How to use WhatsApp in your digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing 29 April 2021

Tell me the truth, do you know anyone who doesn’t use WhatsApp?

We are almost certain that the answer is “no” or “almost nobody”, then…

Why not leverage the channel to implement it in the digital marketing strategy in companies?

include whatsapp in your digital marketing strategy
Implement WhatsApp in the digital marketing strategy of your online business

Go ahead, if you keep reading we’ll give you some ideas to do it. ?

What WhatsApp is and what it is

WhatsApp is a mobile application (although it can also be used from the web and from desktop).

Its main function is instant messaging, it is its value proposition against SMS and email, it was the one that it tried to overthrow in its launch.

It was totally revolutionary because this app changed the way many millions of people communicate.

we can communicate with everyone right now
People are connected almost all the time, and we constantly send and receive messages

You can send and receive messages on the go, but not just text. They can also be multimedia files, documents, audios, etc.

It basically consists of being a personal communication tool. And with a quick and instant contact.

The point is that when you have an email marketing strategy (for example), you can’t just keep that kind of communication.

WhatsApp should be a booster, you can’t rely 100% on creating a community in Facebook groups either. The channels complement each other.

The thing is: a customer may be watching a post of ours from Instagram as a WhatsApp of ours arrives.

digital marketing channels are complementing each other
You can’t be left alone with a communication and community-building channel

The digital marketing strategy including WhatsApp acts as support for other digital channels.

Reasons why it should be used in digital marketing strategy

You should include WhatsApp in your digital marketing strategy, especially if you have an online business.

Why is that?

Worldwide there are 2 billion users. And as we were saying at the beginning, is there really someone around you who doesn’t have a number registered on Whats?

That $2 billion is 27% of the world’s population.

It is used in 180 countries of 194 that exist…

In one minute, 38 million messages are sent with Whats.

So, most likely your audience is there.

We still have more reasons why you should include Whats in your strategy:

communication by whatsapp every minute
People are communicating 24/7 by WhatsApp

I think all we’ve told you is compelling reasons. So go ahead.

Ideas on how to include it in your digital marketing strategy

With the data we’ve told you so far, you might be thinking: OKAY, I implement WhatsApp in my strategy NOW.

But wait, first you would have to know the online behavior habits of your customers, maybe your audience is a niche that prefers to use Telegram that Whats and you should consider implementing this one better.

Once researched and studied, if you confirm that WhatsApp is the app that they use most to communicate and that they would readily accept that a brand talked to them out there, then you can continue.

maybe you can use telegram in your digital marketing
First research, maybe for your business it’s more profitable to use Telegram

But what specific use will you want to give it? You’ll need to determine it at the beginning in the digital marketing strategy approach.


When you’re launching a product or project in general, you can use this medium to notify your customers or remind them of this news about your business. You can also create VIP lists for customers.

In short: use it to offer exclusive notices to your community and in this way create a bond of trust.

Sales assistance

You can help the customer at their time of purchase and thus feel more supported and influence the final decision.

If you give advice to your customers and solve doubts they may have about your product or service, it can end up being a key factor.

In addition, those doubts will be resolved immediately, not perhaps as in the mail, and that will be to be valued.

Constant communication

Use the green app to be in continuous conversation with your customers, just like you could use call, email or social media.

It would be one more channel of conversation with them. But a more private channel and in which you would treat them more closely, and so they might feel unique.

Create content for your contacts

You could offer your community exclusive content through WhatsApp.

To do this, you’ll need to create a strategy with a content schedule.

And those contents can include stickers, gifs, videos, documents, images, etc.

As we always tell you, you would have to know your user perfectly to know what content they might like.

The content should be created in the spirit that the user interacts and can consume it at the moment.

These contents must make the customer feel your own and feel involved in the game or contest, and if it is not a game or contest, it must be something that the user considers to need to comment on.

Use WhatsApp features

If the app has some features, we’re going to use them and take advantage of them all, right?

For example, it uses the current WhatsApp Business including promotional information, business description, schedule, company location and creation of a catalog of products or services.

Spread messages massively to communicate something to a lot of people at once.

You can create groups with all your customers and form a community.

You can also use the states, which are like Instagram stories, when you have to communicate a message, and it doesn’t have to be invading the customer’s space you can use them.

In addition to when the content is ephemeral.

Other ideas

The employee who answers the message would always have to say who he is,identifying himself to the client so that the customer does not have the feeling that he is talking to a robot. It’ll have a whole tone closer.

Include WhatsApp in your digital marketing

For your online business, it will go pearls.

You will be able to communicate with them on the moment, help them, offer them exclusive content, etc.

We see that they are all advantages including this channel to your strategy.

Contact us to ask us how to include Whatsapp in your strategy without any commitment.

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At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead, implement Whatsapp already in your business ?


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