The tricks you need to know to take advantage of Instagram

Digital Marketing 30 January 2021

Social media has transformed the way we see the world and understand reality. We live hooked on them, and it is that we get up looking at one net and lie down reading another.

And to all this, online businesses can’t look the other way. Morewise, they should not adapt, but take advantage of them for their benefit.

Social media has multiple advantages. They are a showcase to the world, they allow you to interact with your customers, you can show everything you offer and, in addition, all of it for free.

However, of all the platforms that exist, there is one that stands out more and more strongly: Instagram. A visual social network, attractive, with a wide variety of functionalities and with great potential to squeeze.

Kiwop is here to help you. Therefore, we show you how to get the most out of this platform thanks to these 10 tricks that we teach you.

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10 Instagram tricks to apply

Analyze your audience

One of Instagram’s tricks for business is to properly analyze your audience. Without knowing what it does, what it likes and how it relates to your social media profile, it’s impossible for you to succeed.

Go to the statistics section and you’ll be able to see multiple data such as interactions, the profiles that have visited you, likes, comments, and many more metrics. This way, you’ll be able to know which aspects of your Instagram you should enhance and which ones to improve.

Have an attractive profile

Instagram is the social network of the outside appearance and does not matter the content if it does not previously catch the eye. Therefore, you must have an attractive and eye-catching profile that can capture the interest of your target.

This example of Instagram trick is simple, but requires creativity. Use similar colors, original and visual fonts, add quality images, and more. The important thing is that you have your own style and consistency throughout the profile.

Have an attractive profile
Queen’s practical example

Optimize your biography

This advice is essential if you want to make the most of your profile on this social network. The timeline must be optimized. Concisely and originally, you must expose who you are and how you can be useful to your followers.

Add your company name, a good description about yourself, the link to your website, a hashtag related to your brand, and more.

Optimize your biography
Kiwop’s practical example

Boost the copy of your posts

This is one of Instagram’s tricks to apply now. Enhancing the copywriting of your posts is necessary to make your social media profile a success.

It’s not about writing any text, you have to write it to sell with it. Create short, original, and engaging descriptions. Also, add action calls, emojis and hashtags to make it more visual. All this in order to attract new customers thanks to the power of your texts.

If you want to write with copywriting techniques on social networks and succeed, read this article and get ideas.

Boost the copy of your posts
Freshly Cosmetics’ practical example

Includes keywords

Keywords are necessary for your social network to succeed. Study the keywords your followers used to reach you and use them in all your texts to improve organic traffic when they enter them.

By empowering keywords, you’ll optimize your instagram SEO and reach more users.

Includes keywords
Freshly Cosmetics’ practical example

Add links to your website

One trick to get the most out of Instagram and also optimize the SEO positioning of your business is to add links to your website throughout your profile.

When you write your timeline descriptions, stories, or posts, add the link to the official website or sections of the page that relate to what you post. In this way, the user will be able to access the product or service you offer and probably make the purchase.

Use hashtags

Hashtags have a similar function to keywords, as they serve to position your profile on social networks. Investigate which hashtags are relevant to your brand, include them, and analyze the results.

If you add your hashtag in the Instagram search engine, they’ll look similar to the one you’ve entered and the ones that have the most posts and follow-ups. This way, you can add them throughout your profile and win users.

Use hashtags
Limplas’ practical example

Create highlights of your stories

The highlights of your stories are an Instagram trick to enhance your personal brand. A technique that allows you to select stories that you have published and encompass them within the same theme.

Analyze what topics of interest your profile your followers would be interested in and create them in an original and aesthetic way. Thus, they will be able to have all the content that you offer them and available at any time.

Create highlights of your stories
Kiwop’s practical example

Interact with your followers

This Instagram trick example is very useful and you should apply it. When you receive feedback from your users on stories or posts, or are written by direct messages, answer them kindly.

By interacting with them, you give the image of being a brand that their users care about, that they are interested in knowing what they think and that is willing to help them at all times. Establish a relationship with them, and they will increase the options for them to purchase your products or services.

Interact with your followers
Queen’s practical example

Stream live on your profile

Today, every brand makes live videos on their social media profiles. Think about what content you can show that interests your followers, what to talk about, or how to interact with them through this channel.

In this way, you will establish a direct relationship with your users, show interest in you, look useful and increase their desire to buy in your online business.

Boost your Instagram with all these tricks

You’ve already seen why you should make the most of your Instagram profile and 10 tricks for you to apply and succeed with this social network.

Now it’s your turn.

Discuss what aspects we’ve told you about haven’t boosted this last time, think about how to do it, and put our tips into practice. In this way, we have no doubt that you will know how to get the most out of Instagram.

And, of course, if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so. ?

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