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SEO and SEM 28 April 2020

Do you know what SEO consulting is and why it can benefit your web positioning?

Organic SEO positioning is now one of the most important traffic generators on a website. A good SEO can increase the number of users who visit the pages of your website (in the long term) and at the same time the number of qualified leads, which translates into an increase in sales,main objective of any business or company.

But before you invest in SEO,you need to figure out what’s failing your website, and therefore run an SEO consultancy to help you get the answers you need.

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SEO Consulting

Maintaining good SEO is not an easy task, nor is it an amateur job; there are many factors that influence web positioning and the implementation of a good SEO strategy takes time. SEO consists of applying a set of techniques and tools that serve to optimize both websites and landing pages so that search engines like Google can read them more easily and quickly. But Google’s algorithms and other search engines have evolved over time, improving their website classification methods and for this reason, many of the methods that were previously effective, currently no longer are.

SeO consultancy tips from web development agency

In this article we want to delve into the concept of SEO Consulting, in addition to helping you determine what are the most important factors and tips that need to be taken into account before conducting an SEO consultancy on your website.

What is an SEO consultancy?

An SEO consultancy is a study and analysis of the situation (in terms of SEO web positioning) in which a website is located. Therefore, an SEO consultancy / SEO Auditconsists of to make a report detailing how a website is positioned and that aspects within it need to be improved to achieve a better position on Google.

An SEO consultancy is a service aimed at businesses with an online presence who want to reorient their web positioning strategies, or have some specific SEO requirements to improve the SEO of their website for those who need the services of an external agency.

An SEO consultancy should announce what aspects of the website are to be improved in addition to the priority to solve them and what are the steps to follow to eliminate such errors, for which it must offer a personalized plan with the guidelines to achieve the correct optimization of the website.

Audits are the ideal opportunity to detect potential errors and business opportunities.

Do you need an SEO consultancy to improve the organic positioning of your website?

If you want to implement an SEO strategy on your website, the answer is definitely YES. You need an SEO consultancy. In most cases, you’ll find yourself in one of the following situations:

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Why invest in an SEO consultancy

Such reports are essential to initiate an SEO strategy or to further advance an SEO strategy. Therefore, if you’re already implementing an SEO strategy, or you’re preparing to start it, it’s important to contact a SEO agency specialized in the matter to carry out an SEO consultancy in order to detect possible business opportunities.

Factors to consider in an SEO consultancy

Below we will delve into what are the main steps in an SEO audit:


The tracking process is one of the most important steps in consulting; the SEO expert will optimize your tracking budget to make things easier for Google. The goal of tracking is that there are no problems on the part of Google bots to reach the different parts of a website so you can track them.

Error analysis

Studying errors using SEO tools such as Google Search Console and removing detected errors is critical to making it easier for Google bots to track the website.

Durant this step is intended that none of the landing pages on the website contain errors so that Google understands how the structure of the website is organized.

Configuring the Robots.txt file

During an SEO consultancy, the robots.txt file should be analyzed to verify that certain areas of a website that may impair SEO web positioning are not being blocked. It is essential that the robots.txt file is correctly configured because in case of an error the SEO web positioning of a web page may be affected.

Sitemap Analysis

During an SEO consultancy, it should be analyzed that all relevant URLs that must appear in SERPs are being sent to Google using XML sitemaps. Sitemaps are important for understanding indexing status in Search Console.


During this step, you should verify that all relevant pages on the website appear on Google. Additionally, it should be checked that there are no pages marked with the noindex tag.

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Keywords keywords should be parsed duringthis phase. This process includes the analysis of keywords of your company and also that of the main competitors in the sector and the keywords by which they arepositioned.

We should also conduct a study of the keywords on our website that are already positioned to detect new opportunities and improvements to achieve a greater number of words positioned on Google.

CTR, SEO titles and Meta descriptions

In this step it is important to verify that SEO titles and meta-descriptions are well-written. It is essential that they capture the attention of users in order to improve the CTR.


The performance of a website is now an essential factor as it significantly affects the SEO positioning of any website. Analyzing the website’s upload speed to improve your Web Performance Optimization (WPO) is a must in SEO Consulting. The faster the loading speed of the website, the better score you will get from search engines.

At Kiwop, a web development agency,we are experts in WPO and we have the fastest servers. Contact us if you need more information.

Analysis of website images

Google’s image finder is the second largest search engine in the world above even Youtube.

At this stage, you should verify that all images on the website are optimized. To do this, they must have a title, a name and an ALT attribute optimized for SEO, only in this way they will be considered as relevant and indexed by Google.

Analysis of the contents of the website

It will be analyzed that all the content of the website is relevant to the users who visit it. In the case of content that does not offer interesting information to the user, they must be deleted.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is strictly penalized by Google, therefore, during an SEO consultancy it should be analyzed that there are no duplicate pages or with a high index of similarity.

SEO Architecture

In this step, you should consider whether improvements can be made to the structure of the website. For example, reducing the number of clicks to reach the most relevant content can significantly improve the user experience and website usability, and consequently, it will improve SEO positioning.

Link Building Internal

The internal link building, among the other strategies of SEO On Page is essential to be able to tell Google what is the most important content within a website.

The most important pages of a website should receive as many internal links as possible.


If the website receives external links,it should be analyzed that these are not received from suspicious websites, if so, a disavow file should be created to disallow suspicious links as to Google.


If a penalty is found, the necessary measures must be applied to stop Google from penalizing the website.

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Agency specialized in SEO

You can perform a check of these steps yourself, but even though you have SEO knowledge, in Kiwop we always recommend hiring an SEO agency. At Kiwop we offer our specialized SEO experts and we can offer you quality solutions tailored to your resources and needs.

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