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I’m sure you’ve heard it more than once, but we remind you: the power of the mind is wonderful.

And knowing how to control this power is even more so.

Without a doubt, psychology is one of the elements that most influence when deciding whether to perform an action or not. According to a study conducted at Harvard, the 95th of the decisions we make daily are born in our unconscious.

Knowing what to say and how to say it based on the situation can mark a before and after in a business, you know that.

There are few cases where people are willing to buy you. We’d like this to be normal, but unfortunately it’s not.

People, most of the time, we need to get a little push.

In the onlineworld, where we have no physical one to give us such a push, we need to enhance this action through the texts. The way they’re written is possibly what makes your business move better or worse in the digital world.

If you have doubts about this that we tell you, take a look at our article on copywriting or persuasive writing,where we explain why you should have texts optimized for your ideal client.

And as we already introduced you in that post, copywriting is done following a series of techniques or formulas.

Today we present one of these techniques, which is probably one of the most essential and useful for in any text.

We are talking about the psychological tricks or hacks that you can start using from now to get your potential client to not leave your website without having done an action first, whether it’s a purchase, leaving their mail, downloading a template… anything!

So, without further delay, we present the 7+1 psychological tricks to reprogram the minds of readers and give them a little push to buy or do what YOU want.

Started! 🙂

These are the essential sales tricks for your texts

1. Honesty

Obviously the thing about not fooling people when you sell something is drawer. If you do, they’ll never come back to you and it can even make you a bad name.

Here, but when we talk about honesty we mean taking advantage of a situation to empathize with your potential customers.

We explained to ourselves.

If your product or service has a more negative side, you don’t have to hide it all the time. He can play in your favor by showing him, making him great and even laughing at him. This can help you connect with your Page or ad reader.

For example, if your product name isn’t the most original or successful of all, type Chilly (the intimate gel for women), and you have to make a sales page, you can laugh at the name itself, explain why it is so and say that you were so focused on creating the product that the name was invented in 5 minutes.

With this honesty and sympathy you will surely throw a smile at more than one, and they will see you as a closer company.


Many, often people do not buy something for the product or service itself, but for the company that sells it.

To build credibility for your target audience, you can use, for example, the price of your product or service.

If you put price very cheap, much cheaper than the competition, people may think that there is cat locked up and that it really is not so good.

On the other hand, if it is a higher price, it suggests that the product is of a higher quality. And therefore, it is more worth buying.

And if not, let them tell Apple. From the beginning, it has already been released at prices higher than the rest. And since then, the brand has been considered of very good quality.


Another very important factor to consider is how well-known your business or yourself is when it comes to offering products or services.

It’s certainly easier to sell when you have authority. For example, in the world of bloggers, when people like Angel Alegre launch some of their product or help colleagues make their releases, it gets so many and so many sales.

You trust that person and find it easier to press the buybutton.

But if you’re not well known yet, it’s not all lost. Simply, you’ll need to work more on your product or service’s sales page.

These pages will have to be longer,since you will have to add more data to get an audience that is“cold”(it does not know you or your product yet), end up being convinced that you can add value.

Angel Alegre’s online courses are always well received because of his authority


This is a basic that always, always works.

Surely it has happened to you once: you weren’t sure you’re not sure to buy something, but since they offered you an X-day money-back guarantee, you’ve finally cheered yourself up.

And it is that people are very satisfied to be able to try something risk-free.

We encourage you to include, wherever possible, some kind of warranty for your product or service.

But it’s not just worth saying “It has a 14-day warranty.”

You have to explain it well, very well: what it consists of, what the step-by-step return process will be like, etc.

Make it very visible so that everyone knows that you trust your product or service so much that you allow it back.

An example of sectors where detailing the guarantee works great is that of online courses.


Make everything difficult look easier,because so people can understand it and then buy it for you.

For example, describe in detail the step-by-step of how that product or service you’re selling works. This is very useful in e-commerce. One store that does very well is Freshly Cosmetics.

Videos,for example for tools/software, also work great. In 5 minutes they explain how to use it and you see that it is not as complicated as it may seem to the naked eye.

Describing in detail how a product is used is a great success


Genérala explaining things without potential customers seeing what it is until they buy your product or service.

Titles have to get attention to click.

If, for example, you work in the sector of tourism, leisure, food… you have to create in the customer the curiosity about what you are selling them and the feeling that they are already living it through descriptions full of sensory adjectives. So people will imagine what it’s like to stay at X hotel, or eat X burger at that trendy restaurant. One brand that makes it great is Goiko. Go through its website and we assure you that mediate its texts will look like you are eating your famous Kevin Bacon. 😉

Tell your readers what they will find in your product or service, tell them the results they will get and you will have them in your pocket.

7. Instantaneity

The faster the customer who will consume your product or service feels, the better.

Amazon is a neuromarketing machine and sales tricks. With its 1-click Shopping options, 24h Prime Shipping, etc., it meets one of the main needs of your customers: having you already want it.

Also, for example, it’s going to be great to explain what’s going to happen after you buy an online course. You could explain that students will have immediate access to the platform where the course is hosted and will be able to start with it now.

Finally, take advantage of the call-to-action (or CTA) buttons, and add words that appeal to the immediacy, such as “YA”, “NOW”, etc.


They work great especially in single-person companies or companies with a powerful history behind them.

What you do is you generate emotion.

You have to generate affinity by telling your story, your process, your development of how you started from having no idea to own a business.

Then you generate empathy, as your potential client is reflected in you. See that you have spent the same thing as him and you have overcome it, then decide to buy you since he believes that he too will be able to overcome his problem if you teach him how through your product or service.

We recommend using videos to tell your story. You can see your face, you can see how you express yourself and it always makes us look closer, more human.

It’s also great to play with the testimonials you already have about your product or service, where your already customers explain how you’ve changed their lives in X sense. Take advantage of these powerful stories and fill your sales page with them.

Now you have the power

If you’ve come this far, congratulations!

Right now you have a lot of ideas to start putting your website in tune.

Look at the examples we’ve discussed, and try to take every trick to your turf.

You don’t need to use them all on your website, with 3-4 well placed you can start to achieve a good result.

Good luck, and may the power of neuromarketing be with you! 😉

We want to help you get results.

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We want to help you get results.