The evolution of the marketing paradigm

Digital Marketing 18 January 2022

Marketing has never been static in time.

It has been forced to evolve as society, technology and, above all, people did.

Do you want to know what changes the marketing paradigm has undergone? We tell you everything.

What is marketing?

Explained simply:

It is the means by which organizations identify unmet human needs, turn them into business opportunities, and create satisfactions for others for the benefit of themselves” – Kotler.

Of course, marketing is not a science, since a scientific methodology cannot be followed.


market evolution chart
The market changes over time.

Simple: the human factor is constantly changing, and with it, the market.

So it is very difficult to manipulate, especially the final result, which is the purchase.

So marketing is defined as a technique through which to identify unmet human needs, and satisfy them for “own” benefit.

Evolution of the marketing paradigm towards the human-centric

Over the years, the focus of efforts has been shifted precisely because of market changes.

1. The product-centric approach

For this case, and as the name suggests, product-centric marketing makes all the messages launched revolve around the product and its features.

It can also allude to scientific or technological evidence that supports those claims.

The goals are basically to sell the product, and to be more competitive than the others based on price.

And you’ll think: This is still being done.

Sure enough!

There are many products that do not have the need to change the focus, either because there is little competition or because they are already established in the market and differentiate themselves.

2. The customer-centric approach

It is the second model with which it is pivoting, since the appearance of something new does not rule out the above.

Here, the consumer begins to be taken into account.

What does this mean?

That marketing begins to ask itself what needs consumers have and how the product helps meet them.

person working in marketing
Marketing efforts are changing the focus.

Based on the response that is achieved, all decisions regarding the product, both external and internal, will be made.

Communications are different from those of the product-centric: they do not talk about characteristics, but about how they will be satisfied or how it will benefit the consumer.

Sounds better, right?

3. The human-centric approach

It is the most recent approach, and it begins precisely with the digital boom.

After decades of aggressive marketing, it is becoming necessary to create more empathetic and less intimidating brands.

Here begins the era of branding, brand values, lovemarks, being empathetic and honest…

There is no longer so much talk of consumer (yes, which is what they are) but of audiences.

And especially of people.

It is left aside to make campaigns for products, and begins to give real value to the brand, so all campaigns must follow the values of this.

This change also has to do with the fact that companies need to have brands as a differentiating element due to the large amount of competition in the market.

What does it have a lot of benefits?

Benefits of today’s marketing paradigm

In addition to everything we have told you, there are some extra benefits of the human-centric approach:

human-center in the marketing paradigm
Nowadays brands have to be warmer.

And these benefits will only grow over time, because this approach is here to stay.

Start doing your marketing according to the human-centric model

We hope you found the evolution of the digital marketing paradigm interesting.

Now you could give a new approach to your campaigns!

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