Everything you need to know about web design

SEO and SEM 21 September 2022

Do you know how to design a website? Do you know all the advantages of knowing how to design a website? Does your website look too old, the user experience is not very good on your website, and do you get little user traffic?

Keeping in mind all the ways to design your website is essential for your users to feel comfortable on your website and get more people to access it.

Therefore, today, we let you know everything you need to know about web design.

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What is web design

Web design is about improving the front-end (what the user sees) of your website, in addition to making your website get more traffic due to various factors, such as SEO positioning.

On the visual part of web design, this serves to make the user interface pleasing to the eye and easy to use. If your website looks like something out of the 90s, your user will run away from there; if your user doesn’t know how to use your UI due to its difficulty, or simply it is cumbersome, since your different pages use different interface arrangements; your user will run away from your website.

Websites also need artwork to magnetize the gaze on it, and sometimes a picture can be worth more than a thousand words. If your website is a real estate website, and it has poorly lit or blurred photos, the web design of your site will be poor, and your users would have a bad impression of the real estate properties.

Behind all this is SEO, which is very important for your website to position itself first when the user performs a search in the browser, demanding what you are offering.

If the user is looking for “Shoes London” and on your website you use the keywords “shoes” and “london”, that website will be very favored to leave the first of the list, and, thus, be more likely to be a potential buyer is your buyer.

SEO is also responsible, among other things, for example for editing the title and description of the thumbnail of your website when searched in the browser; which is also important to attract customers.

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Why is it important

Web design is of vital importance for the triumph of your website, since it is the first thing the user sees when entering the page, and, if your pages look outdated, it will not give a good impression, even if you later have the best functionality on the website or even if you have the best products or services on the market.

Therefore, a good web design attracts users and keeps them on your website in order to maximize the number of buyers.

Differences with web development

It should be noted that web design and web development are not the same, although these may seem to mean the same thing.

While a web designer will take more care of the visual part and the attraction of the customers of the page, a web developer has the function of build the structure of the web from 0, using web development languages such as HTML and CSS, and also with the possibility of using web page programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript. ‍

Although with new technologies there are different tools such as WordPress to develop the elements of your website such as, for example, HTML or CSS, will always be superior in the ability to customize your website as you want, in addition to all the functions you can code will be free compared to the paid functions that may exist in the content managers.

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Secrets about web design

Brand color

A very useful idea in web design is the use of brand colors, although if you do not have a brand, nothing happens, because it is also very useful.

Just as a red can means that this is Coca-Cola and as a red and yellow boat flag on the high seas means (without confusion with the other blue, white and red flags) that this one is from Spain, the brand colors will help you distinguish your brand from the others.

With this you get your brand to be automatically identified with an easily memorable visual stimulus, with a color, thus strengthening the image of your brand with another marketing resource.

If you don’t know which brand color to use, we show you a list of colors and their meanings in the brands.

It should be noted that the meaning of colors is something cultural, so depending on where in the world your brand is exposed, it can mean one thing or another.

Once you have chosen a primary color for your company, if you want to highlight another color in your brand, this should be the opposite, in order to make sure that your customers see it well.

This is useful, for example, when inserting buttons on your website. If these are the opposite color to your primary color, they are sure to stand out.

If you want to use colors similar to your primary color, scales of your primary color, or even grayscale, that’s fine! After all, there are no rules in the selection of colors, beyond that they make you identify the image of your brand and make your website look better.

Image quality

As we have seen before, images fall within web design. Getting good images for your website is helpful in improving the user experience, as their eyes will normally be instantly directed to the largest and closest image possible.

Now that you know, you have to take into account the relevance of the image and the quality of the image.

On its relevance, it is simple; it’s just a matter of imagining what the user would want to see.

The hard part is getting a good picture. Therefore, we are going to teach you some tips to get a good photograph.

Light is fundamental

Many photographs are ruined by errors in the light.

For example, flash is often harmful to your images, as the light emitted may be too strong. Whenever you can use natural light, and if possible, at noon, in order to obtain the greatest contrast between all colors.

Also, a mistake can be to take photographs against the light. This causes the photographed light source to completely obscure the unlit elements, completely obscuring them.

Unless you want to get some special effect in your photographs, do not take photos against the light.

Perspective and symmetry

Different perspectives can multiply the value of your image; this can be applied as much as to objects and buildings, as well as to people.

As for the objects and buildings, if you want to give an imposing feeling, a shot from below would be interesting, or, if you do not want the image to be boring, make a shot from the side and not a front photo.

In the case of elements with symmetrical motifs (although they do not have to be very complex) you would still be interested in using the symmetry point of that element to give an effect of a balanced image.

As for people, this can be seen by taking photos of faces. A photo too close to the face will cause the nose to look too big, even if it is then zoomed out to make the face smaller. That is why it is advisable to take a photo from further away, just as a person from a distance would see that face.

You can also zoom in to be able to observe details that are interesting, to, for example, show the texture of that element.

Be careful what zoom you use

There are 2 types of zoom: digital zoom and optical zoom.

The digital zoom increases the size of the image using a program, which makes the image blurry.

The optical zoom physically uses the lenses to increase the size of the photograph, thus maintaining the quality of the image.

So remember this trick to increase the quality of your images.

You already know everything you need to know about web design; now, let’s get to work!

Now that you know what web design is, its differences with web development, how to select good brand colors and how to get good images for your website, you are ready to proceed to design your website.

Do you want to know more about web design? Read our articles on tips for the design of your website or what is the user experience.

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