Digital Marketing 15 November 2019

Do you want to improve your Google Ads results in 2020?

Paid advertising on Search Engines is one of the most effective tools on Digital Marketing. An important part of its success is the fact that paid ads have evolved with consumers and become highly sophisticated.

Google Ads comes with loads of news for 2020. If you want to keep up to date, do not miss these 10 Google Ads trends to consider in 2020.


Google has worked hard to improve Google Ads automation options in order to offer a better experience to its advertisers and users. Automation is an important SEM trend for 2020.

Algorithms don’t work on their own, therefore, for automation to be effective you will need to set up proper conversion tracking, identify the most interesting audiences and keywords and write quality copies.

Google machines can handle the most repetitive tasks while you focus on improving your strategy.


Google ads audience segmentation allows you to select more precisely who will see your ads so you can make the most out of your budget.

Its one of the latest features that Google Ads has implemented: advertisers can now specify aspects such as the age group or the income of the users they want to address. It’s also possible to exclude features that you don’t want your audience to have.

Combining audience segmentation with keyword segmentation can help you boost the effectiveness of your ads.


In 2020, Google Ads Smart Bidding will increase its capabilities and become an essential part of any SEM strategy taking place in Google Ads.

Smart bidding is based on machine learning and controlled by artificial intelligence. Aims to optimise advertisers conversions and costs, improving Google user’s experience.


Image search can be faster and more accurate than text search. When users are looking for a specific product, it’s easier they find something similar by searching for an image than describing it.

Google image search has been active for a while, but every day more platforms and businesses are implementing image strategies to advertise and sell their products online.

We recommend you to develop an image catalog that shows your products or services in order to optimise all images with metadata so that search engines can classify them correctly.


Paid ads in voice searches have not become popular yet but the latest technological advances indicate they will be soon. It’s estimated that by the end of 2020, 50% of the total online searches will be done through voice.

We recommend you to be proactive and adapt your website to voice searches, using a colloquial tone and long tail terms in frequently asked questions.

Siri, Google Home or Alexa exemplify the trends that affect our way of searching for information on the internet.


Super specific landing pages have become an SEM trend that is currently gaining strength.

Most advertisers create one landing page for several related searches, but latest trends show that creating several landing pages to respond exactly to a “long tail” search term has great advantages for advertisers.

Specific Landing pages are relevant to users and obtain higher conversion rates. Also, Googls Ads values the relevance of the ads.


Videos are currently the content with a greatest impact. After Google, YouTube has become the second most used search engine worlwide.

When users want to learn new skills, they watch videos on YouTube instead of reading books or articles.

Google Ads advertisements on YouTube are affordable and easy to set up, if you haven´t introduce them yet in your SEM strategy, 2020 is a great time to start.


Bumper ads are designed to show on mobile phones and have a maximum duration of 6 seconds.

To impact quickly and efficiently, Bumper ads offer a suitable format, and Google users cannot skip bumpers.


Integrating both strategies will allow you to obtain a better ranking in both organic searches and paid ads.

If you want to find out more about how to integrate your SEO and SEM effectively, read our article SEO and SEM.


Remarketing allows you to filter users who already know your business website so you can address them with personalised ads.

Remarketing is an SEM trend that needs to be followed to optimise your Google Ads strategy. You can create different remarketing lists based on your objectives and reach these users with search ads and display ads.


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