7 tips to write good copys on social networks

Social media 26 May 2022

The written message allows you to have a close and individualized conversation with your audiences and that in the world of digital marketing is what we call copy.

Your social networks are nothing without the copys, since they are the ones that help you communicate as a company towards your current and potential audiences.

In Kiwop, we want you to optimize your social networks to the maximum, so we recommend that you continue reading this article and you can write the best copys you can get.

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What is social media?

Social networks are digital platforms created from communities of users with common interests, relationships or activities.

In turn, they allow contacts to be generated between individuals and enhance communication and the exchange of information between them.

These social networks build a virtual community that can be accessed from multiple platforms and the fact that they are free helps to captivate many users from all over the planet.

For companies it is a great opportunity to communicate, build loyalty or advertise to find new customers or with current customers.

In case you do not know what social networks to use and why you should do it, from Kiwop we give you the best tips to grow your business.

Copys social networks
The importance of using social networks

7 tips to write good copys

Copys are persuasive texts that try to capture the reader’s attention to persuade them for a specific objective. What the copys are looking for is to generate that need to buy a product or a service.

The professional who creates these texts in social networks is called a copywriter and adapts to each social network according to the audiences and their needs.

Once you have internalized all this information, we are going to give you some tips to achieve your goals and write the best copys.

A key and essential point is to know how to complement and correlate all these tips to achieve the maximum performance of your networks.

Guide yourself by previous results

To be able to make a good writing of a copy you must look at what works or not in your networks and grow your engagement.

Therefore, it is important that you look at previous publications and see what communication techniques have produced increase your insights.

Know your product

No one can know your product better than yourself as a company, so get the most out of all the advantages, but also all the disadvantages of it.

This will help to focus your communication and achieve that communicative goal you have set for yourself.

Use the right language for your audiences

Not only should you know your audience well, but you should know what language to use, whether it is more formal or more informal.

This will help you get the CTAs (Call to Action) that your messages need.

Copys social networks
Create the best CTAs

Research the markets in your environment

To be able to make a good copy writing you must know your environment, either your competition or the topics that are trending.

Therefore, you must make a complete analysis of your environment, according to the opportunities and threats that can affect your business.

Meet the post calendar

You should be regular and have a good post schedule. For that we recommend you to have a calendar according to the day and time where there is more engagement and to be able to upload your insights.

Put yourself in the consumer’s mind

It is essential to know your consumer, but also to put yourself in their place and know the needs they have and those they want.

Communicate all the advantages of your product

You must communicate in an exhaustive way all the advantages that your product presents, this is very linked to the fact that you must know your product.

Copys social networks
Correctly communicate the advantages of your product

Get the best copys on your social networks

You already know the best tips for writing copys, so now you can apply them and you will get results instantly, once published.

Improve your networking strategy.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your business, we will be happy to do so.

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