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Write with Copywriting techniques on social networks and succeed [+EXAMPLES]

Social media has revolutionized today’s landscape.

We live immersed in a social bubble by the use of these platforms.

We spent the day hooked on the screens.

So much so, that more and more online businesses are taking advantage of this reality to turn it into an opportunity.

Use social media as tools to sell, generate traffic and build a brand.

Find your customers, connect with them and make this union translate into a sale.

I’m sure you’re thinking about how to do it. ?

But don’t worry, that’s what Kiwop is for.

The solution is the figure of copy on social platforms.

Here are 10 tips on how to use copywriting techniques on your social networks.

Go ahead.

What are you waiting for to optimize them? ?

Why is it important to copy on social media?

Social networks have become an essential tool to reach as many customers as possible.

They allow you to know the reality of your users at no cost.

A good copywriting on your social networks will conquer your ideal client.

If you succeed, it will follow you, give you a like, comment or even buy your product or service.

However, to get to this point you have to optimize the copywriting techniques that exist.

It’s not that easy, it’s not about writing any text, hanging it and selling it.

You have to differentiate yourself from the competition, know your audience, make them feel unique and maintain a brand-customer union.

Your efforts will then require writing quality texts with content appropriate for the goals you’ve set.

How to write good posts on social networks with copy?

Define your strategy

The first thing you need to do is define your social media copy strategy well.

You need execution planning to meet the goals you set your mind to.

Consider the following:

  • Who do you want your audience to be?
  • Which networks are best for your online business?
  • What do you want to publish?
  • What are your posts going to be like?

Once you’re clear about all these aspects and the strategy is determined, you can start copying on networks.

Adapt your tone according to the social network

The same text is not always valid for all social networks.

Each platform works in a way, has purposes and has a type of audience.

Therefore, your copy should adapt to where you are going to publish.

Keep the way you communicate that identifies you, but adjust the tone of your posts based on the social network where you are.

Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Show yourself what you’re like

If you give the image of a company away from the lives of your users, few will buy your products or services.

Use a close, funny and friendly tone.

Show the heart of your business, all your values, the way you work and get things done.

If you manage to empathize with your audience, you will get inside all of them and the copy of your social networks will have been a success.

Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Prioritize value content

If only products or services are constantly promoted in a profile and no variety of content is offered, users get tired and lose interest in the page.

That’s why it’s not all about selling.

It presents content of varying and original value that is not based on wanting to sell a product.

If you are able to combine these two aspects, the copy of your social networks will be perfect because you will retain your followers by offering them what they are interested in.

Practical example at Ecovidasolar

Take care of your followers

You have to turn to your followers.

Look at them, tell them about you, worry about them, make them feel like members of your community, and show them you’re there.

Reply to comments from a post and private messages sent to you.

If they feel listened to, and you generate a conversation, you will have earned them.

A happy user will probably end up becoming a customer.

Practical example at Queen’s

Synthesize information

The key to copywriting is to say a lot with little.

No one stops to read long, dense texts.

Today, everything is quick and immediate.

For that reason, your copy must be the same.

Show the essence of what you want to say and think of original ways to synthesize information.

Being direct and showing what it really contributes, manage to improve the copy of your social networks.

Practical example at Kiwop

Use images

If there’s one thing that never fails, it’s the images.

Use as many as you can (without being clear).

Remember that social media is visual.

Therefore, this type of content will be more effective.

However, it is not worth any photograph, as it must be taken care of and of high quality.

The most effective publication would be the combination of a good image with a working copy.

Practical example at Queen’s

Use calls to action

CTAs are essential to the success of your copywriting on social networks.

Add calls to action in all your posts so your followers know what to do at all times.

Examples include:

  • Click on my profile
  • Swipe to see this content
  • Comment on the post
  • Like him
  • Mention your friends

Your purpose should not be that they see your contents, but through them they will take action.

Use calls of this type to get a key element: interaction.

Practical example at Limplas

Add hashtags

This aspect can bring a lot of power to your posts.

Hashtags group and organize posts on social media.

Think about how your users should find you to reach you and use them as hashtags.

Then interact with other profiles that use them to attract them to yours.

This way, the copy of your social networks will be more optimized.

Practical example at Kiwop

Format your texts

The copy of your social networks must be presented in an original way if you want it to be more effective.

If you post content that visually enters through your eyes, the message will be much more effective as more users will stop to read it.

With the high degree of competition that exists in networks, formatting your texts and making them unique will attract the attention of your followers.

Some tips for shape them would be:

  • Use short sentences
  • Use bold
  • Create lists
  • Add emojis

In this way, you will increase the sales possibilities.

Practical example at Kiwop

Boost your social media using copywriting

You’ve already seen how important it is to use copy on your social networks.

It’s as important to have them as you know how to optimize them.

Follow all the advice we’ve given you, add your special touch to them, and we have no doubt you’ll succeed.

And, of course, if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to copywriting your social networks, we will be happy to do so. ?

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Let’s go.

Make your social networks a success!

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