What is and how does indirect marketing work?

Content Marketing 18 July 2022

Marketing strategies are essential for companies to continue growing.

Among the different types of strategies we find indirect marketing, subtle and organic practices to attract customers.

For this reason, in Kiwop, we explain what this marketing technique is and how it works.

Let’s go there!

What is indirect marketing

Indirect marketing is formed by a set of techniques to capture customers in a very subtle way and through the transmission of valuable content. By this we mean that, with these strategies, we try to promote products and services without it seeming that they are being promoted or that they have a commercial purpose.

Thus, the mode of communication of this technique is not based on one-to-one communication, but first a focus is made to make yourself known to increase customer loyalty. Thus, when companies use indirect marketing, they use media technology.

That is, the media helps them develop the relationship between the company and the target audience. Some example of indirect marketing can be a TV or radio ad, digital marketing or viral marketing.

indirect marketing campaign
An ad is a good example of indirect marketing

Advantages of indirect marketing

Some of the advantages of implementing indirect marketing strategies are:

In addition, you must bear in mind that, to start carrying out an indirect marketing strategy successfully, your company must have a presence in the digital environment. This is because, most techniques are carried out in the virtual world.

So, if your company does not have its own website, profile on social networks and ways to measure the behavior of your customers in the online world you will not be able to develop indirect marketing techniques. Since, the control of public comments on networks is vital for this type of strategy.

Copys social networks
Comments on social networks will help you to know more about your audience

But do not worry, if you need help for the creation of your website, or your marketing strategies, do not hesitate to contact us, in Kiwop we are experts.

4 Ways to Implement Indirect Marketing

As we have already mentioned before, most indirect marketing techniques are carried out in the digital world, but this does not mean that there are not some of these advertising strategies in which face-to-face attendance is not a main feature.

So, below we are going to tell you 4 ways to put into practice and implement digital marketing strategies in your business.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, also known as content marketing, is the most used and well-known strategy to promote indirect marketing in your company.

This technique basically consists of creating relevant content for your audience that is informative, fun or entertaining. In short, make content that generates value. Typically, this content is shared through social media, corporate blogs, and even videos on Youtube.

If we go into the economic part, content marketing can be a great option to save expenses since it is 60% cheaper than traditional marketing and can generate up to three times as many sales opportunities.

Find out more about what content marketing is and how to apply it.

Conferences and events

Conferences and events are one of the best indirect marketing techniques outside the network. So, thanks to the organization and participation of events, you can share useful information for your audience.

In addition, it will allow you to transmit valuable content, which will help you gain reputation and position yourself as one of the leaders in your sector. Specifically, participating in academic events will help you gain authority from the audience and get them to trust you.

Influencer Marketing

As its name says, influencer marketing is an indirect marketing strategy that consists of contacting social media influencers or blogs to collaborate with your brand, either by testing your products or services or also talking well about you to their followers.

makreting of influencers
Influencer marketing is a good indirect marketing action

Thanks to this, you will be able to increase the level of trust that the target audience has towards your brand and increase its reach.

Public relations

This is a very common practice and consists of contacting a media outlet, usually through a press release in order to dedicate part of its content to speak well of your products or services.

Do indirect marketing actions

Now you know what are the steps to follow to carry out a marketing campaign.

Now it’s your turn.

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Bet on indirect marketing and make your business achieve the objectives set!


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