The benefits of user generated content

Content Marketing 28 March 2022

User generated content can be defined as any content that is created by users or fans of a brand on the internet.

By this we mean any interaction a user makes with your brand, whether it’s a comment on a post or sharing a photograph of a product.

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What is user generated content

User generated content is a digital marketing strategy that consists of taking advantage of the content that users make about your brand as a complement and support for your content strategies.

This content to which we refer can be: comments on a blog, in your publications, in social networks, photos, videos or reviews.

In addition, it is a good complementary strategy to your digital marketing actions.

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user generated content

Advantages of user generated content

The advantages of user generated content are that they allow you to gain credibility, encourage engagement and, with it, allow you to increase your sales. Here are some tips.

User Reviews

The opinions and testimonials of the users of a product enjoy a greater impact and credibility than the messages generated by the brands themselves.

In addition, they also allow you to connect, effectively, with consumers.

Does not require an effort

The generation of this content does not require additional effort or economic investment on the part of brands and enhances engagement with users.

Create a community

Thanks to the generation of this content you can create a community of users who act as ambassadors of the brand. Thanks to user generated content, it will help you build customer loyalty.

create community

Examples of user generated content

Next, we show you some examples of user generated content that have been used by some big brands in their digital marketing campaigns.


This multinational launched a campaign called “share a Coca Cola with”, which consisted of the distribution of its drink, which included common names and surnames in each country. In the case of Spain, the company relied on data from the National Institute of Statistics to select the names.

Thanks to this campaign, the company managed to get thousands of consumers to buy a can of the drink with their name or surname and, with it, feel motivated to post a photo next to it on their social networks, accompanied by the hashtag #Compartecocacola.

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The GoPro brand is one of the most invested in user generated content. In fact, if you look at its main social networks, the company focuses almost all its publications on sharing experiences of its users.

Thanks to this, it has become a benchmark brand in this type of digital marketing strategies and has been able to maintain a strategy based on user generated content.

How to include user generated content in your digital strategy

Here are some actions and benefits of user generated content so you can include it to make the most of it:

Dissemination of content

Spread your content on your social networks to get more visibility and generate more engagement with your community.

In addition, we advise you to suggest users who follow your brand to post photos and videos of your products or services and. if you organize an event, it is interesting that you share its content.

Interact with users

Whenever a user shares their content with you, either through a comment, post a photo or a video, we advise you to interact with them, either by responding to their comments or by sharing their storie or publication.

Thanks to this you will be able to generate curiosity and credibility to the rest of your community and you will attract potential customers.

Use your own hashtag

Thanks to the implementation of your own hashtag you will enhance participation. And not only that, but it will also be useful to keep track of what is said about your brand; you’ll encourage users to discuss specific topics through a hashtag. Thanks to this, the interaction between brand and user will increase. #


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Bet on user generated content

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