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What it is, why it is important and how to get a good user experience

Do you know what user experience is? Do you know the importance of this in your company? Do you want to improve it on your website and do not know how?

Ensuring a good user experience translates into increasing your business revenue in the long run. 🚀

That said, you can already imagine the great importance of the user experience on your website.

For that reason, we want to help you and give you some tips to improve the UX of the users who visit your website.

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What is the user experience on a website

User experience, also known as UX, is the process that design teams carry out to create products that provide relevant experiences to netizens.

In other words, UX is what the person who visits your website feels when they interact with the system, whether it’s a website, a mobile application, a software… In short, with any form of interaction between people and devices.

It is a way to measure customer satisfaction when they interact with other products or services.

In addition, market research has shown that a business with a good UX has a better chance of growing year after year.

The importance of the user experience on a website

As you can guess, this user experience is VERY IMPORTANT if you want great results in the long and short term.

Do you want to know why?

Meets customer need ✅

UX is important to be able to fully meet the needs of the customer who interacts with your services.

In this way, you are provided with positive experiences that keep the user loyal to your brand.

Offers an intuitive experience 🤔

If you have a website or application that has an efficient design, it will allow the user to use it with ease.

Create a website with an intuitive and accessible design.

If customers can start using the app quickly, without much hassle, the user experience will be favorable.

You will increase revenue 💸

Having a good user experience allows you to create users who are loyal to your brand. A satisfied customer will return to your website for more products or services.

This corroborates that loyal users contribute to an increase in revenue over the years.

Prevent the competition from stealing customers from you ❌

Keep this in mind: customers will always go to the website that offers them more confidence and security and, of course, better experience.

That’s why you always have to be one step ahead of your competition to prevent customers from leaving with them.

In addition, the time that customers have been trusting your products will not be of any use, since the temptation will make them leave.

These are some of the reasons why it is extremely important to offer a good user experience, but, of course, there are many more.

Know 100% the importance of the user experience on your website and start improving yours. 💡

What factors can lead to a terrible user experience on your website

In the user experience, as in everything, there are a number of factors that can negatively affect your business and harm the UX.

Some of these factors are:

Websites with extremely slow loading speed ⌛️

Users do not wait, much less, for a web page to load. Therefore, the loading speed of a page is one of the most important factors to optimize the user experience.

If you want happy users, optimize your website and improve the loading speed of your company to the maximum .

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Lack of CTA 👀

Calls to action, also known as CTAs, are a key element on your website.

These CTAs are essential to induce the customer to click, leave their data, ask for more information about the product or even buy.

To be called to action, these CTAs must be strategically formulated and placed. In addition, they will help you highlight content visually and the content will be easier to find.

Lack of content highlighted with hyperlinks 🔗

Like CTAs, hyperlinks are one of the best ways you can use to highlight content. These help the customer to know that in that word there is a link that will take him to another page from where he can continue reading, continue with his purchase, share …

Draw attention to win conversions.

Therefore, it is advisable to use them strategically and, in addition, you will improve the SEO of your website.

Discover how to improve the SEO of your website and get your business off the ground.

You don’t use listings with icons 1️⃣

A key aspect to visually attract a user is to make lists ordered numerically, with letters or with dots or icons.

In this way, the ideas are ordered and presented to the user in a synthetic way and with facilities to read and understand it.

You use few images 🏞

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is that images are great allies of communication.

Images have a great weight, since they can summarize and synthesize ideas easily and taking up little space.

Therefore, it is important that the website has quality images strategically placed to enhance the content.

You don’t use featured headers 🔝

The headers allow you to rank and highlight certain contents of the web. Being texts with a larger typography, the content gains importance in reading.

The use of headers allows you to indicate what your website is talking about, you will facilitate reading and improve the user experience.

It is very important to have this series of factors so as not to worsen the user experience of your website, would you be interested in an article exclusively about this? 👀

3 recommendations to have a good user experience on your website

There are many possible recommendations that we could give you to have a good experience, but we prefer to highlight the most important ones.

Consider the structure and navigation of your website 🧭

You must make sure that you provide the user with the easiest and fastest way to visit all the places on your website, allowing them to reach the information they want in the shortest possible time.

If your website does not contain the right structure and it is difficult to reach it, users will not be willing to search intensively.

It is important to analyze and improve the journey that each user makes until reaching the desired conversion and check that they follow the appropriate steps.

Keep in mind that visual aids are important so that visitors know where to go clearly and quickly.

Also, don’t underestimate the importance of the homepage. It is the first impact that the customer receives and the one that will determine if they continue on your page.

Implement an attractive and responsive design 🧑🏻 💻

To ensure a good user experience you must achieve an attractive design that is efficient for users.

You must allow any user, without having previously browsed your website, to access it without it being difficult.

Visual design should help achieve the optimal user experience. Clearly show all aspects of your website reducing anything that is confusing.

Create an attractive and easy design.

The combination of aesthetics, uniqueness and easy design is ideal.

On the other hand, your website should work on any of the platforms and should be responsive.

A responsive design is one that shows the content to the user properly regardless of the electronic device they are using.

Keep an eye on readability 📖

Another recommendation that you should keep in mind is the importance of readability, since it facilitates the use of a web page.

That’s because many users don’t read the information, but only look for it and browse it. It is important that readers grasp the information quickly and without involving much effort.

To achieve readability, take into account the color of your elements, the font you use and the format of the texts.

As you can see, the user experience is a crucial aspect that will determine the future of your business. Keep in mind all these tricks and, you know, from Kiwop we are always at your disposal in case you need help.

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Now that you know all the tricks to get that good user experience that you have been working on for so long, what are you waiting for to apply them?

It’s your turn.

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Cheer up and…

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