10 tips for your email marketing strategy

Digital Marketing 17 October 2022

Email marketing is one of the most used actions in the digital environment to achieve great results.

This platform allows companies to have closer communication, avoiding increasingly adapted information, according to the customer who wants to capture or retain.

Creating an effective email marketing strategy is easy if you know how. That’s why, at Kiwop, we’re going to offer you the keys to succeed with your newsletters.

Do you dare to get your business off the ground with email marketing?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing consists of sending emails to the consumer’s inbox, which allows you to be in direct contact with the recipients.

You can create mass mailing and personalize it much more than in social networks, for example, and thus create a brand image. Email is a resource that has been used and will continue to be used over the years thanks to its accessibility and proximity.

We will explain why email marketing is so important and its advantages. Here you will find all the ways you have to use it and in the best way for your business to improve.

Go ahead and you’ll find out!

Why email marketing is important

In recent years, email marketing has been consolidated to reach the inbox of potential customers directly.

The reasons why email marketing is key are very varied. We tell you 5 benefits of using this online marketing technique!

  1. Better than social media: If you use it well, you can reach many more people than on social networks. With a clear and concise strategy, it has a much higher profitability.
  1. Increased customization: As they receive your newsletters you will find out what their preferences are.
  1. Accessibility : You have a wide range of audiences. Email allows for more classic marketing for all those who don’t feel devotion to technology.
  1. Durability: This platform allows you to have longer-lasting relationships with customers.
  1. Immediacy: The promotions you want to send will be automatically received and read, since email is very common to have on all electronic devices.

Now is your time!

Types of email marketing campaigns

We can find different campaigns in email marketing. Each has a main objective of getting a type of message to the consumer. It can change depending on the content it carries, the people it is addressed to or the customer’s action in relation to the company.

All of them can be used on many occasions, which will give you variety and innovation for the public.


It is a tool used to periodically send digital publications to which they have previously been able to subscribe. They are usually accompanied by offers and / or special content of a product or service.

All those who receive it have already shown previous interest in receiving information, that is why the percentage of conversion to customers or their loyalty is much higher than that of other channels.

Welcome emails

The customer you just captured receives the first information about your company via email. In this case you can take the opportunity to offer the consumer offers, especially for being new.

Specific emails

They are those that contain a unique proposal, either for personalization or to inform of a concrete fact that has been considered important for the consumer.

Sponsored emails

An important part of this technique is the audience to which the messages arrive, so sometimes sponsorships are used to reach an audience different from the usual one. In this case you pay suppliers to be able to be in your newsletter.

Transactional emails

Emails from a user action make it more personal, if you have entered a page of the brand or have placed an order. They are another way to send a thank you.

Email marketing campaigns have a great importance in aesthetics, since most of the time it is thought to be spam. That is why we must take into account the subject with which we title it. You can also check out these 8 subject ideas for your email marketing campaign if you need it.

Elements that make up a newsletter

There are different parts to consider at the time you decide to use this tool. It is important to keep them in mind so as not to forget to include all the information in the message. Also to know how to structure it in a way that is more attractive to the reader.

Here’s a list of how to structure your email marketing campaign:

Email marketing
Consider all the elements of a newsletter!

Top 10 Tips for Your Email Marketing Strategy

1. Create clear and direct messages

Writing well is the foundation for email marketing. You have to understand the message clearly and do not leave the reader indifferent.

Expose the idea with originality and innovation and that the content is useful.

2. Send regularly

You have to be periodic and have proof of how often the user receives your shipments.

3. Be simple

Do not make up the mail in a loaded way and design so that it enters through the eyes.

4. Give it an added value ➕

Make your message more personal with questions to the reader in the text.

5. Determine the times ⌚

It’s important that you know when to send it. Research the time at which more users are connected.

6. Don’t overwhelm the consumer

Do not load the text with excessive information. Find a specific topic they’ll be interested in and offer more about what you think they want to know.

7. Think about the main idea

Be clear about what it will be. If you put several may end up being important to the person to whom you send it.

8. Don’t just focus on the text

Show an image that impacts to attract attention. It seeks to provoke a reaction.

9. Update

The consumer database should be reviewed. Sometimes email addresses are no longer active. Maybe of all the messages you send, far fewer will be open.

10. Perform comparative tests

So you can see the rates of when and how emails are most effective. Knowing when they open more, according to the time at which they are sent, the name of the sender, depending on the subject, etc.

Tips are not a mathematical formula, you should apply them in your own style. Although there are also mistakes that you should not make to improve your campaigns more

But if you still have doubts… You can read in our blog what are the 8 mistakes you should avoid in email marketing!

Save time with email marketing automation

If you want more speed with your campaigns, stay to know the facilities of email marketing automation.

Do you know what we’re talking about?

We explain what it is!

You can create a mass broadcast and send emails automatically to subscribers. You will have a database to work on and the rest will be automatic!

You can do it at specific times or derived from the actions of users.

⚡ This technique facilitates and maximizes the effectiveness in order to have a greater personalization of the content.

In addition, it allows the minimum intervention of the team and thus have more time to dedicate to other tasks.

For greater effectiveness in your campaigns, we provide you with the best email marketing tools and thus be more successful!

Email marketing
Send emails faster and to more people!

Get your company off the ground with email marketing!

Now you have all the information you need to create your email marketing campaigns or improve them so that your company grows more.

You can also contact us or follow us on our Instagram profile if you need more information.

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And from now on…

Use email marketing to publicize your company!


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