4 success stories in email marketing that you should know

E-mail 15 September 2021

If you are looking for a tool to implement in your digital marketing strategy with high efficiency, that’s it, you have found it: email marketing.

We know how important it is for you to trust and to be shown things, so we are going to show you some success stories so that you can see that it does work.

Stay to read us and learn with us.

The importance of email marketing

If you are defining your digital marketing strategy and are not including email: ERROR.

You should include it in your strategy, as it is proven to be one of the actions with the most conversion numbers.

That is, by sending emails to your potential customers you receive more clicks to your website that end up doing the action you have as a goal: either buy, book or fill out a form.

Nowadays, if you are not on the Internet you do not exist, and even being on the Internet, you have to attract attention, because if you are not going to continue not existing for users.

So the question is to offer something more than you sell, and if you offer them teaching, information, advice, etc. they will value it.

email marketing strategy
Improve your results with an email marketing strategy

Email marketing is great for this, because you can also personalize the message to the maximum.

How it can help you to know the success stories of email marketing

Like everything in this life, and not just for email marketing, success stories serve to learn.

When defining a strategy, we first do preliminary analysis and audits, right?

One of them is the analysis of competitors.

It is the same, it will serve to see what they have done wrong and try to avoid it. And see what they have done well and be inspired by them (not copying you).

If, for example, you observe that a company directly competed with yours, from the same sector, it works well to schedule email campaigns on Mondays at 11 in the morning, you could do it too.

Inspire you in the tone of the message with which they speak to their users, studying that the buyer persona is very similar.

And finally offer similar styles that attract the attention of the user, titles and email subjects in the same approach.

digital marketing inspiration
Inspiration is very important in digital marketing, you need ideas

In short, knowing success stories serves to: be inspired. Both in the bad to avoid it and in the good to try to reach that goal.

4 success stories in email marketing

And for that, so that you are inspired, we are going to show you 4 success stories that could be of help to you:

1. Converse

Converse is a fabric sneaker company, very famous for the style they mark on their buyers.

An old school style that people are proud to wear.

In his email marketing campaigns, the implementation of videos stood out.

Any media file makes it more attention-grabbing, easier to view, and increases brand recall.

In addition, they later added storytelling in the copys of their emails, which made them more involved when reading it, they will participate more, and everything will lead to more visits to the web.

So now you know: videos and storytelling, it’s a good combination.

2. Groupon

Groupon is known for offering discounts of even more than 50% discount.

To reach their customers, they usually make an average of 3 mails a day.

Any subscriber to your mailing can be tempted to such significant discounts.

And therein lies the key to its success.

As a recommendation based on Groupon: you can use the FOMO technique, discounts that have expiration.

And only implement this strategy if your company is similar, if it is more professional, and you do not offer many discounts, maybe you will be heavy with so many shipments.

3. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee, for you to situate, is like a Starbucks from the UK.

Of course, the values and strategy they carry to differentiate themselves are different, it was to put you a little in context.

Let’s talk about how they carry out email marketing: they know how to take advantage of moments.

What’s coming summer? The customer will have a clear need: to refresh. Well, let us appeal to that desire.

They created a mailing campaign before the summer by including a GIF in the header of the mail with ice cubes, thus making the user “burn” in desire.

email marketing costa coffee
Uf, well, yes, it makes you want to refresh yourself with any of these products

In addition, they also added to the mail: the offer of refreshing products they had, videos and contests to win free drinks.

You can learn from them: know what needs your consumers have and when they have them to appeal to them. In addition to the Converse, video and some contest to increase participation with your content.

4. Dell

This case makes us very curious.

Dell is an American company in the computer industry.

You don’t innovate much with your products, but you do innovate with your marketing, and that’s key, folks.

We have been saying for a long time: to exist on the Internet, you have to attract attention. And boy, how well Dell does.

He launched a mailing campaign with the body of the mail all full of GIF’s, something quite unusual.

Since, it is more common to use videos or images as comfortable multimedia files for the user.

They innovated and got a 109% increase in their income.

In addition to being original, he also managed to connect with his usual audience, who feel more identified with the “old school”, as GIF’s already are.

What conclusion can we draw for our company?

You can be the next email marketing success story

Knowing how important email marketing is, what it can bring to your digital business, you are slow to start defining your strategy.

You can rely on the recommendations and conclusions drawn from the success stories. There are very good ideas.

Wait, to start we are going to leave you another of our articles in which we tell you everything you need to know before starting in email marketing.

Contact us if you need help, or follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on how to include Reels in your strategy.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.

Come on, you could be one of the success stories that we comment on in another of our articles!


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