What is anchor text and how to improve it

Digital Marketing 07 December 2021

Within the improvement of the SEO of a web page, there are many elements that need to be taken into account.

Whether for the writing of content from 0, for SEO implementations, or for the improvement of what you already have, you have to take care of the linking.

Do you want to know what anchor text is? Then don’t miss this article.

What is anchor text?

The anchor text is a fragment of text that contains a link, and that when clicked will take us to a different page.

This fragment usually tells us what content we are targeting, hence it receives the name “anchor”, because it serves to anchor the information.

But it does not only serve to guide the user; it also provides information to the search engine, something we already know influences SEO.

In this case, it helps them to identify the theme of the linked websites and to see which terms have a greater weight or relevance.

anchor text linkbuilding
Anchor text is a fundamental part of link building

It is important not to abuse them, since search engines can penalize this practice by considering it black hat SEO.

Even so, they form a fundamental part of the Link Building of our website, so you have to know how to work them.

Types of anchor text

1. Generic anchors

They are those types of fragments that tell you what to do, such as “keep reading”, “click on this link”, etc.

This type is useful to guide the user and give naturalness to the text, but they do not help anything to the positioning of the web because they do not contain keywords.

2. Brand anchors

In this case they use the name of the brand with which the website that is linked as an anchor is related.

They are mainly used to position a brand on the internet, and it is important that it is repeated even in the internal linking of the web.

These are not penalized as much if they are abused, and Google will take into account if the brand name is searched much to give it more authority.

If it is used together with a keyword, better optimization.

3. Exact keyword

The exact keyword is used without any further addition.

It is the one that must be used for the most powerful links, however, in this case it can not be abused because it is penalized a lot.

You have to find the balance, since it is the one that positions the most, so it cannot be left aside either.

If we are abusing a specific keyword a lot, a synonym can be used.

keywords and anchor text
Using keyword as an anchor text has many benefits

4. Image anchors

Images can also be linked!

It is useful not to overload the web page with text, since the images are always more striking. ❗

Google accepts the alt tag as an anchor text, so it’s always best not to leave it blank.

5. Natural or naked link

The obvious way to present a link, as it simply copies and pastes the entire url.

By including the brand name, it helps position it in a less aggressive way than the brand anchor text.

Internal and external links

It is important to keep in mind that in terms of link building, an internal link is not the same as an external one.

Internal links or inbound links are those that link to other areas of the same page, that is, they are used to guide through the web.

On the other hand, external links are all that we include that go to other websites.

What do they have to do with anchor text?

In the case of internal links, it is safe to put them in anchor text, since they do not penalize.

But for external links, you have to be more careful, since Google may decide that you are using them to manipulate the rankings of its search engine.

In addition, including external links that lead to sites that are penalized or marked as spam may penalize our website.

anchor text penalized
It is important to keep an eye on the landing page

Tips for optimizing anchor text

Now that you know what anchor text are and in which case to use each one, we leave you some tips, so you can use them without fear.

Start working your anchor text

Now you know everything about what an anchor text is.

And if you have doubts, do not forget that at Kiwop we are specialists in SEO services.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Go ahead… Start working those anchor texts! ⚓


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