to your online business

Activates mirror neurons

Those neurons are those of empathy.

What we mean by this is that if advertising, whether online or offline, represents the user and feels identified, it will have more impact on them.

Exposure effect

If there’s one thing we see repetitively, that we’re used to seeing very often, we usually prefer it over something else that doesn’t.

So, what we’ll do is use repetition, and that in digital marketing is called retargeting.

If you tell me that it has never happened to you, I do not believe it: to be looking for something online, something that interests you or are willing to buy. Say “well, at another time.” But when browsing social networks and as a leisure, do not stop advertising what you have been looking for.

Hasn’t it happened to you? Well, that’s retargeting, and since you’re already familiarizing yourself because they’re repeating it to you, you’ll end up developing a preference for that option and not for their competence.

Authority effect

It is that people who users think have more authority in that sector or field, generate more trust and credibility.

A clear example of offline marketing is the typical toothpaste ad in which a doctor in a white coat comes out and tells you “scientifically proven”.

In the world of digital marketing, we could focus on influencers, Internet users trust them, and especially niche influencers, because they consider them a person of authority in that sector.

For example, Dulceida, many people consider her an expert in the world of fashion. Whatever she says, for those girls, will go to Mass. And that’s why many brands hire it, like Sephora.

Dulceida is an influencer, Sephora uses neuromarketing authority effect
Sephora has created a campaign with Dulceida, using the effect of authority she has

Appeals to the social identity of users

People usually feel part of a collective, maybe you feel part of the collective “entrepreneurs”.

If our product is perfectly associated with one of these groups, it will make people who feel part of it want to acquire it.

Fear of losing bias

This is related to the FOMO effect, the effect of being afraid to miss something, like the opportunity for a discount or an event.

This is used very well booking, it is always indicating that that room, and at that price, is being looked at by someone else and also only 1 remains.

That causes the prospect to want to buy it or book it already for fear of running out.

We’ve told you a few ways to apply neuromarketing to sell more in our digital strategy. But there are many more.

You are ready to apply neuromarketing in your strategy

Well, that’s it, we’ve told you what this neuromarketing is all about and how it’s going to help improve your marketing strategy.

At the same time we have given you some tips for your customers to increase those impulse sales. 🙂

If we know the mental process of our customers we can influence their decision-making when buying.

Contact us to ask us about neuromarketing, we can help you apply it in the digital strategy of your online business.

You can also follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on the topic.

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What application of neuromarketing are you going to use? ?


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