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Digital Marketing 12 January 2021

Social media has revolutionized the way we see the world. We live hooked on a daily basis and it would be very difficult for us to take them away from our lives.

But that’s not just about people, all online businesses have social media to reach more audiences, maintain a community of users, and increase sales opportunities among potential customers.

Having social networks is not about opening a profile and hanging up different content. To have them optimized, you must use tools that allow you to manage them properly.

But… which tools are best suited?

Well, that’s what Kiwop is for?

Next, we show you the importance of having tools for managing your social networks and show you 12 examples with multiple functionalities so that you choose the ones that best suit you.

Let’s go.

What are you waiting for to make your social networks succeed? ?

Importance of having tools to manage your social networks

Social media is a fundamental element for any online business. However, it’s important that you use tools to manage them properly.

Thanks to them, you’ll be able to plan the content, schedule when you publish, have statistics to analyze your networks, edit images and videos, manage the day-to-day of them, and much more.

It’s essential that you use the best tools to get the most out of your social networks and meet the goals you’ve set.

The best tools to manage your social networks

Planning tools for your social networks


One of the most popular planning tools is Hootsuite, as it allows you to program, publish and monitor content on different social networks.

It is very simple to use, very visual and has many interesting functionalities that will be useful for the management of your networks. In addition, you can update content, including links, images and interact with users.

Hootsuite's homepage
Hootsuite’s homepage


This platform is very useful for creating post calendars and programming the content of your different social networks.

It is very easy to use since it has a very intuitive format. It also has an app with the same functionalities, is available for all kinds of browsers and has its own image bank.

Buffer's homepage
Buffer’s homepage


This planning tool is aimed at small businesses that are starting out in the world of social media. Therefore, it can be of great help to you.

To manage them, let’s create content, schedule it, and publish it whenever you consider. It is compatible with all kinds of platforms, you can constantly update the content and interact with all your users.

Analytics tools for your social networks

Sprout social

This tool is widely used by companies. In addition to planning and scheduling your social networks, you’ll be able to track campaigns and analyze the metrics on the platform.

The best thing is that it offers measurements and analytics to keep track daily. This way, you can evaluate the results with customized reports.

Sprout social's homepage
Sprout social’s homepage


This is one of the best tools to manage your social networks. Its strength is the analytics and tracking of the metrics provided by the platform.

With custom reports that show you, you’ll be able to get a clear view of your network performance. It also allows you to link them to your website and advertising platforms.


This platform offers a very diverse set of functionalities. In a simple and intuitive way, it allows you to manage your social networks, track interactions and maximize the performance of your content.

Thanks to the statistics it offers, you will be able to optimize the result of your campaigns by presenting strategies based on the complete and accurate data provided by this tool.

Agorapulse's homepage
Agorapulse’s homepage

Image and video editing tools for your social networks


This is one of the most well-known image editing tools used by users, as it allows you to create designs quickly and easily.

Its interface offers a wide variety of resources to create all kinds of content for your social networks. Think about what you want to publish and with this platform you will easily determine how to do it.

Canva's homepage
Canva’s homepage


This platform is widely used for online graphic editing. It allows you to create all kinds of visual content easily and without the need for great design knowledge.

A positive aspect is that it has a bank of free images online and has great designs for any format you want to create.


This is one of the best video editing tools for social networks, because you will be able to create all kinds of professional videos quickly and easily.

Choose different custom formats or templates, import or choose files, and create quality content for your networks. In addition, you can export it without any problem and hang it directly on your social platforms.

Animoto's homepage
Animoto’s homepage is already used by thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

This tool allows you to create editable designs that will adapt to your needs and preferences. Plus, it provides such incredible results that they look like they were made by professional designers.

Improve the image of your business is easy with

Tools for day-to-day management of your social networks


This tool is one of the most used for the management of social networks in the day to day. You’ll be able to plan the tasks to be performed, determine the follow-up time for each one, and get the results of the different projects.

Asana enables interaction between users who manage the social networks of an online business and the ability to visually capture everything that needs to be done and when to do so.

Asana's homepage
Asana’s homepage


This platform is very similar to the previous one. It allows you to create dashboards to sort the activities that need to be performed, because you can assign tasks, set time limits and sort the contents that need to be published.

One of the positives is that it allows you to use it without the need for an Internet connection and automatically synchronize all the to-do tasks for your social networks.


This platform is used for the transfer of heavy files between social media managers. When creating content, you may have too much weight. Therefore, this tool allows you to send files without any problem.

Use it to properly manage your social networks and have no problems when there is interesting content to be published but it has too much weight.

WeTransfer's homepage
WeTransfer’s homepage

Use the best tools to manage your social networks

You have already been able to check the importance of having tools for the management of your social networks. In addition, we have shown you 12 examples with different functionalities.

Now it’s your turn.

Analyze your social networks, determine what you need to manage them and choose the tools that best fit you. All this to get the most out of them.

And, of course, if you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so. ?

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Go ahead and…

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