The new Instagram updates you didn’t know about

News 21 April 2022

Instagram is an application that is booming and that does not stop having new updates to be able to provide new services to its users.

The new updates will help improve the image and contact with your audiences.

From Kiwop we help you manage your Instagram to have the best possible results.

Find out more about all these new updates you don’t know about

The importance of Instagram

Instagram is a social network with a large number of users and that will help improve your online reputation .

This application is constantly changing and, increasingly, adapts to businesses through its new updates.

On Instagram you can adapt the profile to your business and spread information or news from posts or stories. Applying this type of business profile you can see the insights where you can see the impressions that that post has had, the clicks to the link, the visits to the profile, among many others.

It is important because you have the opportunity to get a direct contact with the user and have a greater reach to get audiences or potential consumers.

It will also help you strengthen the relationship with current customers.

How to get a good digital strategy on Instagram?

From Kiwop we recommend some of the digital strategies that will make you improve contact with both current and potential audiences.

We recommend that you carry out all these tips to get more performance of the Instagram network . ✅

Complete and professionalize your biography

We advise you to first improve your biography, since it is the first thing you see when entering the profile of users.

The biography must be accurate and direct, that is, make an effective summary of what your business is in charge of and what sector it belongs to.

We also recommend you put a link at the end of the biography that leads directly to your portfolio.

Below, you can see an example of how in Kiwop we have optimized our biography:

Professionalize biography instagram kiwop
Kiwop’s Instagram bio

Use stories and all their elements

Making Instagram stories will help your strategy a lot, to keep your followers updated day by day.

They can already be stories where your team comes out presenting your product or service or working, giving advice or reporting on events or other related topics.

In addition, Instagram gives you the opportunity through links, questionnaires of questions, surveys, locators, helps to facilitate the click of the user and to have a more direct contact with him.

Also, it is important to use the featured stories and that the distribution of these not only attract attention, but are well designed. These stories should have simple and key titles, for example, team, events, information, blog or tips, among others.

Featured stories instagram kiwop
Kiwop’s Featured Stories

Create an attractive feed

Having an attractive feed is essential, as showing professionalism in your sector through design can help improve your images.

Feed instagram kiwop
Kiwop’s Instagram feed

The latest and future new updates to Instagram

Instagram is always innovating and if you use its tools you will improve your insights and reach more audiences.

Some of these updates that we will mention below have already been implemented and there are some that will be in the not too distant future.

Subscriptions to your profile for economic benefits

Your profile subscriptions is an update that has a subscription option, this will allow users to receive exclusive content through a payment process.

Update in 60-second stories

Until now, Instagram stories were up to 15 seconds and this often turns out to be little and causes your message to be cut. So, from this 2022, you can take advantage and lengthen your stories.

Record Reels to reply to comments

This update will be able to respond to the comments of users on Instagram. If you know the social network TikTok , you surely know what it is.

Exclusive section of videos in your profile

This section of videos will be added to the biography and will help your videos to be saved in your profile and users can see them whenever they want.

Discover and use the new Instagram updates

We hope you have served our article about the new updates, which are already or will be available this year 2022.

Contact us or follow us on our instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Cheer up and make the most of these new updates with professionals who will help you get the best possible results.


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