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Online Stores 27 April 2021

A normal user first tracks and scans the information.

And then, when he finds something that catches his eye, that’s when he stops to read.

And reading, if copywriting is well redacted, will be easy and fluid.

use copy to improve your sales pages in an e-commerce
Use copy to improve your sales pages

On the Internet, there are many online businesses that look for the user to buy them.

But everyone uses “I’m better” and fancy language.

Try to differentiate yourself with persuasive writing on your sales pages, if you’re an e-commerce, and start selling.


Benefits of copywriting on the sales pages of an e-commerce

Writing persuasively in the sections of your online store will bring you a few benefits.

Everything good that can provide you with applying the copy in your e-commerce will help you make the decision to get to work.

with copywriting in ecommerce you'll get more sales
With copywriting on your sales pages you’ll get more sales

But how to do it? ?

Techniques for copywriting on sales pages perfectly

It’s great to know what the benefits of using copywriting are on your sales pages, but if you don’t know how to do it or how to focus it, you’re going to find it lost.

All these techniques can be applied in: homepage (on the homepage), in categories and subcategories (to group all products and the user is better informed) and in the product sheets.

Scannable texts

For paragraphs to be scannable they do not have to be very long, maximum 4 lines.

In this way, the user can scan the text like a machine and if something catches his eye to stop to read.

And when you stop to read the way you’ve used it will come into play, we hope it’s been persuasive.


First, there has to be a title on each sales page that conveys the main message, so that the user who is reading it is clear at all times.

In addition to the precise and credible titles, for them to convey trust.

And the following subtitles (H2, H3, etc.) make things even clearer and also encourage you to continue reading the tab.

Titles and subtitles always optimized for SEO.

Customer complaints

If you know your customer well, you will know that it is usually what they complain about in that service or product.

So review it directly on the product card, so it doesn’t have that excuse when buying you.

Also, if you know who they are, and you have the quality of empathy, you can communicate with them in a more personalized and “fun” way for them.

Benefits of your product

In the copywriting of the product sheet, you have to include all the benefits and aspects that are interesting to communicate so that the user has just decided on the product of your store and not that of the competition.

Don’t leave anything you want to pass on to him.

And above all it conveys what is your value proposition, your differential value, and what makes you stand out.

Products like yours will be everywhere, but there will always be something you can uncheck for.


Sometimes, to make copywriting even more scannable, you can convert paragraphs to points in a list.

The reader tracks the information super-fast and is also more enjoyable for the user experience.

Simple language

That when the user reads it, it doesn’t get stuck.

Don’t use complicated language, you have to understand it even a child.

Differentiate yourself with copywriting

You can sell the same as everyone else, but you can differentiate yourself by the way you say it.

You can tell in an original way that the solution they are looking for to their problem or need will be found in your product.


I’m sure every product or service you sell has a story to tell. Then take advantage of it and use it to connect more emotionally with your prospects.

using storytelling in your copywriting you connect more with users
Use storytelling in your copywriting and connect better with users


More than 90% of people who shop online before making the decision read reviews from past customers.

Knowing that fact, we’re going to take advantage of it.

Include the positive reviews of your customers, in order to gain the trust of your future buyers.

But don’t overdo it, don’t include the most praisers, because it can give the feeling that they’re “bought.”


A lot of people don’t tell him what to do, he’ll feel confused and probably leave the website.

If, on the other hand, you are guiding him at all times and indicating what he should do, he may not listen to you, but if he does, you will gradually transform visits into conversions.

You don’t lose anything!

Practical examples of copywriting on sales pages

To observe in real cases the techniques mentioned above, we will see some examples.

Bego Romero

Bego Romero is a girl who has set up her website to inform you that she can help you with the whole design of your WordPress.

On this page, she tells you everything that could help you if you hired her. She knows the needs of her prospects and makes it clear that they would be resolved.

It uses a simple language and also includes testimonials if you scroll on the web.

example of copywriting on sales page
Bego Romero sales page example

Oink my god

Oink my god is a digital marketing agency.

And what you intend to sell is exactly that, online advertising.

Well, on your sales page, what you do is explain the benefits of what you want to sell. Also later on your page includes CTAs for customers to write to you if they want more help. And some testimonies.

example of copywriting on oink my god sales page
Example of Oink my god sales page

Joan Marco

Joan Marco is a copywriter focused on the tourism sector.

We from Kiwop are fans of this guy’s way of writing. Use such language, so to speak, funny, that you seem to be talking to a friend.

Just keep an eye on how he sells himself:

example of copywriting on joan frame sales page
Joan Marco’s sales page example

Start copywriting on your sales pages

If you’re an e-commerce, and you’re not doing it yet… Come on, we don’t know what you’re waiting for.

It will improve your image, your position in search engines, the connection with your customers and your sales.

At Kiwop we are experts in optimizing e-commerce business with both copywriting and SEO.

Contact us if you need help or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on how to improve the wording of your product listings.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Go ahead, start selling more with the copy in your e-commerce!


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