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Digital Marketing 04 May 2020

Distance education and online courses have taken on an exponential role in recent years.

The number of users who decide to certify through online courses and programs, versus those who decide to attend face-to-face courses and programs, is increasing. Over the past few months, the Covid-19 crisis has made the benefits of online educationeven more evident.

Digital marketing is a must for any company and educational institutions are no exception.

In today’s article we will delve into Digital Marketing in the education sector and online courses and discuss how sales of educational institutions can be boosted through Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing in the online education sector
Inbound Marketing in the online education sector

Impact of Digital Marketing on the education sector

The use of the Internet and digital channels has strongly impacted the education sector; educational institutions must learn to communicate according to the methodologies of Digital Marketing since the Internet has become the preferred tool to consult all kinds of information.

Any user interested in studying a course and selecting the best educational center to register and carry it out, will use the internet among one of their means of search. The Internet has changed everything from the way people relate to the way businesses communicate to reach out to their potential customers. Therefore, applying Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies is essential to succeed in any sector, and the education sector is no exception.

Companies within the remote education sector and online courses must comply with the same basic rules as any other company and business, because although the purpose of their services is to train and educate people, their goal is to obtain an extensive list of students who enroll in their institution.

Why apply digital marketing in the education sector?

Digital marketing and Inbound Marketing adapt to the current consumer, the one who rejects in all its forms the invasive advertising and wants to be connected and interact only with the brands that add value. Consumers who mostly search on Google before making any of their purchasing decisions. For all these characteristics, companies in the education sector must have an online presence and interact with users of their target audience based on the characteristics of digital channels.

Creating a digital marketing strategy to initiate an adequate online presence and increase the chances of attracting more prospects or future students is essential so that any business in the education sector can stay afloat.

Advantages of Digital Marketing in the Remote Education Sector

Digital marketing education sector

Online reputation and digital presence

For companies or institutions within the education sector and online courses it is essential to acquire visibility and an online reputation within the digital environment,showing who they are and how they work to promote the academic training of students successfully.

Achieving a good online reputation through Digital Marketing for the education and courses sector is possible through any Inbound Marketing strategy that allows you to position yourself in the top of the search engine.

Increased conversion rates

When you implement the right Digital Marketing strategies in the Distance Education sector, you acquire your own space within the digital realm, taking into account that thousands of users use the Internet to search for information and guide their purchasing decisions.

But the best thing about applying Digital Marketing in the Distance Education sector is that it offers you the opportunity to generate qualified traffic and interested in enlisting in courses you teach, if you work in maximize conversion rates, you’ll get as a result saving investment and ROI.

Reducing acquisition costs

Digital Marketing allows you to reduce the costs of acquiring students because digital resources are used strategically.

Among the possible digital channels, schools can select the most convenient and cost-effective ones in their sector for more effective decisions and also reduce acquisition costs.

Concluding this section, Digital Marketing for the Education sector and online courses offers endless advantages:

How to apply Inbound Marketing in the education and courses sector

Inbound Marketing is based on the creation of useful, relevant and non-intrusive content,using marketing techniques that bring value to the user in all phases of the funnel.

It consists of helping the potential customer in all phases of their purchase process, from starting to finish, with attraction methods such as SEO and quality content adapted to the customer.

The online education and course sector is today one of the most competitive sectors and allows the implementation of all Inbound Marketing strategies for the recruitment of new students and loyalty of students who are registered. For this reason, more and more schools are turning to the creation and implementation of marketing plans with the aim of attracting and attracting new students.

Creating the buyer people

The first step in this process is to create a buyer person who collects the characteristics of the main target profile of consumers. For more information on this concept, don’t miss our recent article: Buyer Persona: What It Is and how to create it step by step.

Once the buyer people are created, we can create content of value and quality about the center and the diversity of studies it offers and deliver it strategically and determining information about studies and courses based on user preferences.

Based on the different topics of the courses, they can be oriented to generate interest in users interested in the topic. The aim is to encourage our buyer people to show interest in one topic and at the same time, generate interest in other related topics, referring their desire to the rest of offers of courses proposed by the center.

Awareness raising phase

In this initial phase, inbound methodologies should be used to publicize the school, the courses and studies it offers and convince the student that the center can meet their needs and solve their doubts about their future work. If the educational courses are for minors, inbound strategies should be directed to attract parents.

When it comes to attracting users,we need to create relevant content for our people buyer. The aim is to increase knowledge of the center’s brand and the training program.

Consideration phase

Subsequently to make users aware of the existence of the center, and that it can meet their needs, potential consumers must be present on a day-to-day basis:

marketing for online courses
Marketing in the range of distance courses

Today’s users always value other options, so during this phase the center’s goal is to convince them that the studies or courses it offers are better than the competing schools.

The school must establish with the potential user a more personalized and close communication informing and keeping them updated of the training news. Contact with potential students can be maintained by:

Decision phase

During this last phase, the user shows interest in the completion of the course offered and asks for information about the school’s educational offer and, therefore, it is time to start the conversion.

When the potential student has a high level of interest towards the educational proposal you show, they will provide their data through downloads from the platform, etc.

This phase is crucial to convince the prospective student that the school is the best choice in front of the competition.

Retention phase

As in any sector, it is easier and requires less investment to retain clients than to attract new ones.

To do this, the center must try by all means to achieve the satisfaction of its students through lessons so that they repeat and do not need to resort to other centers in the future.

To maintain this contact with the user you have to continue to make contact and keep you up to date with discounts, promotions, events, etc.

The importance of understanding the centre’s target audience

Digital Marketing applied in the education and courses sector is not just about informing potential students that the school is great and the course options it offers.

online marketing for education
Target audience of the education sector

It is also important to understand the needs of the target audience, and for this you can begin by understanding the behavior of young people who are already studying at the center, to determine similarities with the type of audience that will receive the messages of the future center. From knowing the center’s audience well, an Inbound marketing strategy can be generated.

A massive message is no longer effective. The content that our audience receives should be valuable and useful, that manage to interest, guide and give an answer to the students who are considering studying a course at the center.


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