Parasite SEO: What is it and how to do it?

SEO and SEM 05 December 2023

Parasite SEO, also known as Parasite SEO, is an intriguing strategy in the world of digital marketing. It’s all about leveraging the authority of established platforms to rank your content in search engines.

In essence, you “parasitize” on the reputation and strength of reputable websites to improve the visibility of your own content. In this article, we will explore what Parasite SEO is, how it works and effective tactics to implement it in your SEO strategy.

You will learn how to use this tactic ethically and effectively to boost your web presence.

What is Parasite SEO?

parasite seo

Parasite SEO, also known as parasitic SEO, refers to a strategy in search engine optimization (SEO) that involves leveraging the authority and traffic of established websites to improve the ranking of another site.

Instead of building a site’s authority from scratch, Parasite SEO practitioners profit from the reputation and strength of other websites.

This strategy can be carried out in several ways, such as publishing content on third-party platforms with high domain authority, such as:

These sites already have a good position in search engines and, by providing valuable content or links on them, they seek to obtain visibility and traffic published for the parasite site.

It is important to note that Parasite SEO can be considered a controversial tactic, as some see it as a way to leverage the authority of others without building a solid presence of your own.

In addition, Parasite SEO practices must follow the policies and rules of the sites on which they are implemented to avoid penalties.

Types of parasite SEO

There are different types of Parasite SEO, and strategies may vary depending on the platform used. Here are some common types of Parasite SEO:

1. Blogs on free platforms

Online forums and communities

3. Social Networking

4. Question and answer platforms

5. Review sites and testimonials

6. Wikis and online encyclopedias

7. Publication of multimedia content

It is important to note that while these strategies can provide short-term benefits, they also carry risks. Abuse of Parasite SEO practices can result in penalties from search engines or the platforms used.

In addition, content quality and authenticity should always be a priority to build a long-term reputation.

Does Parasite SEO work?

parasite seo

The effectiveness of Parasite SEO can vary and is subject to several factors. Although it can provide short-term benefits, there are important considerations to keep in mind:

Risk of penalties

2. Dependence on other sites

3. Timing

4. Quality of the content

5. Diversification of strategies

Ethics and reputation

Parasite SEO can offer positive results if implemented ethically and strategically, respecting the policies of the platforms used. However, it is crucial to consider the risks and complement this strategy with other SEO tactics to build a solid and sustainable online presence.

When Should I Use SEO Parasite?

The decision to use Parasite SEO will depend on several factors and specific objectives. Here are some situations where you might consider implementing Parasite SEO:

New web page or web site

If you are launching a new website and want to generate traffic quickly while building your own domain authority, Parasite SEO can be an initial strategy.

2. Need for quick results

If you are looking for quick results in terms of visibility and traffic, Parasite SEO can offer a temporary solution while you implement long-term strategies.

3. Limited budget

If you have a limited budget and can’t invest much in link building or traditional SEO strategies, Parasite SEO may be a more affordable option.

4. Keyword testing

If you want to test the viability of certain keywords before fully committing to your own domain, Parasite SEO allows you to evaluate the performance before investing more resources.

5. Rapid increase in authority

If you are looking to quickly increase the authority of your website, Parasite SEO on high authority platforms can accelerate this process. As your own website gains authority, it is advisable to diversify SEO strategies and build an independent and solid online presence.

How much does SEO Parasite cost?

The cost of parasitic SEO can vary considerably depending on several factors. Here are some elements to consider when evaluating the associated costs:

Content resources

Creating quality content is essential for parasitic SEO. This may involve hiring copywriters, graphic designers or other professionals to produce valuable material.

2. Tools and software

Some parasitic SEO strategies can benefit from specialized tools and software for keyword research, data analysis and performance tracking. These tools may have associated costs.

3. Content promotion

Depending on the platform used, it may be necessary to invest in content promotion to maximize its visibility.

4. Advertising expenses (Optional)

In some cases, additional expenses may be considered for paid advertising to increase the visibility of the content.

5. Time and effort

The time and effort devoted to researching, planning and executing the strategy are also important considerations. This cost may be associated with internal resources or the hiring of SEO professionals.

It should be noted that the results and benefits of parasite SEO may vary, and it is essential to evaluate the strategy in the context of the specific objectives and resources of each project.

Parasite SEO Strategy

parasite seo

Implementing a Parasite SEO strategy involves several key steps to maximize search engine visibility and performance. Here is a basic guide to developing a Parasite SEO strategy:

Platform identification

Research and choose third-party platforms with high search engine authority. This may include blogging sites, forums, social networks, question and answer platforms, among others.

Keyword research

Conduct keyword research to identify terms relevant to your niche or industry. Be sure to select keywords that have a good search volume and are relevant to your content.

3. Creation of relevant content

Create valuable content that conforms to the policies of the chosen platform. Make sure the content is informative, engaging and optimized for the selected keywords.

4. On-Page Optimization

Optimize content for on-page SEO, including titles, meta descriptions, headings and internal links. Make sure your content follows SEO best practices to improve its visibility in search engines.

5. Strategic links

Include strategic links to your own website within the content. Make sure these links are natural and relevant to the context of the content.

6. Active participation

Actively participate in the chosen platform. Respond to comments, interact with the community and contribute in a positive way. Active participation can increase visibility and credibility.

7. Follow-up and analysis

Use analytics tools to track the performance of your content in terms of traffic, search rankings and other key metrics. Adjust your strategy according to the results obtained.

8. Policy Compliance

Be sure to comply with the policies of the platform used. Failure to comply with the rules could result in penalties and loss of visibility.

Examples of Parasite SEO

Here are some examples of Parasite SEO using different platforms:

1. Medium:

2. Quora:


4. LinkedIn:

5. Reddit:

6. Slideshare:

7. Wikipedia:

8. Specialized Forums:

Remember that the key to success in Parasite SEO is to offer valuable content and respect the rules and policies of each platform. Also, don’t rely exclusively on Parasite SEO; it’s important to gradually build your own online presence and diversify your SEO strategies.

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