Strategies and examples to take advantage of Christmas in your e-commerce

Digital Marketing 16 December 2020

Even if it doesn’t look like it…

Christmas is just around the corner! ?

And with it, family gatherings, great meals, shopping, gifts, and everything else.

But it’s not just that.

Christmas is one of the times of the year when we spend the most and that’s why you have to optimize your e-commerce on these dates to make your business more profitable.

Boost your online store in this Christmas period, attract visits to your website and turn them into customers.

Don’t worry about how to do it because it’s very simple if you follow the tricks we’re going to teach you. ?

Here are 8 tips for you to improve your e-commerce this Christmas.


Why is it important that you do a Christmas campaign in your e-commerce?

We are all clear that at this time consumer spending increases.

And, increasingly, purchases are made online.

That’s why it’s important to run a Christmas campaign on your e-commerce.

With it, you will improve the image of your brand, since you will be able to transmit your brand values and customers will connect with you emotionally.

But not only that, but you will increase your online visibility, direct traffic to your website, differentiate yourself from the competition and offer a number of unique services.

Don’t think about it anymore and start boosting your e-commerce for this Christmas.

What actions can you take in the Christmas campaign to improve your e-commerce sales?

Adapt your website to the Christmas period

Your e-commerce website is essential to your Christmas campaign.

Physical stores adorn their storefronts and the interior of their store every year.

You must do the same with your online business.

Without losing sight of the functional and visual part of the website, give it a makeover to adapt it to this Christmas period.

Add Christmas icons, change web colors, remember we’re on these dates, and more.

Bring your team together and think of a Christmas-facing imaging strategy without losing consistency with your brand identity.

Adapt your website to Christmas period
Practical example in Natura

Characterize your logo

After adapting the website of your e-commerce to the Christmas period, you must do the same with your logo.

Without losing the essence of it, add a special touch characteristic of these dates.

Change the color, add a Christmas element to it, or make it look like a character from these dates.

Maintain its aesthetic but add something different to the rest of the year.

Thus, customers will perceive you as an original brand.

Characterizes your logo
Practical example at Packawin

Customize your emails

Email marketing is a very effective tool for your e-commerce.

For this reason, it is essential at this time of use.

Create custom email templates for the Christmas period and send them to your subscribers.

Show them your Christmas-related content, discounts you offer, gifts they can give to their close friends, congratulate them on the holidays, and more.

In these dates, people are more receptive, so if you’re close they’re likely to end up buying your products or services.

Customize your emails
Practical example at Intersport

Optimize your social networks

Social media is key to your e-commerce.

Consumers spend the day browsing social networks.

Boost your social networks this Christmas and grow your online business.

Add posts with the Christmas products you offer, show your services tailored to these dates, broadcast live videos from your physical stores, relate Christmas to your brand, and more.

Take advantage of these marked dates to connect emotionally with your customers.

In this way, you will establish a solid and direct relationship with them that will ensure their return.

Optimize your social networks
Practical example at Packawin

Offers discounts and exclusive benefits

Discounts and exclusive benefits are typical, but it always works.

Take advantage of this Christmas period to offer discounts and unique opportunities to your customers.

Discounted items, original promotions, discounts on second products, exclusive benefits for these dates, and much more.

With such strategies, the visitor of your e-commerce will see unique opportunities and, predictably, will eventually opt for one of them.

Offers discounts and exclusive advantages
Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Create gift packs

This action is very useful to take advantage of at Christmas.

Create special gift packs that contain Christmas products or items to use or give away on these dates with a distinctive Christmas twist.

It designs ideal product combinations for Christmas and gives an image of originality and innovation.

Take advantage of this technique to combine higher-selling products with those that are often sold less.

This will increase the average value of orders.

Creates gift packages
Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Offers gift cards

Gift cards are essential to increase the sales of your e-commerce on these dates.

Many people don’t know what to give away, doubt or don’t know each other’s tastes well.

For that reason, they prefer to give away a card with a certain amount of money to spend in your online store.

In this way, they save the stress of the purchase and make sure that the person will be satisfied with the gift by being able to spend it on those products that he prefers.

Make personalized gift cards for Christmas and expand the services offered in relation to this strategy.

Offers gift cards
Practical example at JD Sports

Take advantage of this era to liquidate products

The Christmas period is also very useful for liquidating surplus products from other seasons or remaining stock.

You don’t have to wait for january rebates, you can start now.

Offers last-minute settlements, end-of-season rebates, or lower prices for the least-selling products.

Thus, you are sure to attract customers who have left purchases at the last minute or who get carried away by settlements, promotions and offers.

Takes advantage of this time to liquidate products
Practical example at Pull&Bear

Boost your e-commerce at Christmas

You’ve seen how easy it is to optimize your e-commerce for this Christmas.

Now it’s your turn.

Put these strategies into practice and grow your online store during this Christmas period.

If you need any information or want us to help you with your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so. ?

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead.

Shoot your sales this Christmas!


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