6 tips to generate more leads

Digital Marketing 04 February 2022

The purpose of every company is to sell, and lead generation is a good ally.

Selling a lot is not easy if you do not grow the number of people who are interested in your products or services.

And this is where leads come into play.

Simply put, the more you have, the greater the chances of new customers you will have.

But let’s go little by little. In this article, we explain what leads are, why they are so important and what are the best tricks to generate them.

Discover them!

What are leads?

A lead is a user who has delivered their data to a business and then joins the company’s database.

This way, you can be tracked, interact with, sent information, and much more.

Behind the capture of leads there is much more than a simple transaction of information. It hides the possibility of conversion, of turning you into a new customer and making him always remember the brand to come back.

Thanks to this, you can achieve a two-way communication with which to maintain a relationship with the user.

Why leads matter

Leads are essential if a company wants to grow. If you still do not have it clear, we show you the main reasons:

In addition, all this is closely related to the funnel and conversion funnel. Find out why!

Conversion Funnel
Discover the importance of the conversion funnel for lead generation

6 tips to generate more leads

Lead generation is fundamental in the digital marketing sector.

Without being able to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, the rest will be of no use.

At Kiwop, we want to help you. Therefore, we offer you 6 tips with which you will be able to generate more leads in your online business.

Meet your buyer persona

The buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Building this figure is key to your digital marketing campaigns being successful.

Knowing your buyer persona is necessary to know how he is, what he does, what he wants, what he likes, what interests him, what needs you have… and much more.

We recommend you read our article where we expose you what it is and how to build a buyer persona step by step.

Buyer persona
Knowing your buyer persona is key

Invest in SEO positioning or search engine positioning

If you want to convert users into leads, you must first get the users interested in you to find you. And the best way to achieve this is with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key.

Research the keywords your visitors enter into search engines and optimize your pages to appear in the first results.

Create a specific landing page

Generating a specific landing page to show a product offer or a service to your buyer persona is ideal to attract new users.

This type of digital marketing campaign allows you to segment your audience and take advantage of the maximum opportunities, much more than with a general landing page.

If you need help, contact us. We are specialists in design and development of landing pages.

Uses multiple communication channels

As much as you have defined your buyer persona and know what he does and through what channels he moves, the reality is very different.

Today, there are hundreds of communication channels where you can interact with users and generate leads.

Therefore, land in multiple places and do not lose the possibility of losing potential customers neither in social networks nor in email marketing nor in SEM campaigns, etc.

Communication channels
Use multiple communication channels

Do A/B tests and compare the results

A/B testing involves creating two campaigns with different content, designs and formats, sending one test to some users and another to others.

Subsequently, the results are analyzed and conclusions are drawn about what works best in our audience to generate campaigns in that direction.

Make the subject of emails attractive

Users receive thousands of emails daily from all types of companies. For that reason, standing out from the rest will make the difference so that they decide or not to open your email marketing campaign.

Create attractive, eye-catching email subjects that generate interest to the subscriber and make them want to know what your email contains.

Generate more leads and boost your business

Surely you have been able to understand what leads are, why they are so important and the best tricks to generate them.

Now it’s your turn.

Analyze the recommendations we have given you, choose the ones you think are most convenient and boost your business.

If you need help or want us to solve any questions related to your e-commerce, we will be happy to do so.

Contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on digital marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Get your business off the ground with lead generation!


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