What is Black Hat SEO and why you should avoid it

Digital Marketing 14 December 2021

There are a variety of ways to work on SEO on your website.

From working meta titles and titles, using keywords that position well through quality content…

But did you know that there are certain practices that penalize?

If you want to know what Black Hat SEO is and how to avoid it, don’t miss this article.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO consists of a series of techniques that try to get quick results, but violate Google’s rules.

To get those quick results, what they try is to trick the search engines to climb positions.

Actually, it does manage to get immediate results, but the risk is too high, since the penalties are quite serious.

what is black hat seo
Black Hat SEO is about using fraudulent techniques

Black Hat SEO techniques also don’t bring any value to end users, so they negatively influence marketing in general. ❌

So in the long run, it is not worth resorting to.

Differences between Black Hat SEO, White Hat and Grey Hat

The White Hat is the one that must always be applied: comply with Google’s rules, work our SEO and have patience.

In this case it is everything related to optimization and Google’s own recommendations, such as SEO On Page, quality content, inbound links…

The Black Hat is what we have said before: deceiving search engines, cheating.

They are practical such as keyword stuffing, buying links, duplicate content… That we will develop in the next section.

Grey Hat is a mixture between the previous two and takes advantage of the advantages of each of the parties, taking care not to be penalized.

Above all, it uses the techniques of White Hat SEO but uses Black Hat techniques to accelerate the positioning process. ⏩

This includes practices such as getting artificial links with natural patterns or buying disused domains, for example.

Black Hat SEO Techniques You Have to Avoid

If what you want is precisely to avoid Black Hat SEO, we leave you a list of things that you will have to monitor so that you are not penalized.

1. Keyword stuffing

It consists of entering a keyword again and again so that Google positions us.

Why is this against the rules? Because in this case they are introduced without taking into account the needs of the users.

Keywords are entered without any sense, and do not provide any kind of value.

keyword stuffing technique black hat seo
Crawlers analyze the content of web pages

2. Spinning

This technique is somewhat more complex, since programs are needed to carry it out.

It is about taking an article already created, and through that program generate several texts through synonyms.

In the end, it’s similar to having duplicate content.

By not providing any value to the user, it is something that is penalized, and Google is increasingly able to detect it faster.

3. Cloaking

This is literally cheating on the seeker.

One of the rules of SEO is that websites have to be the same for users and crawlers of the search engine.

This practice consists of generating a website fully optimized for search engines (unreadable for the user), and covering it with a website aimed at users, but they can not crawl.

4. Buying and selling links

We know that the incoming and outgoing links of our website influence the positioning, and it is important that these are of quality.

One of the techniques of Black Hat SEO is, precisely, to buy or sell links.

And obviously it’s penalized.

5. Hidden Content

This is already something old, but anyway it is necessary to comment on it because you can make the mistake of thinking that it is harmful.

It is about entering keywords and links thinking only of search engines, and making the text invisible.

This can be done by putting the same color from the web background to the text, rearranging it via CSS, or setting the font size to zero.

So the recommendation is that you do not do it, since Google is very quick to realize this.

6. Linkfarm

This technique is performed in conjunction with other websites.

It is simply to insert links to the other web pages and let others do the same with you.

Linkfarming technique black hat seo
It is important to have quality links on our website

Explained like this may sound inocuous, right?

The problem is that most of the time they are links to sites without any relevance to our website.

And that is why today this practice also penalizes.

How to position with good SEO

Given all this, the important thing is always to position your website through White Hat practices.

It is important to have a good link building, generate quality content, work well on SEO OnPage …

It is a method through which you have to be patient, but in the long run it will be more beneficial than resorting to fraudulent techniques.

In addition, we will improve the user experience!

Work your SEO avoiding Black Hat

Now you know what Black Hat SEO is and how to avoid it.

And if you have doubts, do not forget that at Kiwop we are specialists in SEO services.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us if you need help, or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead… Keep an eye on your SEO techniques!


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