7 keys to positioning an eCommerce well in 2020

Online Stores 06 April 2020

We all know that increasing quality traffic in an ecommerce equals more sales.

SEO is one of the most important strategic bases of e-commerce. The main objective of the ecommerce is to get your company’s products or services to appear when your potential customers search related to them, in order to increase visibility on the online channel of your e-commerce and better understand your customers’ needs by analyzing their search intentions.

If an online store doesn’t appear in the first 10 results of Google’s first page when potential users perform related searches, it won’t get visitors; if you don’t work the SEO of your ecommerce, you’re invisible.

This article is intended for companies that see online sales as an opportunity to sell more, grow and expand.

eo for ecommerce

From Kiwop we want to give you the 7 keys to improve your e-commerce and sell more.

1- The correct selection of keywords to position your ecommerce

This is the first action you need to take before implementing any SEO strategy. To choose the best keywords for your ecommerce,you must perfectly understand the search intent of your potential customers,in addition to the behavior in their purchase process related to the product or service you sell in your online store.

The selection of Keywords should be related to the search intent. Search intentions during a purchase process can be:

Defines Keywords related to the search intent:

Outline keywords andcate them for search intent. Be aware of the seasonality of keywords related to your product or service. Finally, define the fundamental keywords for your business model. Don’t forget to track keywords regularly.

The use of tools is essential. We propose the following SEO tools to define keywords in relation to the search intent during the purchase process of your customers:

2- Strategy of content related to your ecommerce

Keywords’ web positioning strategy can help you appear on Google’s first page of results, but in itself, positioning yourself in the first results won’t help you sell.

To sell more, it is essential that you manage to differentiate your product or service from those of your competition.

Providing information for your potential customer in a unique way is a technique that manages to attract users interested in your content and establish a link between new users and the personality of your brand and your products.

“Content is the king”

Bill Gates

Define your content strategy

When writing content in your SEO strategy for online stores,you’ll need to consider the keywords to be positioned in each type of content, and as we mentioned earlier, categorized according to the intent of the search.

AIDA Method: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Writing content based on interesting topics It is imperative that your Buyer Persona is interested in content in order for the strategy to work.

Power the contents in different formats: Video content, copy, infographics, etc.

3- Correct indexing of ecommerce pages

If the pages of your online store are not entered by the search engine in their rankings, they will never be viewed by our target audience because the search engine will not show them in their searches.

For the correct indexing of your ecommerce pages,analyze the status of your website with the Google Search Consoletool. Then list all errors and issues that occurred during the indexing process.

4- WPO: Web Performance Optimisation

Search engines analyze your website while analyzing user behavior. If the user stays browsing in your ecommerce, the search engines understand that your online store is a good result to show in the searches of its users.

Therefore, the key is not only to please Google, but also to users.

The goal of an eCommerce is the sale of products, which can only be achieved through usability or user experience and optimization of WPO web performance. The results of your ecommerce being fast and user-friendly are many: you can increase the number of page views, more visit time, better rankings on Google and in parallel, more sales.

Remember that in less than 3 seconds of waiting, the 57 users leave the page.

To analyze the current performance of your ecommerce, you can use Google Page Insights,where you can extract relevant information about what aspects you need to improve in your online store. If you need help, at Kiwop we are WPO experts,please contact us for more information.

5- Optimize your eCommerce’s On-page SEO

To tune the SEO of your ecommerce, it is essential that you dedicate efforts to improve the SEO on-page, taking into account the following aspects:

seo on page
SEO On-Page Kiwop

10 points to improve the SEO on page of your ecommerce.

  1. Headings Title Hierarchy
  2. Information architecture
  3. Mobile version
  4. URLs friendly
  5. Rich Snippets
  6. 404 error pages
  7. Loading Speed (Page Speed)
  8. Duplicate Contents (Paginations)
  9. Robots.txt
  10. Sitemaps

6- A by SEO off-page

Off-page SEO consists of obtaining links from other pages, thus increasing our notoriety and relevance in the eyes of Google, and in parallel gaining visibility in the eyes of our users.

It is important that the links obtained are relevant links, otherwise eCommerce can be penalized by Google and lower the position in its ranking.

How to get relevant external links?

Effective creation and dissemination of the content of your Content Marketing strategy.

Important: Content must be original, creative, and unique and must satisfy the interests of the target audience you’re targeting. If the content created is of quality, it will naturally be disseminated.

If you don’t have time to write copy, at Kiwop we are experts in content writing.

7- Adapt your eCommerce to mobile

The use of mobile phones to search Google and Google purchases is booming. More than 63 of Internet traffic occurs via mobile, according to Statista.

Additionally, Google’s tracking system values the mobile version of websites. Index searches by penalizing urLs with indexing issues, poor performance, content not available for smartphones, and low overall usability.


Today it is important to look at Google’s AMPformat. The AMP format can optimize the user’s mobile experiences by reducing load time while improving the positioning of mobile searches.

If you have an online store, including the Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the most effective SEO strategies for E-commerce.


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