4 steps to optimize old content and attract new traffic

Digital Marketing 29 March 2021

Reinventing yourself is always fine, and more so in the field of digital marketing, which as we said in previous articles, is an ever-forming industry.

In a content marketing strategy it is most common to generate new content, but you can also generate more traffic to the web without having to generate it of 0.

You know how? Optimizing posts made in the past. ♻️

Implement content optimization in your content marketing strategy
Implement content optimization in your content marketing strategy

You’ll have another chance to get your target audience’s attention.

Why it’s important to optimize old content to attract new traffic

Optimizing content is just as important as generating it first. You ensure web traffic and you improve SEO positioning.

It tends to give more importance to generate new quality content, but don’t forget the old one.

Why? Because you will have to keep in mind that that old post will already be positioned with its URL, you will only give it more strength with a few improvements. That’s one of the main reasons.

We’ll add new value with quality content, and google values it very much, updating.

Content update
Add value to the article by updating it

The main advantages of including item optimization in your content marketing strategy are:

How to optimize your content marketing?


4 steps to optimize content

With a few steps you can get to improve content, with quality content, and improve all aspects of your blog section.

1. Use Google Search Console

With this tool you will be able to realize the pages with which you are having traffic loss and which ones could be improved.

You might look at: the ones you’re in Google search positions between 8 and 20,but that have or a lot of CTR or a lot of impressions, you can also look at those that have a lot of impressions but little CTR.

From these criteria you can create a list of pages that can be optimized and choose the ones that are most aligned with your business goals.

Content update
The Home of Google Search Console

2. Analyze the pages in the list

Once the list is created, you’ll need to analyze the pages.

You’ll be able to use a tool like this provided by Alexa‘s Amazon.

It will tell you specifically what you can improve on the page.

Tool to analyze content marketing article improvements
Tool to analyze improvements on a page

All these tools are usually paid, but you can try 30 days for free to see if it’s really what you need.

In our blog we have another article that deals with the best tools that you can use for SEO.

3. Make improvements

The next step would be to see the improvements that the tool recommends and implement them.

They can be: add information, change, or remove.

4. Analyze metrics

Before implementing updates, we recommend that you have an Excel (in Kiwop we do) with the pages you’re optimizing and their metrics for: impressions, clicks, CTR, and Google position.

It would look something like this:

Spreadsheet table example

A month later we would re-look at the same metrics and see what the results have been after applying SEO techniques for content optimization.

Examples of content updates

You’ll be able to optimize old content in different ways:

Use SemRush to review keywords in your content marketing strategy
SemRush to analyze the keywords of the moment

Now you can get to work by creating quality content

You know, now you can implement old content optimization in your content marketing strategy.

It is another very viable option and to keep in mind, let’s stop focusing only on generating new articles.

At Kiwop, apart from web development and e-commerce, we are experts in SEO and web positioning.

If you want you can follow us on our Instagram and you can see more related tips on the whole digital marketing topic.

We can also give you a hand if you need it. You can contact us without any problem.

Go ahead, renew the new and recycle items! ?


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