10 e-commerce trends for 2021 you should know

Digital Marketing 11 February 2021

E-commerce has relieved physical purchases, that’s a fact. So much so that more than 70% of the citizenry acquires products or services through this channel.

Most companies have seen the need and opportunity to tailor their business to digital platforms to increase sales and keep their brand thriving.

An e-commerce is not about creating and selling it, but it must be updated as the years go by following the new trends that arise. And it’s about these e-commerce trends that we want to put the spotlight.

The trends in e-commerce by 2021 are impressive and increasingly feature-free and, of course, with greater benefits for your online business.

But don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about, Kiwop is here for that.

Here are the 10 e-commerce trends for this 2021 and the importance of considering them.

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Why do you have to follow e-commerce trends?

E-commerce has a very prominent importance in the purchases made by users both physically and online. That is why it must be taken into consideration.

If you don’t take into account the new trends that arise, you run the risk that your potential customers will see your e-commerce obsolete and choose to go to the competition which offers them a unique and up-to-date shopping experience.

For example, if you don’t adapt to new payment methods, you lose customers. If you don’t show on your website what your users want, you lose sales. If you don’t give them what they’re looking for in you, they’ll march. And so on.

You should think that the use of these trends has a strategy marked to achieve a single goal: to improve sales in e-commerce this 2021.

10 trends for your e-commerce this 2021

New payment methods

Traditional payment methods are decreasing their use. More and more people are using new platforms such as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay or even online credit payments to make their purchases.

These new payment methods are one of the biggest e-commerce trends for 2021 because they include smooth, fast and simple purchasing processes for users to purchase your products or services.

New payment methods are trending in e-commerce this 2021
Practical example in Zara

Omnichannel marketing

To this day, it was usual to multichannel, which is to reach customers through all kinds of channels. In this case, a consistent user experience was not used to be created.

Omnichannel, on the other hand, means a better and consistent experience, greater brand loyalty, and a higher probability of sale. This involves the integration of all communication channels and the generation of bridges between each other.


This e-commerce trend is being implemented by more and more online businesses, as they are an ease of resolving doubts, complaints and emergencies immediately to users.

The chatbots with very useful since you won’t have to worry about any problems that arise to the customer in e-commerce, and that is that they will solve it at the moment.

Chatbots are trending in e-commerce this 2021
Practical example of chatbot


Customization strategies involve knowing each user perfectly to adapt to each of them according to their needs and tastes. All this in order to generate a unique shopping experience.

If this trend is properly implemented, it will teach personalized messages to thousands of customers in multiple interactions. This will make the user feel that the company thinks about it and acquires the product or service.

Shoppable content

This e-commerce trend is very present in many channels. Shoppable content assumes that any content (image, video, item or audio) allows you to purchase the product or service shown.

An example would be to show a model with the brand’s clothing and label each garment so that pressing on it takes you to the product purchase page.

In other words, add direct links to purchase the contents of your e-commerce. Also, other variables such as the possibility to add the product to the cart or access another page from which to buy other items.

Shoppable content is trending in e-comemrce this 2021
Practical example in Queen’s


This e-commerce trend is to output products or services that are not new, i.e., reverse commerce or buy second-hand products.

This reverse trade is very broad, as it can range from selling used products through social media to buying/selling second-hand products on specific platforms for this purpose.

In addition, recommerce is also used by many brands to buy used products from users in order to resell, recycle or offer discounts for upcoming purchases.

Click & Collect

This anglicism means buying online and going to pick up at the physical store. This channel union is widely used by customers as they look online without que queing and will only pick up their items.

This union of sales strategies allows to reach more customers, facilitate the purchasing processes and the possibility of adapting to the needs of each user.

Click & Collect is trending in e-commerce this 2021
Practical example in IKEA

Selling value experiences

This trend in 2021 will prevail. Given the high degree of competition, companies must differentiate themselves between them. And one of the ways is to sell value experiences.

This means that the company does not focus on selling a product, but goes further by focusing on the value experience of the process of purchasing and purchasing products.

Simply put, get a customer not to access e-commerce for buying a product, but because of the experience of doing so.

Show brand values

Users shouldn’t see your brand as an organization that’s only interested in selling products and making money. They should see what’s behind it, how the articles are made, how you behave with society, and what you have in common.

In short, promoting brand values means that customers feel closer to you, that you think about them, and that you’re one more. If you get to be seen like this, your odds of selling will increase.


This trend is essential that you carry it out this 2021. The environment and sustainability are values that are very present in society and increasingly gain strength.

73% of citizenship is conditioned on ethical and sustainability grounds before purchasing a product or service. Therefore, you must be responsible and committed to the cause.

For example, take actions that go in the line of environmental defense, awareness to your customers, optimize expenses or replace some materials with more appropriate ones.

The environment is trending in e-commerce this 2021
Practical example in Freshly Cosmetics

Boost your e-commerce with these trends

You have already seen the main e-commerce trends for this 2021. They all come loaded with multiple benefits and functionalities for your online business.

Now it’s your turn.

Analyze your e-commerce, see which of these trends you don’t use, and adapt to make your e-commerce succeed and you can make greater profits over the Internet.

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Cheer up with e-commerce trends for 2021!


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