Digital Marketing 05 November 2019

Your company can choose the option of making quick sales of a single product/service, or increase conversions in the same sale trying to offer the highest possible value. If this idea sounds apealing to you and you want to implement it in your Marketing strategy, keep reading and find out more about up selling and cross selling.

up selling and cross selling

It’s important for you  to understand these techniques, because Up Selling and Cross Selling can generate a greater benefit for your business in economic terms, and also generate a better user experience for those who are buying your products. But this good user experience can only be achieved if you apply these techniques correctly. So let’s get started:

How do we define Up Selling and Cross Selling?

In general terms, up selling and cross selling means suggesting another product or service along with the main product or service that a user is considering or already has bought.

And what’s the difference between up selling and cross selling? Up Selling is about selling a product that is more expensive than the one that the lead is thinking of buying, or already  bought in the past. While Cross Selling is based on selling a related or complementary product to that one in which the lead is interested.

Both are about cross-selling since they are based on suggesting another product or service.

You can apply these two strategies when a user is visiting a product (before purchase), during the payment process, or after.

  1. The first would be through the thanks page or a page that you can create exclusively for this new sale (a landing page), as it would be another way to retain the user and be able to capture it again.
  2. The second would be through retargeting: you can automate your project with interesting Email Marketing tools and send emails with other types of products that may interest the user. Additionally, you can use advertising based on the actions that the user has done previously on our website and create ads on Facebook or search engines.
up selling and cross selling

Using Cross selling and Up selling will give you the opportunity to increase the sales of your business; but if you are determined to implement these strategies on your ecommerce or service sales, make sure you do it in moderation since you are aiming for the highest number of clients converting, not overwhelming them in the process.

It is about implementing and measuring, observing the results that these techniques are giving you and trying to improve them to always offer the best user experience to maximise your sales.

Here are four important tips to make your Up selling and Cross Selling strategy as effective as possible:

  1. Offer value: When you implement Up Selling or Cross Selling strategies, it´s important not to offer products of low value, the customer who is buying or has bought your product is trusting you and your business, so you need to take care of this relationship so that it continues growing. Also, do not try to offer unrelated products because you want to sell them,  you must first think about the client and his/her user experience so that the customer might become an evangelist or defender of your brand. If you build a good relationship with your customer, there will be more chances that will purchase from you again.


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