9 mistakes in digital marketing you shouldn’t make

Digital Marketing 28 February 2022

In recent years, and increasingly, it is very important to do digital marketing campaigns. Despite this, you have to be very careful when carrying out your actions because it is very easy to make mistakes in digital marketing.

Today, it is essential to be on the internet and do digital marketing campaigns. Not only to build customer loyalty, but also to reach more people.

At Kiwop, we are experts in digital marketing and want to help you take your business to the next level.

For this reason, we are going to show you the 9 mistakes in digital marketing that you should not make.

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What is digital marketing?

The first thing to be clear about is what digital marketing is.

In this way, we define digital marketing as the application of a set of marketing strategies in digital media.

In addition, it allows you to promote the visibility and notoriety of brands and grow sales.

Digital marketing

Importance of digital marketing today

Today, it is very important to have a good digital marketing strategy since, thanks to this, you will have much more visibility, you will have more presence on the Internet and people will talk about you.

9 mistakes in digital marketing you shouldn’t make

Saturate the audience with ads

The worst way to try to reach the public is to saturate them with ads, since this way the only thing we are going to achieve is to create a bad reputation and, consequently, you will lose engagement with your audience.

For this reason, it is important to avoid the abuse of content that promotes products or services.

Launch a campaign without knowing how to measure results

In digital marketing you can measure practically everything we do in real time.

Before launching a campaign you have to be very clear about what your goal is, what concrete action you consider a conversion and what is the expected result.

measuring results

Having too many goals for a single action

One of the big mistakes is not knowing how to prioritize and wanting to reach everything. Therefore, you must set specific objectives for each digital marketing action.

Do not invest

If you think everything is free on the Internet you are wrong. No action is. All digital marketing actions require an investment either monetary or time, effort and technological resources.

Despite this, it is good to take advantage of free tools and also know how to detect when it is necessary to disburse money.

Not being professional

Not being professional is the main mistake in digital marketing that many entrepreneurs make; so to manage a website, a blog or a social network requires knowledge and experience.

If you are not serious about managing your online channels, you will most likely not invest in the necessary resources to enhance them.

In Kiwop we can help you improve your content.

Using inappropriate media

Not using the right means is a very common mistake in digital marketing , since many times you can think that publishing on social networks or sending emails to very large lists in your database is the solution, and it is not so.

So, you must find the right means to increase your sales.

use inappropriate media

Overproduction of contents

Another point to keep in mind is that the power of synthesis is very important.

Content overproduction refers to the fact that compulsively posting content can generate the opposite result.

You have to be clear that the content is your jewel so, you must take care of it since it is unique and valuable and should not be wasted.

Not thinking long-term

You have to have patience to educate the market since, what you want to achieve is to have a lasting relationship with your customers.

That is, everything is conquered with time, do not despair, trust your tools, use them wisely and success will come as a result of a job well done.

Forget about technical Seo

By this we mean that you should not focus SEO solely on keyword strategy but you also have to take care of other aspects of SEO.

Some of the examples are: how to improve loading times, maintain a website map and a robot file.txt updated.

In addition, you should correct possible 404 errors, make correct 301 redirects and improve loading times are key elements for the health of your website and search engine positioning.

At Kiwop, we are experts in SEO. If you have any questions about it, contact us.

Here are some of the mistakes in digital marketing that you shouldn’t make

Surely you have realized how important it is not to make mistakes in digital marketing and the importance of planning your campaigns well.

Now it’s your turn.

Analyze the advice we have given you, choose the ones you think are most convenient and boost your business.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your blog, we will be happy to do so.

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