5 tips to improve ROI in email marketing

E-mail 03 June 2022

ROI is an essential element when measuring the performance of any marketing campaign, including email marketing.

But ROI is also a fact that must be improved to optimize campaigns, and today we give you a few tips to improve ROI in email marketing.

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What is ROI in email marketing

ROI (Return on Investment) is the net profit generated by a campaign. That is, the money that is obtained after subtracting the investment, both from the campaign itself and from other extra expenses such as the staff that works for it.

ROI is one of the most valuable data when measuring results in email marketing and, in fact, is considered the most important, especially in companies such as e-commerce.

And, broadly speaking, the ROI marks you if that investment you are dedicating to the email marketing strategy has its results or, on the contrary, it is more a waste of money and time than anything else.

The good news is that email marketing strategies are those that achieve a higher ROI compared to other digital marketing strategies or actions. As long as you take into account how it is calculated.

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How to calculate ROI in email marketing

Now, how is the ROI calculated? Well, it depends on the resources in personnel and investment that you dedicate to it. For example, the investment you make the email marketing strategy yourself, on a free platform, is not the same as the investment you make when a marketing team or agency works the strategy on a payment platform.

But, broadly speaking, ROI is the result of dividing the investment by the result it gives you by subtracting income and investment.

ROI = (income – investment) / investment

So, in investment you must incorporate everything that involves investing money in your email marketing strategy. The payment of the platform you use, the salary of your email marketing team or the amount you pay to your marketing agency for this particular service.

5 tips to improve ROI in email marketing

And now let’s talk about what’s important. Because knowing all the factors that improve ROI of email marketing will allow you to adapt your strategy to achieve a greater benefit.

1. Study and segment your audience

The first step is to know who is part of your list of subscribers and, above all, how to segment them. In this way, you can send them information with greater personalization or discounts and offers based on their loyalty.

2. The subject, pay attention to it!

The subject is the first, and sometimes the only, thing your audience sees when you send a newsletter. Make it eye-catching! Work an attractive copywriting that gives the right information and encourages the user to click to learn more.

3. Choose the day and time well

An essential point is to establish days and times of the week in which you have the best chance of getting those clicks. To do this, knowing your audience is key, in addition to testing and relying on trial and error until you establish your perfect moment.

4. Include attractive CTAs

Never forget to include calls to action through buttons that link to your website. Encourage your user to buy, but make it easy and pave the way!

5. Responsive design matters

Responsive and mobile-first design predominate in email marketing strategies, and most users look at their email from their mobile. So, never forget to work designs that adapt to any device. If you don’t facilitate usability, they will leave without even reading your email.

Always measure the ROI in your email marketing campaigns

You already know all those essential aspects to improve the ROI in email marketing.

Now it’s your turn.

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