How to create the perfect copywriting on product sheets for e-commerce

Online Stores 25 May 2021

ERROR: Directly copy the characteristics of the product passed to you by the manufacturer.

RIGHT: Use copywriting and persuade the client.

What you have to achieve is that the product sheets of your e-commerce are no longer just descriptive.

Ideally, they will help them sell, push the customer to take the last step.

buy copywriting product sheet
Through using copywriting your sales increase

Anyway, the goal is to turn visits into customers.

Watch out, it’s not that hard. ?

Why copywriting is important on product sheets

A product sheet is so important because it’s the way a product has to be presented.

A product sheet is to have a dependent who explains a product in a physical store to a customer, but 24 hours a day, as it is on the Internet.

But what will you want a commercial in your store that, in addition to explaining, also knows how to convince the customer to buy?

convinces the customer with copywriting
We will try to convince the client to buy with persuasive writing

That’s why it’s so important, with copywriting you’ll get a persuasive wording which convinces the final step: buying.

If you write your product sheets with copywriting, your conversions will be increased.

Benefits of having optimized product sheets

Having an optimized product sheet will only bring you good things:

having optimized product sheet is important for an ecommerce
Having optimized product sheets will be important for your e-commerce

Guide to creating the perfect copywriting on product sheets

First we need to know our client well, if we know him well, we will know how to address him.

To create a good product card, let’s give you some little tips:

Tell what the product solves

You’ll need to make it clear to the customer what your product solves in their lifetime.

If you know the customer, you can tell them in such a personalized way that everything will be smoother and the user experience will improve.

Be original

What we told you, do not copy the product descriptions that the manufacturer gives you as is.

For a number of reasons.

If you give the feeling of text with very technical words, searched and impersonal language, the client may have a bad feeling. What’s more, they won’t make you want to buy it.

And the other reason is: if you copy, Google will hurt you in your rating, and you won’t get in the first results.

Know the product well

We recommend that you know very well the product you want to sell, so you can count its profits better and first hand. You should also make the price clear.

Uses structure F

Since users don’t read, but what they do is scan, we’ll adapt the contents of the product card.

What they do first is look at the whole top, from left to right, to see what it’s all about, and then look left from top to bottom looking for important information.

Then what we will do is adapt to this fact.


If you include testimonials, users will gain more confidence and have more credibility with respect to your products.

Because it’s no longer that you sell yourself well, but other people say it could be themselves.

Answer questions

You can help yourself with the writing by describing the product and answering, before customers ask you questions, doubts that they could and usually have.

That’s how he’ll think “ah, how he knows what I was worried about.”

The images

It has been shown that images are very important, every multimedia file (image or video) attracts more attention than the text itself.

Therefore, they will be used as a support. They can be product images, videos of someone using the product, etc.

By the way: that those videos or images are of good quality, but without forgetting that the upload speed does not worsen.


Don’t forget to include a call to action inducing the purchase, with a clear and eye-catching button, that the customer wants to click.

It is very likely that a customer will leave without buying, however good the product or the description of it, because it does not find or know very well how to do it.


For the writing of the description we have to say that it should speak fluently and easily to read.

You can even give your opinion: “Well, I could use this too because…”

And above all counting what the product is capable of, do not forget anything and tell everything good that this will bring to the customer.

Examples of copywriting on e-commerce product cards

Comansi. Comansi is an online toy store.

example of copywriting de comansi
Example of copywriting on Comansi product card

It can be seen in the above image that the product sheet of this toy has a clear CTA, a close language and nothing scruffy to be understood, has the clear price as well and includes an image of the toy.

The next example is Zalando. Zalando is a retailer that sells third-party clothing.

example of copywriting on zalando product sheet
Example of Zalando product sheet

In this case, it is a product sheet of a pair of shoes.

We like it because as we see, it directly includes testimonials (usually the first thing users look at).

And above all we love the “big size item, we recommend a size less”. That is, the company is already thinking about you and gives you tips, so you don’t have a bad user experience.

Now you know how to use copywriting on your product cards

We’ve told you a few copy techniques, now it’s your turn to think about which ones you can adapt to your chips and do it.

You have nothing to lose, only it’s going to lead to more sales.

If you are interested in the subject of copywriting, I leave you more articles about it here, here and here.

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Come on, start optimizing your product sheets! ?


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