How to avoid unsuscribe from your email marketing suscriber list

E-mail 15 June 2021

Email marketing is both a type of digital marketing strategy, and a channel to communicate with the user or potential customer.

If you want more information, we have another article that talks about everything you need to know about this strategy.

To do email marketing campaigns, we will need a base of contacts to send our emails to, right?

contact base email marketing
We want to continue to have a contact base to make mailing

Well, that’s what this article is about, the people who subscribe to our sending emails and how to make sure they don’t leave.

Wait and we’ll tell you more. ?

Importance of having a good subscriber list for email marketing

Email marketing is the channel by which companies get more conversions, so: yes, it is very important to have a good list of subscribers.

If your contact base for the newsletter is good, conversions will increase even more, because they will be more interested in your content and products.

Therefore, your cancellation fee will also decrease.

Everything influences that your sales and profits can increase, which is the ultimate goal of any business.

your sales can increase with email marketing
If you have a good list of subscribers in your email marketing strategy, your sales will increase

How to prevent subscribers from opting out

To help the cancellation rate not go up, that is, so that subscribers to your newsletter do not cancel, we are going to explain some tricks:

Be regular

Be regular with sending your emails.

For example, one of the things you ask a YouTuber or a twitcher is to be regular to feel like you take things seriously.

Well, the same will be requested in a newsletter, if you commit to send content every Monday, you must do so.

Nor is it a matter of you overwhelming with many emails and, very often, an acceptable frequency in which the user feels comfortable and not overwhelmed.

Segment your subscribers

This way you avoid being sent to the spam folder.

The more segmented your followers have, the more likely it’s possible to send them content that suits their interests.

That way, if our content interests you, the likelihood that they want to unsubscribe, is reduced.

Customize the message

If they call us by our name it usually attracts more attention, and we do not think so much that they are mass mailings.

Yes, surely they are, but it is already the detail that they have had to put your name, that not everyone does, and it already catches your attention, and you think that not even a little have thought about you.

The content of the newsletter has to be relevant

Apart from personalizing and segmenting, in order for the user to feel special and all their interests are the ones we cover, the content will have to be of quality and that really does add value.

If not, your users will not like or attract attention and will end up marching.

Be aware of the inactive

Ask them if they are still interested in us.

You can be interested in their opinion, whether they like the content or not, whether they consider the frequency of sending emails appropriate, etc.

As an incentive, you can offer them an exclusive offer if they reopen your emails.

call to see if the inactive ones in email marketing are still there
You can ring the bell (metaphorically) to see if they’re still there.

Issues are important

It directly affects the open rate of email marketing, if it is a good subject, subscribers will have more tendency to open mail.

Also tell you that short subjects usually have better numbers.

Don’t try to get too much attention with capital letters, you have to be concise and direct, let the short matter get to the point. And also if you include the user’s name and embroider it.

Feedback always helps

Ask your audience for their opinion. That will always help the quality of the newsletter to increase.

You can, for example, send them a survey to find out what kind of content they’re most interested in.

Exclusive content

If you offer content or, for example, offers or discounts that are only found in the content of your newsletter, you will make them feel special for being subscribed to it.

You can send them downloadable content every X weeks, or 10% discounts for always reading the content.

Always adapt it to smartphone format

Think that most emails are opened from mobile devices, therefore, you will have to take them into account and adapt the body of the emails to these.

Adapts the images, CTA buttons, short text, etc., all adapted to the mobile design.

Bad practices that favor the flight of subscribers

We all make mistakes from time to time that makes your subscribers get your mail ball and in the end they end up disscribing.

Errors such as composing with redundancy. Do not repeat the same word 500 times, the person who reads you is going to be overwhelmed.

Another mistake may be to promise something and not deliver on it, such as exclusive content, some downloadable, or unique offers. Sorry, but you have to keep your word.

Do not harass the inactive. You can email him to try to recover it, but if it is not, it is no, then what you can do is clean up the contact base.

Good practices that prevent subscriber leakage

So that your subscribers are happy and stay in your contact base, you can carry out actions such as catching it from the first moment with the preview of the mail, so you will always want to open it.

Also say that the text should be short, few paragraphs and short, including 3 or 4 ideas and that’s it. This will make the user experience more fluid.

If you can create the design as visual as possible, the better. Your brand will be reflected and will make it more impact on the user.

Avoid at all costs that your subscribers leave

Do not forget to always put down a button to unsubscribe, you have to do it by law.

You know, start applying the tricks we’ve provided you and not only will you make your subscribers not unsubscribe, but with word of mouth maybe you’re winning more and more.

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Come on, start applying the tricks to make your subscriber list grow. ?


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