7 reasons why you should use WordPress for your website

Web Design and Development 02 November 2022

Today, the creation of web pages is crucial so that you can make your ideas or your business known to the gigantic world of the Internet. If that is your case, it is important to know tools that can carry out that goal.

An example of content management systems is WordPress, which is one of the best website builders in its industry, as it has incredible flexibility and ease of use.

At Kiwop, we are experts in digital marketing and we are going to tell you 7 reasons why you should use WordPress for your website.

Do you want to know them?

Go ahead!

What is WordPress

WordPress is a CMS, and stands for “Content Management System”. With WordPress you can carry out the creation of your website to the Internet and modify it as much as you can imagine without any complications, for its great ease of use.

And how can you not talk about WordPress without mentioning the staggering amount of plugins it has for your disposal!; You can create your pages with the design that you like the most or with the structure you prefer, such as blog, virtual store, forum, etc.

And if that were not enough, if everything you can do in WordPress knows you little, you can also insert code to be able to give that magical touch that your website needs. Plus, it’s free and has all the features needed to build all kinds of websites.

At Kiwop, we are experts in WordPress development and help you in your marketing strategies.

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7 reasons why you should use WordPress

WordPress is one of the best content managers.

Do you want to know why?

We tell you the reasons why to use WordPress!

1. Easy to use

Thanks to its visual interface and the use of buttons to insert content within a web page, creating your website is easier than ever!

Just choose a block from the block list within the edition of a web page, and insert it. On the right you can edit the characteristics of the block and the website itself

See how easy?

2. It is highly customizable

WordPress has many plugins to meet the needs of your website, whether they are design plugins , security, store, customer service, security or even insert code with your own hands …

Literally your limit is in the imagination!

3. Free to use

WordPress will always be free, so you can create your web pages and launch them into the internet world, so there would be no monetary problems.

4. It has an amazing design

This content manager has an amazing list of templates and also an automatic adaptation to different screen sizes, so it will take you much less work to design your web pages.

5. Set up your virtual store

Your virtual store (also known as E-commerce) can be carried out thanks to the plugins available to WordPress.

The most popular WordPress is WooCommerce, which can create your virtual store for free, functional and in a couple of hours literally.

WooCommerce allows you to have everything you want organized in a virtual store: products, categories, attributes, tags, pages, customers, sales, etc.

In Kiwop we are experts in creating e-commerce, check our services!

6. Blog

A very strong point of WordPress is the world of Blogs, because WordPress was born to make Blogs.

You can create the Blogs you want, and it’s very easy.

Your blog posts will go to your website’s Blog page and be listed on the Blog page. If you want to see the content of an entry, you access it with a simple click.

And yes, you can also modify the design of your Blog page; manually, with templates or with plugins; as you prefer.

We encourage you to create your own, as we have the Kiwop Blog . Don’t know him yet?

7. Forum

Thanks to WordPress plugins, your website can become a forum for you and your users to discuss and learn about any topic.

Simply insert the plugin, design the web pages, and people will only have to register to start the action.

Why WordPress and not other CSMs

WordPress isn’t popular for nothing, and that’s because it has properties that other CSMs don’t have or just do worse.

WordPress is so popular that it covers a whopping 60% of the CSM position of the entire internet.

Want to know why WordPress is so popular?

Let’s see it!

WordPress has over 50,000 plugins

This tremendous figure is a pillar of WordPress’ popularity, as it allows the website builder brutal customization capability.

An example of an excellent plugin is Yoast SEO that, in addition to analyzing the SEO Positioning of your website, also allows you to change the Meta-Title, the Meta-Description, Keywords, etc. All this to have a better positioning in the list of pages searched.

Unlike for example the CSM PrestaShop, this one has around 3000 modules (equivalent to plugins).

Open source

As if WordPress customization were not enough, if by some chance you fall short, WordPress is open source, so you could also develop your own plugin, with the necessary knowledge.

This is also a trigger to enhance the other powerful features of WordPress: being open source, many developers can be encouraged to develop WordPress plugins and themes .

A closed-source CSM is Shopify ; Being closed source, the amount of customization is drastically limited, as the community cannot access the CSM code to develop plugins.

Infinity of topics

As of today, as of this article, WordPress currently has 10,153 themes to choose from. This is also very important for the popularity of WordPress, as it can cost a lot to give an image to your brand or idea.

With WordPress that’s no problem, as there are themes to bore you. Plus, themes have the ability to adapt to different devices, whether large or small, so designing your website has never been easier.

Comparing the amount with that of one of its competitors, PrestaShop, which currently has 2,224 themes, WordPress almost quintuples the number of themes that PrestaShop has.

That’s how popular WordPress is.


This is the biggest reason for the popularity of WordPress, and is that when someone wants to set up their website and finds that they have to share their credit card details with the CSM, they do a lot back and look for a free CSM.

Luckily, using WordPress you don’t have to pay anything, so people stay.

CSM and Shopify require a monthly payment to be used. Why pay if WordPress offers so many free features?

Easy scalability

Embedding new pages or any content (depending on whether your website is a blog, a forum, a store, or whatever you want) and maintaining website speed has also never been easier.

The main WordPress editing page consists of a sidebar with the different ways of inserting content, your plugins, your themes and all the settings.

In short, anyone can create a WordPress page in a few clicks.

For example, PrestaShop has an improvable scalability compared to WordPress u, another CSM such as Magento, which is also focused on online stores, but has a powerful scalability.

You’re ready to create your website, thanks to WordPress

You already know several reasons to use WordPress for the creation of your website; Now it’s time to create it, and in style.

Want to know more about WordPress? We encourage you to discover why WordPress is the best CMS for a corporate website and how to optimize WordPress and accelerate your business for SEO .

If you have any questions about web development or maintenance, just ask us!

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Cheer up and…

Create your website with WordPress!


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