The 22 best SEO tools you should know

SEO and SEM 01 December 2020

Do you know what’s basic to a website?

Have well optimized SEO.

And you’ll wonder, how can I do it?

Well, very simple: with the best SEO tools.

It is essential to make SEO strategies to position yourself properly in search engines, direct traffic to your website and increase your sales.

We live in a competitive and changing market.

Therefore, your digital platforms must be constantly evolving to adapt to the new trends.

But don’t worry, because you’re not alone.

From Kiwop, we want to show you all the tools that exist to optimize the SEO of your website.

Tools for keyword analysis and ranking, web analytics, backlinks, SEO auditing, web accommodation, page speed, and more.

Depending on your needs, the budget you have and what you’re looking for, choose the ones that fit you the most.

With them, you’ll see how useful it is to work with tools that make your work easier, diagnose your Page, and keep it in good condition.

Don’t think about it anymore and get ready to know the 20 best SEO tools you should know.

Go ahead!

Best SEO Tools

Free SEO tools

Google Search Console

This tool is a free service offered by Google that will help you analyze and optimize your website.

Google Search Console offers relevant information such as keyword analysis, domain settings, web traffic, link analysis, and much more.

It will detect possible problems and help you develop the necessary digital marketing strategies to optimize your website.

Google Search Console's homepage
Google Search Console’s homepage

Bing Webmaster

This tool offers functionalities similar to Google Search Console but aimed at Microsoft search engine.

Its highlight is the audit of the web and its SEO optimization.

With this tool, you’ll detect broken links, duplicate content, server errors, validation errors, unindexed pages, and more.

In addition, you have the option to create comprehensive reports with a design that is very easy to understand and ready to send to your customers.

Web Developer

This plugin is very useful for your website as you will be able to analyze any section of it with ease.

Aspects such as titles, headers, meta tags, images, CSS and even Javascript.

In addition, this platform includes links from other tools to offer you a comprehensive service and help you with what you need.


With Soovle, you’ll be able to see keywords that appear in search engines on popular pages like YouTube or Amazon.

Based on the most commonly used keywords on these platforms, you’ll be able to create the most appropriate content.

This tool will help you meet your goals by showing you the keyword suggestions used in other search engines.

MOZ Toolbar

This plugin is very useful because it detects and analyzes many specific aspects of your website that can help you with SEO optimization.

It will help you highlight follow or nofollow links, domain details, location, link profile and set of their attributes.

Screaming Frog

This platform integrates many functionalities necessary for SEO optimization of your website.

It offers a multitude of data such as duplicate content, broken links, link texts, headers, tags, indexing errors, image failures, and more.

A very complete tool that will generate great results on your website.

Screaming Frog's homepage
Screaming Frog’s homepage


This tool is suitable for using keywords in another language.

Whether you want to analyze keywords used elsewhere or see traffic for specific words in other languages but used in your area, Ubbersuggest makes your job easier.

Select a language, type the keyword and this tool will help you find and analyze hundreds of variants of the term entered.


This tool is very beneficial to achieve your goals.

It allows you to analyze keywords and their ranking so that you identify the right ones and optimize them properly.

In addition, you will be able to study the competition and examine the SEO on page of your website.


This platform is used to link the email accounts of your contacts with their profiles on social networks.

Your e-mail with Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Skype accounts.

All this to give you maximum information about who they are, what they do, what they think and where they are when they enter and browse your website.


A tool with which you can analyze your website easily and quickly.

Items like load time, display, titles, descriptions, code errors, and more.

Very useful to know in a simple way what is wrong on our website, what we can improve and how we can do it.

SEO Quake

It is a free plugin that performs a thorough SEO analysis of any website very quickly and easily.

It’s perfect for knowing the SEO status of your website through the real-time diagnostics feature.

You’ll be able to identify problems and fix them quickly.

Payment SEO tools


One of the most well-known payment SEO tools for its full services is SEMrush.

It allows you to do keyword ranking analysis, keyword search and analysis, analyze your competitors’ SEM campaigns, social media analytics, and make personalized reports.

Therefore, one of the most used platforms by experts and that will help you develop a good SEO optimization.

SEMrush's homepage
SEMrush’s homepage

True Ranker

This tool allows you to motorize the ranking of keywords with a very specific segmentation. You can segment by country, city or even province.

It also detects cannibalizing and gives very useful SEO suggestions.

It’s available as a web app, on Google Play, and you can easily integrate it into your WordPress.


This tool is very convenient for SEO optimization of your website as it covers many areas of action within the same platform.

Includes SEO, PPC, web analytics, digital marketing and content marketing.

All this to make the most of your website.


One of the tools that offers more comprehensive services is WebSEO.

It covers aspects such as keyword ranking analysis, keyword search based on their traffic and difficulty, analysis of links to your website, analysis of URLs, search for duplicate content and analysis of the competition.

Focusing mainly on relevance and positioning, this platform can be of great help to you for the SEO optimization of your page.


A very professional tool that can be of great help to manage your keywords is Ahrefs.

It offers several features regarding search, analysis and optimization of keywords for your web content.

Is considered one of the best tools to perform linkbuilding.

Allows you to track and analyze backlinks both own and the competition.

This platform will provide you with a complete analysis of the digital marketing situation your Page has.

Moz Keywords Explorer

This is one of the most advanced SEO optimization tools out there today.

On the one hand, it offers you different suggestions related to the initial keywords.

On the other hand, it gives you a more extensive context in order to generate more creative ideas that will improve your SEO.

This platform is widely used by experts in digital marketing and SEO optimization.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is one of the most well-known and used tools in keyword ranking.

It allows you to divide keywords by campaigns to make comparisons between them and, in this way, to be able to know which ones have the highest performance.

A platform with very complete services and specialized in keyword optimization.

Authority Labs' homepage
Authority Labs’ homepage

Raven Tools

This platform is very complete, as it includes all kinds of content for the SEO optimization of your website.

It is responsible for analyzing keyword rankings, monitoring social media relevance, web analytics, campaign tracking, competency analysis, and reporting for customers.

In addition, it is a very affordable and reliable tool.


Mangools consists of a set of 5 tools related to web analytics and keywords so that you properly optimize your page.

This includes a multitude of features such as keyword research, competition analysis, keyword monitoring, link research, and analysis of SEO metrics for URLs.

A platform specially targeted for bloggers and SMEs.


This tool is very innovative because it uses a physical device connected to the Internet to automatically perform tasks and checks from the IPs of real users.

It covers aspects such as the detection of optimization opportunities, positions on social networks, relevance on web pages or traffic to it.

It gives you the most real and recent information possible about the positioning of your keywords in a field of action.

Open Site Explorer

This is one of the easiest and most visual platforms to use for SEO optimization of your website.

You’ll be able to see link status, anchor text, provenance, domain data, social media relevance, website comparisons, and more.

One of the most used tools with more specific services in each case.

SEO Tools

As you’ve seen, there are a large number of platforms for SEO optimization of your website.

Free and paid SEO tools so you can find that according to your needs.

Keep an eye on the ones that interest you the most and you’ll improve your website.

If you want us to lend you a hand with any of them, contact us.

From Kiwop, wewill be happy to do so.

And if you fancy more tips on SEO optimization, digital marketing, web design or e-commerce,follow us on our Instagram profile.

See you next time!


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