10 tools for your Inbound Marketing strategy

Digital Marketing 06 May 2021

Inbound Marketing brings users closer to your brand.

What are you saying? Yes, yes.

It’s normal to think that companies go after people to advertise to them, and they’re tired of them.

But with the upward trend of such strategies that changes.

Stay and read on. ?

Definition of Inbound Marketing

If Muhammad doesn’t go to the mountain, let the mountain go to Muhammad. What was that saying like? Well, anyway, we’ll get Muhammad to come to the mountain.

the mountain is our inbound marketing and walker the user
Imagine that man is the user and where he is headed is our advertising

Inbound Marketing is also known as attraction marketing. What we told you, the user is attracted to our content.

That content does not have to be explicitly commercial. We will have to generate content that adds value to our potential customer.

He also tries never to leave him alone. From generating value content we will accompany it throughout the funnel, from the phase of interest to the purchase at the end.

And obviously, the content will not be the same at every stage of the funnel, it will have to be different for each phase and the most appropriate for the user to move forward and not leave the funnel.

Another feature of this type of marketing: it is non-intrusive advertising.

user reading inbound marketing content
Potential user reading branded content on their smartphone

All factors together: value content, non-intrusion… make this marketing strategy generate credibility and consumer confidence.

And so be more willing to consume the content.

In addition, users are no longer as before, who were perhaps more open to receiving advertising that invaded their personal spaces. They are also changing and therefore the way they do marketing as well.

Benefits of this strategy

One of the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs is to think that simply implementing Inbound Marketing will generate results at the moment.

And if you’re one of them, you’re so wrong.

Inbound Marketing tries to plant trees on the mountain that we told you at first, water them…

And little by little, those trees will grow and users will see them when they go to visit the mountain.

plants a tree that will give long-term results
You’re planting trees that can be seen and will give long-term results

In case the simile has been searched: it is a strategy in which you develop content periodically and generate long-term results.

These results can translate into benefits that it will bring to the business:

Examples of Inbound Marketing strategies

So you can understand it a little better, we’re going to show you some business examples that do very well.


Netflix specializes in generating content for its users. If you don’t follow them on their Instagram account very badly yet.

Netflix knows its average user perfectly and knows what kind of content to create.

For example, promoting his new series El Inocente publishes memes like these that makes people want to see it.

netflix example of inbound marketing
Example of content launched by Netflix in its promotions

Vilma Núñez

At Kiwop we declare ourselves fans of Vilma Núñez. Fundamental for all Marketinians.

Generate content by different social networks with: tips, templates, webinars, etc.

You are constantly generating content for your user that brings them a lot of value.

Just look at the following image as a summary of all its contents:

Vilma Nuñez is a clear example of inbound marketing strategy
The content that Vilma Núñez launches through different social media

If you want, in this other Kiwop article you have two more examples of Inbound.

10 tools to manage Inbound Marketing strategies

But of course, this strategy is not going to develop on its own. You will need some tools to lean on, here are 10 with which you can carry out your strategy perfectly:


Hubspot is a very complete tool.

Especially to automate all phases of the funnel.

It has the CRM service in which you will integrate all the tools you will need for marketing, sales, customer service, etc.

The downside is that it’s not cheap.


SemRush is an IDEAL tool. At Kiwop we use it a lot.

Its main function is that it will provide you with a lot of useful information to apply SEO techniques.

It has a very useful section of keywords, the“keyword magic tool”. In addition to analyzing useful data about your website and the competition.


Eloqua is a tool that belongs to Oracle.

Important tool for designing and creating content. Like designing email marketing campaigns, templated accounts, and everything.


Metricool will be useful for your social networks.

You will be able to analyze the metrics of all your networks, as well as manage and plan them.

In addition, it will provide you with relevant information such as better hours to publish.


This same website is created with WordPress.

A good tool to create your corporate website, or your blog: to create content with articles of interest to your users.

You have free and paid version, you choose.


Very valuable tool for SEO.

Moz is responsible for analyzing your website for SEO.

It will inform you of the authority that has your domain and the quality of the site. And from that information, it will help you improve it.

You have 30 days free.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, another indispensable tool.

If you have it linked to your website, it will give you information of all kinds to take advantage of later.

Information such as visits, who those visits are, where they come from, how long they are, etc.


Marketo solves your life talking about marketing. Since it integrates all the management and organization into a software.

But… it is very expensive, if you need it we recommend that you start saving.


Sure by name you guess, but just in case: yes, MailChimp serves to manage your email marketing.

In this way, by making periodic sending of emails, your user will be informed of all your contents.

In addition, with this tool it is easy to segment your database.


And finally Hootsuite.

If you take care of the social media part of your company’s Inbound Marketing strategy, you won’t be able to live without it.

Based on an editorial calendar, you can create the publications and program them.

That way, you’ll save on time and the planning will be much better.

You can manage 5 profiles for free. Now if you want more, you’ll have to take out the wallet.

Apply these tools to your Inbound strategy

Did you like Inbound Marketing?

We’ve told you what it’s about, the benefits it can bring you, examples for you to better understand… and tools to put it into practice.

Now, if you need specialized help for your online communication, you’d better have an expert agency on it. ?

Contact us to ask us how to include tools in your inbound marketing strategy without any commitment, or directly to help you implement it.

You can also follow us on our Instagram profile for more tips on inbound marketing.

At Kiwop, we are specialists in content writing, digital marketing, web development and e-commerce.


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