How to achieve an effective Inbound Marketing strategy

Digital Marketing 22 March 2021

Humans are infoxicated

There has been such abuse and ad overload, that users have learned to ignore it.

Advertising overload.
Advertising everywhere

So instead of us going to them and overwhelming them, we will make them come to us.

And in this way make non-intrusive advertising.

Want to know how? 

Read on!?

What is Inbound Marketing

It is also known as “attraction marketing“.

Performing an inbound marketing strategy involves putting into practice a series of techniques to reach our customers (our potential customers) so that they do not feel invaded.

The fact that it is not intrusive is something that sets it apart from other marketing techniques, such as the traditional one, which is known to be more invasive.

The user can find us through different channels, such as social networks or blogs.

Inbound content marketing consists of creating channels to capture traffic and customers

It will be based on your own media (your own blog or your own Instagram) and not on paid or earned media (we recommend this Inbound article to expand your information on this media topic).

And in those own channels you will have to create quality content, to attract the attention of your target audience.

Create quality content for your inbound marketing strategy.
Creating quality content

Another objective of this marketing strategy is that the content they have created is disseminated as much as possible. If our content is expanded, it will be easier for the public to find us.

And above all, accompany the customer to the final conversion. Observing all the time where they are in the funnel.

Benefits of having this marketing strategy

Once you’ve learned what it is, you’ll like to know what Inbound Marketing can bring you. Since there are many advantages to having this strategy.

Everything is profit with inbound marketing
All are benefits with Inbound Marketing

It’s amazing everything your business can earn by implementing attraction marketing. ?

So now we will tell you how to do it

Tips for Inbound Marketing strategies

In order to create a good content strategy you will first have to “prepare”.


Then you can get qualified traffic, from qualified traffic leads, and from these you will get sales

You will have to measure the results at all stages of the funnel and finally take actions to build loyalty.

What actions to take depending on the stage the user is in?

1. Attract traffic

In this phase we can create a blog. The blog will be a key part of our inbound marketing strategy.

It will be important to position yourself as a reference in the area in which your company operates.

It will help you capture more traffic. Especially using SEO techniques.

You will position your articles by researching the best keywords for your industry, the ones your potential customers will search for. You will need to understand what they are looking for.

SEO for Inbound Marketing
Seo for Inbound Marketing

You will also be able to use the channels of social networks: with them, we will achieve one of the objectives of inbound marketing, which is to disseminate the contents as much as possible.

We will get users to find us, because on social media is where users spend the most time right now.

We can also make ourselves known through referrals (industry references of other blogs) or through PPC campaigns because in this way we will accelerate virality.

2. Convert visitors into leads

It is said that normally 4% of visits can become leads, so we will need to have attracted many in the first phase of the funnel.

To increase lead conversion, we’ll use CTAs, that is, calls to action, to click.

And another lead-generating technique, landing pages: it will have to be eye-catching, exposing the benefits you will get with your product and a form to get data from your potential customers.

3. Build customer loyalty

You will have to build relationships with them and thus build loyalty and retain them.

Use, for example, the mailing technique. Making periodic mailings and helping users on some issues. 

Here we leave you a Kiwop post on Linkedin in which we talk about sending a first welcome email.

Finally, analytics. Analyze the results of the strategy and see if conversion rates have improved and if we have met the objectives defined at the beginning.

Practical examples of this marketing strategy


Spotify is a clear example of attraction marketing. It has a
where they create community and write opinion articles and music reviews.

Spotify blog for your inbound marketing
Example of blog spotify for your inbound marketing

And social networks, where on his Instagram for example, they maintain a lot of contact with their users.

Spotify's Instagram for your inbound marketing
Spotify’s Instagram for inbound marketing

Also, in the same app, without you knowing, it’s always recommending music that almost always hits you. A way to build user loyalty by personalizing the product.

Go Pro

Another example is Go Pro. It has a well-defined marketing strategy through its YouTube channel.
Youtube channel
They collect videos of their users doing for example parachute jumps and share them.

He has formed a community that wants to share his extreme experiences recorded with his Go Pro camera.

Go Pro Youtube Channel for your Inbound Marketing
GoPro Youtube account example for inbound marketing

Now you know all the good things that an Inbound Marketing strategy entails.

If you want to know more, here you will find more information. 

If you want to keep up to date with digital marketing tips, follow us on our

And for specialized help on any subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Go ahead, improve your attraction marketing! ?


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