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Advantages of having a buyer persona in your digital strategy

If in a relationship you do not know your partner well, it is destined to fail… In a company-customer relationship, the same thing happens. And with the buyer persona, the company can afford to know who is on the other side.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you more.

What is a buyer persona

It is said that a company that uses buyer persona can increase its conversions by 70%.

And it’s no wonder, when you know who you’re selling to, you know their wants and pains, and you can appeal more and better to their needs when you’re offering them any product or service.

But let’s see, what exactly is a Buyer Persona?

It’s an ideal archetype of what your client would be like.

We want to know what our future client is like

A company usually has a target: different variables in a range, which collects different types of people.

The Buyer is like making a cocktail with different types of people, combining them and creating the ideal.

When you create the buyer of your company, you have to be super concrete detailing the age, tastes, studies, origins, needs, objectives, etc.

What is a buyer persona for?

The goal is to understand the target audience.

Understand who we want to sell to.

Understand what you need to the best address them.

Basically, marketing actions can be taken that will report more results and actions can be created for each purchase phase for the ideal customer.

Advantages of having a buyer persona in your digital strategy

When you know someone better, they are all advantages, because you know how to act. That in any relationship.

Let’s see what advantages it can bring you to know your ideal client:

  • First and foremost: the level of knowledge of your customers.
    Who do we want to address? Who do we want to sell to? All those questions must be answered, and with a well-schematized buyer you will get it.

  • Communication with the client.
    You can better target the way you talk to him, how you address him, how you express yourself, and what exactly to say to him.

  • Effectiveness. The ROI, that is, the return on investment, increases.
    Your marketing actions will have more results and with it a higher ROI.
    Because if you offer something concrete, to someone in particular who you know will need or want, you are almost 100% securing the shot.

  • The power of segmentation.
    Nowadays, there are many tools that allow you to segment a lot towards whom you want to direct your paid ads.
    In addition, we will know which channels they are on most often: if they are more instagram, Facebook, etc.

The best way to create a buyer persona

A company can have more than one buyer person if it wants to target a few objective audiences.

And the best thing you can do to create them is to first try to download a template.

Hubspot for example has a way to do it quite simple and also, free.

If not, you can also create it from scratch.

Something similar would be like a Buyer Persona scheme

Now we are going to explain what can not be missing in the scheme of your buyer:

Psychological aspects

How is that person with whom we want a customer-company relationship?

It is investigated in this sector what problems it has, and if, for example, they could be solved with our products or services.

From the Internet, we can find out these aspects by analyzing:

  • What content you consume when you browse

  • What keywords you use when you search on Google

  • Where news is reported

  • What he does when he browses our website


Not only how it is will be important to be clear about who our client is, there are other aspects, such as, for example, it would be good to know where they are from and how much money they handle, don’t you think?

Maybe it is an online company, and it does not matter where they are from, or yes, because you only ship through Spain, then we will rule out any Latin American or Spanish person living in the rest of Europe.

It is very important to have all the details of your client, so as not to waste resources or monetary, personal, or of any kind in throwing messages on the air and that no one picks them up.

In this section, we must include details such as:

  • How old are you

  • What sex is it about?

  • Where it is located geographically

  • What is your marital status

  • What it works on

  • What studies he has

  • And what social class it belongs to

We could include some more, but these are the essential ones.

Needs of the ideal customer

The normal and most common thing is to launch a survey and then interview potential customers, in order to contrast information and know your target and create your buyer persona to the finger.

It would be real and reliable information that you could use to know what they really want.

With all that information, you can create another section in the buyer persona in which to include:

  • What “pains” it has: the points at which the person is uncomfortable. And so you could know how your product can relieve those pains.

  • What goals you have: What goals you’ve set in life and how your product can help you with them.

  • What needs you have: If you have any pressing needs and your product can meet it, you will know how.

Create the buyer persona of your company now

You already know what it is, you have to know your ideal customer perfectly if you want to sell more.

We have told you what advantages it has and what is more or less what you should include to create it in conditions.

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Come on, meet and create your buyer!

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