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Digital Marketing 29 December 2020

In any online business, building trust with your potential customers is essential for the good development of your business.

One of the elements that can influence this relationship is to include customer testimonials satisfied with your products or services, and share it with others.

Many times, when we intend to buy something, we turn to reviews from previous customers to finish convincing us about the product we are interested in.

Therefore, these social tests are very effective in increasing sales of potential consumers that are in doubt.

But not by adding a testimony, the work is already done.

A quality testimonial must contain a number of requirements, have a particular structure, and perform a number of functions.

But don’t worry, that’s what Kiwop is for. ?

Here are 7 ways to get quality testimonials and be able to sell more, how important they are, and some practical examples.

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Importance of having testimonials on your website or e-commerce

Introducing social testing into your online business has great benefits. In this case, testimonies can be of great importance for a number of reasons.

First of all, the information will be given by your customers, not you. We’re used to listening to and reading what companies tell us, but who we really listen to when we want to decide on a product is real consumers.

We think brands just want to sell, even if it’s at the cost of lying to us. Instead, the opinions of former customers are always believed.

Also, it serves a lot of mouth to mouth. If you read good reviews, you’ll spread favorable opinions about what you’ve been looking for.

Another positive aspect of testimonies is that they save objections. Doubts, fears and questions are always the same in the face of a product or service of an online business.

Use these social tests to solve all these issues and, once your potential consumers have read them, feel free to purchase what you offer.

Use quality testimonials because they reinforce your message, make you more believable, and give you authority.

7 Ways to Get Quality Testimonials

Offer good products or services

To get favorable testimonials, you must have good products or services in your online business.

It is essential to exceed the expectations of your customers so that they make quality testimonials and give optimal advice about what they have purchased.

One tip: it’s not just about having customers, it’s about having happy customers.

Therefore, if you manage to keep them happy with their purchases, they won’t mind making good recommendations and counting their positive experience with your brand.

Make a list of satisfied customers

Regardless of the number of customers you have, you must list with an order from highest to lowest degree of brand satisfaction.

Once you have made the list with the personal information of each one, you must select those that are most happy with their purchases to provide their positive vision of the company.

Make a list of satisfied customers
Make a list of satisfied customers

Ask permission

Before you think about how to ask for testimonials, you should ask them for permission to post their opinion on your website.

Write them down asking how they are or how they’re doing. Then describe that you would like to know your opinion and ask them for permission to spread their testimony.

In this way, you will make a positive impact on real consumers and also on future potential customers.

Define a testimonial format

Una vez que quieren aportar su opinión acerca de tu negocio online, debes definir un formato de testimonio.

Send them a series of questions to answer, attach a form with the key information you want to know, or craft a testimonial format specific to each one.

Most testimonial schemes usually follow the same pattern:

  1. The initial situation
  2. The reason that led you to buy your product or service
  3. The transformation that has meant
  4. The result obtained

This basic testimonial guide will help you properly complete the form and will be much more authentic.

Define a testimonial format
Define a testimonial format

Set questions for testimonials

Once you have established the testimonial format, you will be able to set the questions with which you intend to develop this social test.

With all of them, customers will feel identified with the situation they experienced with the purchase of your product and provide a realistic and beneficial vision for the company.

Some of the most commonly used questions are usually:

Select realistic and credible testimonials

Testimonial is the experience of a real customer, but not anyone who has written to you will be worth it.

Of all the ones you have, you must do an in-depth study and select those that you consider most suitable for your online business.

Set yourself on two fundamental pillars: realism and credibility.

If you offer prefabricated, unre interested or false testimonials, you’ll get the opposite effect, and that’s that many potential customers could stop being so and go to another brand that offers them security and credibility.

Choose the opinions that best fit your online business, that solve the doubts and fears that lead your potential consumers not to know if to buy your product, and opt for the most realistic and credible you find.

Only in this way will testimonials achieve your goal of increasing your sales.

Select realistic and credible testimonials
Select realistic and credible testimonials

Summarize them and format them

Finally, when you have chosen the most suitable testimonials for your e-commerce, you just need to summarize them and give it an original format.

That’s not to say you change the content of them, since then they wouldn’t be real and would lose effect. What you need to do is make a synthesis of what’s written and give it a style related to your brand.

Show added details, use connectors, correct misspellings, split paragraphs, make it more visual, add different typologies and styles, and much more.

Once it’s all complete, you’ll be able to upload them to your website and wait for them to have the result you expected.

Practical examples of good testimonies

Practical example at Freshly Cosmetics

Testimony Freshly Cosmetics
Quality testimonial at Freshly Cosmetics

Practical example at Sendinblue

Sendinblue Testimony
Quality testimonial at Sendinblue

Practical example on Amazon

Amazon Testimony
Quality testimonial on Amazon

Practical example at Laconium

Laconium Testimony
Quality testimony at Laconium

Importance of introducing quality testimonials into your online business

We hope you have been able to understand the importance of including quality testimonials in your online business and that they have served you the 7 ways to get them that we have shown you.

Now it’s your turn.

Get favorable testimonials from your customers and you’ll see how you sell more.

And, of course, any questions you have we will be happy to help you. ?

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead.

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