5 reasons why you should have a landing page

Digital Marketing 11 March 2021

4 out of 10 people who enter a landing page end up becoming leads.

That is, they end up becoming potential customers. If you also want to get leads, stay and read this post.

Having a good landing page development is essential today for your digital marketing strategy.

Go ahead! ?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page where users land. The name of the term says “land”

It’s a page where users land after clicking a link, and tries to turn visits into leads (sales opportunities).

Design your landing page to land on your website. It's a simile.
Find users to land on your landing page

Users browse the web by searching to find the best solutions to their problems and if we have a good development and landing page design, they will end up on our website.

They may end up landing with a link from: a Google Ads search ad (i.e. SEM), by a social media post, by organic search if we have well worked SEO, etc.

Before developing our landing page, we will have to have a clear objective.

We will have to decide the action we want that the visit develops, and focus on directing you towards it. These actions can be: fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, download an ebook, make a call or even make a purchase.

Include a form on your landing page
Include a form on your landing page

For the correct design of a landing page you will need to include a number of key elements:

An example of clearing success story is Netflix, where we can see the CTA “Start”, a simple form where you put your email and a holder with the benefits you will get when registering for this platform, its goal with this landing page is to get more subscriptions (in this case, it would be a sale).

Netflix Landing page.
Netflix landing page example

Benefits of landing pages for digital marketing strategies

With the design of a landing page, you’ll get more conversions and get leads or directly customers, as discussed above.

But it won’t be the only benefit you’ll take advantage of.

The user experience will improve

The user who lands on your website will feel more satisfied and have a better user experience.

Because everything you are looking for will be on a single page without having to surf through the menu of the page and have a possible feeling of frustration at not finding what you want.

You’ll be able to tell her the advantages of your product

You will have a micro website in which in a nut words, you will have to convince the user of the advantages that your product will bring.

Use that space, highlight and remark the things that will make his life better to turn it into lead.

Boost your SEO

Take advantage of the landing page to enhance the keywords by which you want to position yourself and appear among the first in searches.

Use landing page design to boost SEO and improve your ranking
Boost SEO and improve your ranking in search engines

You’ll get campaign statistics

Because they click on a link and go directly to a mini web, the statistics about the campaign you’re running will be more reliable.

After analyzing the statistics you will be able to segment your target audience in a better way and communicate your message directly to them when you develop another landing page.

Your ROI will increase

Last but not least, you’ll get a high return on investment.

The cost will be lower just by having to design a landing page and as the conversion increase will be important, for every euro invested we will get much more profit.

Now you know what benefits it will bring you to have landing pages, but… Why have them?

List of 5 reasons why you should have one

Any business in the online world should include a landing page in their strategy. Here’s why.

1. You can get to know your audience better

Thanks to one of the benefits of having them, getting more reliable statistics about the people who visit your landing page and convert, will be much easier.

So with the analysis of those statistics we will get to know people better, and, better yet, the people interested in your product. That way, then we can send you a more personalized message.

And at the same time, know the performance of the campaign in detail.

2. You have a lead machine

With a landing page you will have a lead machine working 24/7.

So you can relax, because you’ll be getting sales opportunities all the time.

3. Economic tool

The cost of acquiring a customer will be lower with a landing page than with any other digital marketing tool.

Since it will consist only of the design and development of a page. They’re very profitable.

4. Increase your credibility

Because it will be specially designed for your person buyer, for your ideal client.

As they will be aimed at them specifically, you will be providing them with value, and you will increase the chances of turning them into lead.

5. Your conversion rate will increase

Clearly, it is the main objective of this type of campaign.

If your landing page is well-designed and developed: aligned with your potential customer, with all the elements mentioned above (CTA, benefits that you will bring to the client, testimonials that increase your credibility, etc.) will help you get numerous sales opportunities.

Now you know what a landing page is and how it can help you

If you already know all the advantages and why you should count on it… What are you waiting for to have one for?

At Kiwop we can help you to have one, as we offer this service of design and development of landing pages. It has our help to convert more with your online advertising campaign.

We are experts in web design and development and digital marketing, if you are interested in more tips you can follow us on our instagram.

And for more specialized help, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted.

Come on, start turning visits into sales opportunities with your landing page! ?


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