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8 mistakes you should avoid in email marketing

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways for a brand to generate sales.

As long as you have a good strategy and avoid email marketing mistakes, it’s clear!

At Kiwop we want your business to be future. That is why we recommend you continue reading this article about the mistakes you should avoid in email marketing.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is, as its name suggests, the strategy of recruitment, loyalty and sales through mail.

There are different platforms to work on email marketing, but most of them agree on how to approach this strategy: work on one or several types of audiences, create mailings or newsletters and make mass mailings or segmented by type of audience.

And the only thing you need to start working email marketing is a good database with the information of your audience, as long as they have agreed to subscribe.

Grow your audience lists in email marketing

Advantages of using email marketing

The great advantage of email marketing is that you can communicate with your target and your potential buyers at zero or almost zero cost, depending on the plan of the platform you use.

Also, let’s not forget that you will be targeting a type of user potentially interested in your products or services, as they are already following you and have chosen it on their own!

Another advantage of email marketing is that you can segment, within your own audience, by the themes you choose and thus be able to adapt the type of communication or even messages and discounts to each sector of your target.

And all this being able to communicate from the typical Christmas greetings to discounts or exclusive promotions only for a certain sector of your audience.

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8 mistakes to avoid in email marketing

Now that you know the advantages, let’s talk about everything that is best avoided when working on an email marketing strategy. Or, in other words, everything you can improve!

Not working a lead magnet

One of the main mistakes is not working a lead magnet, that is, not offering something in return to those people who decide to subscribe.

Working well this first point can make your database grow a lot with audience lists. And the more audience, the more possibilities to expand communication and sales.

A good idea would be to offer a discount or a free product.

Not taking care of your audience lists

Do you address your mother in the same way as an acquaintance? Isn’t it? Well, the same goes for your audience!

If you have the option to segment your audience into lists, we recommend that you do so immediately. This way, you can divide subscribers according to the goals you want.

People who have bought from you, subscribers who never open emails, those who always open it, those who buy certain products from you…

Divide your audience to always send them that really valuable information for them.

Lack of constancy

If you do not know how often you send the mailings, you will never get good results.

It is necessary to study when they work best, what days, at what time and how often to establish a shipping plan.

It is useless to send a monthly newsletter or even bombard mailings for a month and not send anything in the following months.

Not balancing content and mail design

Design is a fundamental part of email marketing, but so is the information you give!

You should choose a design that fits your brand identity while matching the information and message you want to give.

Don’t look at the landing page

Think about the user again, think about whether what you communicate in the email is related to the page to which you direct. If not, it will be useless to work email marketing.

You should also think about what your goal is as a business, sell more?, get leads? Depending on this, you will direct them to one page of your website or another.

Choose your landing page well for email marketing

Focus on multiple messages

An email or newsletter is usually short and is intended to impact your audience, so the ideal is to focus on a single message.

As soon as you mix up multiple messages, your audience won’t know where to go. So if you talk about clothes, focus on clothes. And if you talk about shoes, focus on shoes.

Do not review the message

It may sound repetitive, but it is. Never forget to check the message before sending it!

Avoid misspellings, content that may be offensive, structure, type of message…

Do not analyze the results

Email marketing, like most marketing, relies heavily on trial and error, so it’s key to analyze the results in order to optimize your mailing strategy based on how your audience interacts.

Take the first shipments as a test, thoroughly study what works best, and apply it to your next shipments. Remember to do this monthly, as both the audience and your interests are always varying.

Launch your email marketing strategy

You already know everything you shouldn’t do, so you can now focus on everything you will do in your email marketing strategy.

Now it’s your turn.

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